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Everyone fought the tentacle monster together.

Ling Han was obviously the main force as except for him, no one else could withstand the beast's whipping. After he'd blocked the tentacle monster's attack, Hu Niu and the others took advantage of it to unleash their power, cutting this beast and collecting its flesh.

However, this great beast's defense was astonishing, and sabers and swords were absolutely useless. It was as slippery as if it was coated with a layer of oil, and it had excellent elasticity, which also had the effect of neutralizing the power of enemy attacks.

Only two people could pose a threat to it—Ling Han and Hu Niu.

Ling Han had the Demon Birth Sword, which was extremely sharp, and Hu Niu had sharp claws that could tear apart the tentacle monster's skin, ripping off a large chunk of meat at once—it was an absolutely horrendous level of violence.

The Gold-seeking Rat shrank in Zhu Xuan Er's arms and covered its eyes with its small claws, not daring to watch anymore. This little girl was too savage and fierce, and she thought constantly about its flesh—thinking about it was deadly frightening.

The tentacle monster was furious, raising even more tentacles to attack Ling Han and Hu Niu, but it only had a total of eight tentacles. Waving them, it stirred up the sea and rolled up a tsunami that was at least thirty meter high.

This beast was really enormous. The tentacles revealed above the sea's surface alone were over three hundred meters long, and the parts within the water were definitely larger, easily stirring up raging tides.

Ling Han had wanted to charge into the sea to cut down this tentacle's true body, but once he was in the sea, he discovered that something was off. The water's pressure was surprisingly immense, pressing him such that even his bones crackled. If he were to venture to the bottom of the sea, his entire body would be squished into pieces.

After fighting for half a day, the tentacle monster retreated in defeat in the end, leaving a long tentacle, which was broken off by Ling Han and Hu Niu together. One cut with a sword and one tore with claws, and forcibly kept the monster's huge tentacle.

If it weren't so, that large monster might not have retreated.

Seeing Ling Han store the tentacle in the Black Tower, Wenren Qian Qian, the Li Siblings, and Yuan Cheng He were left speechless. Just how large was this guy's spatial tool, being able to store a tentacle that large?

"There's grilled fish to eat!" Hu Niu smiled happily.

They advanced. It was obviously not a suitable place to grill fish, so they had to wait until they arrived on land if they wanted to cook it.

However, on the second day, they immediately encountered the tentacle monster's surprise attack again, and it actually grew back the tentacle that had been severed on the previous day. It could be seen very clearly that that tentacle was somewhat shorter, and the color of it was brighter.

If it weren't so, Ling Han and the others would definitely have thought that this was another tentacle monster.

The result of the battle was that the tentacle monster again contributed a tentacle, which was stored in Ling Han's pocket.

On the third day, it came again, and then left a tentacle again.

Everyone was speechless. Were you coming to hunt or to give gifts?

On the fourth day, this tentacle beast came as expected.

This time, Ling Han and the others already made a plan in advance. After Ling Han heavily damaged the tentacle monster with Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, Rock Spirit and Hu Niu would join forces to grab a tentacle, forcibly dragging it out from the sea floor.

It was an absolute leviathan—its tentacles actually reached more than fifteen thousand meters long from its body.

To everyone's surprise, while they'd thought this was a super large octopus, this large guy's body actually shrank into a clam shell. This clam shell was obviously astonishingly large, with its three-hundred-meter-long body like an underwater palace.

When the battle shifted into the sky, the tentacle monster's battle prowess decreased greatly, and it was ganged up on by everyone. Finally, its eight tentacles were severed, without giving it any time to grow them back, and then its shell was broken open as it was torn to shreds.

"Hm?" everyone cried out in surprise, seeing a large pearl at the center of the clam shell. Even at a distance, the Spirit Qi within the pearl could be felt, calming people as if they could comprehend the truth of martial arts with it.

"It would take at least a thousand years for such a large pearl to grow, right?" Li Feng Yu guessed.

Wenren Qian Qian shook her head, and said, "Definitely more than that. I've seen millennium pearls, which were only the size of fists. This one… is about the size of a millstone."

Ling Han also nodded. In his former life, he'd also seen some millennium pearls, which were ground to powder and added to ingredients to greatly improve the effect of pill formation. They were about the size of fists—far from this one's.

"The longer things live, the rarer they are. This giant clam lived for countless years, possibly several thousand or over ten thousand years," he said. "According to my conjecture, this giant clam was captured by this tentacle monster, and its shell was also taken over, with it slowly digesting the power of the pearl."

"It could grow new limbs so quickly because it was its own specialty and due to the benefits this pearl provided."

Zhu Xuan Er was shocked, and said, "In other words, this pearl was originally even larger?"

"It should have been so." Ling Han nodded.

"We got rich, we got rich, such a large pearl, how much Origin Crystals can it sell for?!" Li Feng Yu's eyes were full of sparkling stars.

"Such a treasure, you're actually going to use it to exchange for Origin Crystals?" Yuan Cheng He sneered. "As shortsighted as a rat!"

The Gold-seeking Rat was instantly annoyed; when did this baby offend you? It stared at Yuan Cheng He, grinding its teeth and wishing to bite him.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "We should thank this beast, not only gifting us large amounts of beast meat, but also a myrietes treasured pearl. I think this is the one and only in the entire vast lands."

There were originally very few clams that could live for ten millennia. Normally, their lifespan was several hundred years, and to produce a myrietes treasured pearl, it not only had to have a long life, but also be lucky, not being hurt by any living creatures during that time.

This old clam ultimately hadn't escaped its fate of being eaten. The tentacle monster's tentacles were all-pervasive, and it was able to worm into the old clam's tightly shut shell, absorbing all of its flesh; it definitely met its bane.

Ling Han stored away the pearl. This pearl was too precious, and if it were shattered, at least half the essence within would be lost; that would be what a fool would do.

He took the pearl and gave the Li Siblings and Wenren Qian Qian some spirit liquid as compensation. Everyone was delighted; after all, killing the tentacle monster was mainly the work of Ling Han and Hu Niu.

Yuan Cheng He didn't get anything, but he wasn't displeased. This was because Ling Han treated him as one of his own, and splitting something with him would be treating him as a stranger.

His attitude also changed, starting as unconvinced to now being completely convinced, and that was mainly because he saw the gap between him and Ling Han.

At this moment, three people flew over from afar, apparently with a clear target in mind.

Two were old and one young. The two old people were in the Deity Transformation Tier, and that youngster was in the Flower Blossom Tier, yet the latter shockingly walked in the front, something that seemed somewhat unusual.

Martial arts world was most particular about the pecking order.

"Hand over that treasured pearl, and you guys can get lost!" the youngster commanded. When his gaze swept by Zhu Xuan Er, his eyes couldn't help but shoot out radiance. He pointed over and continued, "She stays!"

"Hurray, hurray, we'll sell her to you!" Hu Niu immediately clapped her hands in agreement.And old word for 10 000 years, coming from ancient Greek and long out of use in English. Still, it's boring to use ten millennia or ten thousand years pearl or whatever, so here you have it xd.
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