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Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran battled fiercely. In the skies were stunning Saber Rays and Sword Rays, making it seem as if the sky would collapse and the stars would fall.

In contrast, Yao Hui Yue and the golem's battle immediately paled in comparison. Although they were also kings amongst kings, they clearly fell a notch short compared to Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran. Even if everyone couldn't capture Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran's figures, they were still paying attention to their battle.

At least, the flashes of Saber Rays and Sword Rays could be seen, clashing fiercely against each other in the sky.

Xu Xiu Ran suddenly stopped attacking, and said, "I'm now somewhat fond of your talent. Ling Han, if you enter my sect and acknowledge me as your teacher, I can spare your life."

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "I use swords, and if I go to the Absolute Saber Sect, are you guys planning to change your name to the Absolute Sword Sect and learn the sword from me?"

Xu Xiu Ran said dully, "You've deviated from the essence. The world's martial arts are all connected, so what difference is there between saber and sword?"

"Alright, then you can use swords from now on," Ling Han said with a smile.

Xu Xiu Ran was silent momentarily, and said, "Today, I will behead you!"

"You've already said those words. From the looks of it now, it's no different from farting," Ling Han said.

Xu Xiu Ran ignored his ridicule and simply unleashed a saber.

Pu, some people immediately burst into laughter.

If Xu Xiu Ran took out a tenth-tier Spirit Tool, everyone definitely wouldn't be shocked. As the most outstanding disciple of this generation of the Absolute Saber Sect, and even the future sect master, what would be so strange about having a tenth-tier Spirit Tool?

However, this saber wasn't a tenth-tier Spirit Tool, but a very unsightly rusty broken saber.

If this were a treasured saber, then there would be too many treasured sabers in the world.

Ling Han, however, looked grave as he fixed his eyes on that broken saber, and said, "Is it an antique?"

"It's an antique." Xu XIu Ran nodded, and stroked the blade with his finger, revealing an absent-minded look. "From the age of five, I've always accompanied this saber, but I still haven't received its full recognition till now."


Ling Han was shocked, and said, "The tool spirit hasn't died?" This saber was so heavily damaged, would the tool spirit still be present? If there wasn't a tool spirit, there wouldn't be the saying of recognition.

Xu Xiu Ran shook his head, and said, "The tool spirit has long died, but the person who used this sword at the time was too powerful, so powerful that even after countless years, there's still a shred of his saber intent within the saber. Without the recognition of this shred of saber intent, it's impossible to exert its strongest power."

Ling Han's fighting spirit was ablaze. With a smile, he said, "Then I shall experience it."

"Might as well tell you, this saber's name is… Absolute Saber!" Xu Xiu Ran suddenly looked up as endless saber lights burst from his eyes.

Absolute Saber!

Was Absolute Saber Sect named because of it? No, no, no, the divine realm also had an Absolute Saber Hall, or Absolute Saber Palace, a sect of sort. Anyway, it was named using the phrase "absolute saber", so could it possibly also be because of this saber?

Which elite once used this saber? The founder of the divine realm's Absolute Saber Sect?

Ling Han's expression was more graver now. This was extremely likely to be a divine tool… a broken divine tool.

He pulled out the Demon Birth Sword and formed a sword formula with his left hand, preparing for action.

Hong, Xu Xiu Ran's dark hair suddenly rolled up as he stared at Ling Han; his expression became wild. The mottled saber began to emit radiance as if a supreme being was about to walk out from the blade, making everyone feel breathless and involuntarily start bowing.

Ling Han lit up four vein-like patterns on the Demon Birth Sword, but to his surprise, more vein-like patterns actually lit up on their own.

The tenth-tier spirit tool… activated on its own!

As expected, the saber intent within that broken saber was too terrifying, stimulating Demon Birth Sword's recovery—it made this Spirit Tool feel a great threat. If it didn't resist with all its strength, it would be broken.

How terrifying was a tenth-tier Spirit Tool at full power? It was equivalent to a Shattering Void Tier elite!

This meant that Xu Xiu Ran who held Absolute Saber qualified to fight a Shattering Void Tier elite, the thought of which was absolutely numbing. What exactly was this saber? It was clearly without a tool spirit, and even the vein-like patterns on the blade no longer lit up; it was simply left with a shred of the first user's saber intent, but it was still powerful to such an inconceivable degree.

What if Xu Xiu Ran's cultivation was even higher?

Ling Han's expression stern. He communicated with Black Tower, saying, "Small Tower, what do you think of that saber?"

"More than enough to kill you," Small Tower said calmly.

"Can you say something pleasant?"

"If I exhibit my power, I can destroy everything," Small Tower said.

Ling Han was speechless. This guy would destroy everything at every turn! He sighed. "I know you're very kickass, but can you say something more relevant?"

Small Tower paused shortly, and said, "You can use a power boost. Combined with the Demon Birth Sword, you'll have the power to fight him; otherwise, you're extremely likely to be slain."

Ling Han was out of sorts. He'd advanced to Spiritual Infant Tier and could use Black Tower's power boost again, but to use it at this place, he felt it somewhat not worth it; however, to have him run, then that would be even more unpleasant.

"Alright, give me a power boost!" He immediately made up his mind.

Xu Xiu Ran taking out that saber was absolutely cheating—only Shattering Void Tier elites could suppress it, and even Heaven Tier warriors would have to take a detour; how would he resist it without using his ultimate move?


A great power surged in and Ling Han's aura immediately began to skyrocket, instantly breaking through the limit of the Spiritual Infant Tiers, advancing into the Deity Transformation Tier, and rocketing all the way to third layer before stopping.

Ling Han didn't stop and took out the last Five Revolutions Black Jade pill and swallowed it, raising his battle prowess again by eight stars.

Now, his battle prowess was infinitely near the Shattering Void Tier.

His peak stage in the former life, with the use of medicine medicine, still had not been quite as good as now.

"Come battle!" Ling Han activated the Demon Birth Sword and charged towards Xu Xiu Ran.

Xu Xiu Ran was obviously fearless and wielded his saber to parry.


In the exchange of blows, Xu Xiu Ran was instantly sent flying, but a bloodstain also appeared Ling Han's cheek, fresh blood dripping.

Everyone was both shocked and puzzled.

Earlier, Xu Xiu Ran clearly had the advantage in power, so why was it reversed now? But even so, Ling Han was still injured by the Saber Ray, although not heavily. Still, a wound was a wound.

Ling Han touched his face and his hand was full of blood. Although Indestructible Heaven's Scroll was activated, blood was still dripping.

This was the first time he'd encountered such a situation.

… The saber intent within Absolute Saber was too strong, filled with destruction, stopping the restoration of Indestructible Heaven's Scrolls.

If Ling Han entered the Black Tower momentarily and borrowed the power of the Black Tower, he would be able to easily resolve this saber intent, but Ling Han had no intention of doing so at all. He hadn't been injured for a very long time, and this rare experience could make him feel the pressure between life and death.

He let out a battle cry and charged towards Xu Xiu Ran once again.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The two great geniuses carried out a fierce exchange.
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