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However, at the current stage, Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran weren't the ones leading the battle—the Demon Birth Sword and the Absolute Saber were.

The martial intent within the Demon Birth Sword had already recovered, resisting Absolute Saber's terrifying saber intent. If it hadn't, the Demon Birth Sword could be cut in half by now. These two weapons were both of the Shattering Void Tier, and with that comparison, no matter how freakish Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran were, they were no longer the protagonists.

However, their role was not to be neglected. No matter which one of them died in battle, the Demon Birth Sword or the Absolute Saber would also lose, and this battle would obviously be over.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, in the fierce clash, countless rice-sized nicks already appeared on the Demon Birth Sword, and although the Absolute Saber had been tattered in the first place, it wasn't damaged further, apparently being a notch better.

Such damage wasn't a big deal as long as the weapon was nourished; a tenth tier Spirit Tool could completely recover just like martial artists, having considerable healing ability… the condition was that the vein-like patterns on it weren't destroyed; this was the key as to why Spirit Tools were Spirit Tools.

Evidently, in the clash between Spirit Tools, the Absolute Saber suppressed the Demon Birth Sword, but Ling Han's strength in turn suppressed Xu Xiu Ran's, giving him enough pressure, so he couldn't fully stimulate the saber intent within the Absolute Saber, pulling the battle prowess of both parties onto the same standard again.

This was absolutely unfavorable for Ling Han. He'd relied on Black Tower's power boost and medicine to obtain his current battle prowess, and once his cultivation fell back down, he and the Demon Birth Sword were obviously going to be totally subdued—not good news at all.

Ling Han might as well not control the Demon Birth Sword. This Spirit Tool had already reactivated by itself and could completely fight alone. He took out the Sunset Bow—under the premise of not being able to use the Three Styles of Black Origin, archery was currently his strongest killer move.

Three Mystical Powers gathered simultaneously as Ling Han fired an arrow.

Xiu, the sharp arrow turned into a streak of light, shooting towards Xu Xiu Ran.

Xu Xiu Ran brandished his saber, and ding, Absolute Saber actually struck the arrow's shaft, easily slicing in half this treasured arrow forged with eight-tier rare metal.

After this arrow was overcome, both of them were shocked.

Ling Han was obviously shocked by Xu Xiu Ran's reaction. His current battle prowess reached the limit of the Heaven Tier, and the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow that was shot out was still blocked by Xu Xiu Ran.

Xu Xiu Ran was even more shocked because he wasn't the one who struck it down—it was the saber intent within the Absolute Saber that blocked it.

If it had been him, he'd already have been shot by the arrow!


Both of them labeled each other an opponent that they couldn't underestimate.

After this, they no longer attacked.

"I have to correct myself, you indeed are a rare opponent," Xu Xiu Ran said with a smile. "As things stand, I can't kill you."

He was rather honest.

Ling Han also smiled, and said, "I can't kill you, either."

"Then let's stop temporarily." Xu Xiu Ran put away the Absolute Saber. "Next time we meet, if your progress isn't fast, then you'll only be killed by me."

"Likewise!" Ling Han said.

Xu Xiu Ran didn't look at the others, and simply trode on the sky and left.

Ling Han stared at his back for a long time before landing.

His battle prowess was raised by Black Tower's power boost and medicinal pills, but was Xu Xiu Ran's battle prowess truly his own? Obviously not. He definitely couldn't use the Absolute Saber too long, which was the reason why he'd retreated so resolutely.

If both parties continued fighting, it would be a matter of seeing whose trump card could hold out longer, and life and death would be instantly decided the moment either couldn't; this was what neither of them wanted to see.

So, Xu Xiu Ran proactively stopped the fight, and Ling Han also wasn't aggressive.

"Brother-in-law… damn!" Li Feng Yu muttered. The battle just now almost drove him crazy. One was in the Spiritual Infant Tier, and the other was in the Deity Transformation Tier, but both exhibited the battle prowess of the Shattering Void Tier.

Ling Han put away the Demon Birth Sword. This Spirit Tool had many nicks and needed proper nourishment for a period of time. He obviously couldn't do it at the cultivation of the Spiritual Infant Tier, but Black Tower could.

"Congratulations, Brother Ling, climbing to a greater peak again!" Wenren Qian Qian said sincerely.

If Ling Han defeating the Small Saber King only made people think he was hard to surpass, then that battle just now would be enough to make all geniuses despair.

Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran had already left the so-called geniuses far behind, reaching a height that the latter could only look up to.

In the sky, the Rock Spirit and Yao Hui Yue's battle also ended in a tie, and such a result made Yao Hui Yue's face turn livid. He simply turned and left, having no face to talk to Zhu Xuan Er.

… He couldn't even defeat Ling Han's puppet, so would he still have the face to challenge Ling Han?


Ling Han led everyone on their way, but didn't meet with the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing, simply bringing Yuan Cheng He with him. Everyone trode on the surface of the sea, and with their strength, they only needed to borrow a shred of power to be able to walk swiftly on water.

Although the battle was over for a while, everyone still kept talking about Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran. It was truly too stunning, and had them discussing enthusiastically and unable to stop.

This sea region was ridiculously large and devoid of any islands, so they could only hasten on their way, not even having the chance to stop to eat a meal. Good thing was that after advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier, food and drink was not a necessity, having some effect but by no means being substantial.

They were constantly on the road and the scenery was the same, so everyone became more and more bored, no longer talking and simply wanting to leave this sea region quickly.


All of a sudden, the waves split as an extremely thick tentacle came out, lashing towards Ling Han and the others.

Ling Han greeted it with punches; his slender figure was absolutely unproportionally small in front of this giant tentacle.

Peng, he was immediately sent flying, but the tentacle also paused slightly, giving the others time to spread out.

This wasn't the first time they'd encountered a surprise attack on the sea, but this surprise attack was the most powerful of all so far.

"Deity Transformation Tier beast!" Ling Han flew back. His power was no match for it, but his physique was too powerful, not fearing a head-on fight. This beast didn't reveal its true body, and simply waved a tentacle.

"Seems like an octopus?" People guessed. Everyone mainly lived on the land, and had little contact with the sea, which was territory that belonged to the sea people.

Xiu, that tentacle lashed over again, and the sea undulated as another tentacle emerged, attacking as well. With the power of the Deity Transformation Tier in addition to that amount, the striking power definitely reached the peak of the Deity Transformation Tier.

No one dared to face it directly—even the Rock Spirit didn't dare to take it on. Only a freak like Ling Han was qualified to exchange blows with it.

"Grilled octopus! Grilled octopus!" Hu Niu cheered and flew towards a large tentacle. Judging by her stance, she was going to forcibly cut one off.

The rabbit waved and said, "Bring Uncle Rabbit a piece!"

Ling Han laughed loudly, unleashed the Demon Birth Sword, and charged over. A Deity Transformation Tier beast was obviously a greatly tonic thing, so how could he miss out on it after seeing one?
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