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"Bullsh*t!" Ling Han shouted coldly. "Since the ancient times, how many people has the Absolute Saber Sect killed, and why doesn't it do justice to those that it killed? This is a world of jungle justice, so cut the crap and talk with strength!"

Xu Xiu Ran wasn't irritated, simply smiling, and said, "What right have you to talk about strength in front of me?"

"And who the hell are you?" Ling Han gave tit for tat.

Xu Xiu Ran flicked his finger, and weng, a Saber Ray immediately swirled towards Ling Han.

The Saber Ray was like a flash of lightning, dazzlingly painful to the eyes.

Ling Han greeted it with a punch, striking extremely precisely against the Saber Ray.


The Saber Ray was as if corporeal and pushed Ling Han backwards, sending him sliding back for more than thirty meters.

Zhu Xuan Er and the others were shocked. Xu Xiu Ran was too strong, ridiculously strong!

Xu Xiu Ran grinned, and said, "I was constantly cultivating Saber Heart before, so my tier progression was very slow. After finally achieving Saber Heart, I focused on improving my cultivation, leaping from the Spiritual Infant Tier to the Deity Transformation Tier."

Sh*t, could tiers be broken through simply by focusing on it?

This was a f*cking freak, cultivating Saber Heart at twenty-one to twenty-two years of age and even advancing into the Deity Transformation Tier at similar age. He was so powerful that it made people's hairs stand on end.

Ling Han retracted his fist. Da, da, da, fresh blood dripped down from his fist and landed on the grass, yet it let out a thunderous sound. His tier was too high, and on top of physical cultivation, each drop of blood was as heavy as a lofty mountain.

He cultivated the Diamond Body, and his physique was comparable to rare metal of the Deity Transformation Tier, but he was actually injured by a Xu Xiu Ran's Saber Ray flicked from a finger; it was clear how shocking Xu Xiu Ran's battle prowess was.

An even higher tier and the addition of Saber Heart made Xu Xiu Ran's Saber Ray truly reach an all-conquering level.

It was shot out with flick of a finger, and if a tenth tier Spirit Tool were to be used?

Ling Han pondered for a moment, then cracked a smile. "I haven't reached twenty years old this year, and I'm certain to cross into the Deity Transformation Tier at twenty years old. Sword Heart isn't incomprehensible to me, either. Aren't you embarrassing yourself by comparing your talent to mine?"

Hearing those words, everyone nearby was visibly moved.

Yes, they only saw the power of Xu Xiu Ran's finger-flicked Saber Ray, and forgot Ling Han's age and strength.

He was a freak who wasn't any inferior!

Xu Xiu Ran smiled, and said, "How could the heart of martial arts be easy to comprehend? I studied the saber when I was five, and even held the saber when I was sleeping, accompanying the saber, being one with the saber, and it still look sixteen years to grasp Saber Heart."

"That's because you're too stupid. For a genius like me, five to six years is enough!" Ling Han was full of confidence.

In his former life, he'd only formed a few flashes of Sword Qi, which was unbearably wretched in comparison, and obviously was of no help to his sword path in this life. Thus, his confidence wasn't unfounded, and he certainly was kickass.

In the former life, his attainments in alchemy had surpassed the ancestors and amazed the contemporaries because he'd spent all his efforts on alchemy. In this life, he'd spent them all on martial arts and the sword path, and would also burst with dazzling radiance.

Xu Xiu Ran was astounded. Listing his attainments actually couldn't attack Ling Han's confidence? No matter whether it was twenty-one-year-old Deity Transformation Tier warrior or cultivating Saber Heart, both were surprising records that created history.

But Ling Han was still so confident. Was this guy a fool?

No matter what, he couldn't break down Ling Han's confidence with words.

He beckoned casually, and xiu, a stalk of grass was caught in his hand. He said, "Then I'll use this grass as a saber to cut off your head, spilling your blood all across this stretch of wilderness."

How arrogant, using a grass as a saber to behead a genius—such confidence?

Ling Han, however, didn't dare to be careless. Reaching their level, a grass or a leaf could unleash the greatest of might. He also pulled up a stalk of grass, and said, "Then I shall see for myself."

The stronger the opponent, the greater his pressure, and the more likely it was that he would comprehend Sword Heart.

Sword Heart, the third and the highest stage on the sword path, but different from Sword Ray, it didn't need to be constructed upon the basis of comprehension of Sword Qi and Sword Ray. It was called the third stage because it was easier to comprehend Sword Heart after forming the other two.

However, this wasn't unconditional.

Ling Han had already formed the Sword Ray. The higher his cultivation, the more powerful it would be, but no matter how strong it became, he wouldn't be able to naturally reach the Sword Heart.

Sword Heart was a completely new sort of understanding.

Ling Han was full of confidence. He'd once received Feng Po Yun's sword intent, and a shred of this great swordsman's Sword Heart gave him a clear direction.

It was not copying Feng Po Yun's Sword Heart, but letting him know what Sword Heart was and how to walk this path.

Come, give me pressure!

Ling Han cracked a smile and initiated the attack, thrusting the grass in hand, and instantly, Sword Ray was ablaze, blinding the eyes.

Xu Xiu Ran obviously wouldn't fear to fight him, and struck out with the "saber" in hand while also deploying a Saber Ray, slashing towards Ling Han.

Ling Han leapt up into the sky. "Come fight unrestrainedly in the sky!"

"Wrong, this was never a duel, but your execution!" Xu Xiu Ran followed into the sky and swung the grass repeatedly. The Saber Rays intertwined and danced in the sky, extremely terrifying.

Ling Han deployed the Demon Fairy Step, and with the blessing of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, his speed was fast like a ghost, extremely strange.

But what shocked everyone was that Xu Xiu ran's speed wasn't any inferior to his.

Apparently, although he didn't learn the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, he'd also mastered a surprising movement art, which allowed his speed to cross a tier, barely being able to compare with that of Heaven Tier elites.

This made his speed no slower than Ling Han's

The two people fought speed with speed, moving at a speed comparable to Heaven Tier elites', fast to the point that the people below couldn't even capture them with the naked eye. The people with somewhat lower strength even began to puke.

The pressure on Ling Han was enormous. Each step was accompanied by the danger of death.

What was Saber Heart?

The core of martial arts was all the same, allowing martial arts sensory abilities to increase to a terrifying level. No matter where the attack came from, they could grasp it immediately, and they could also seize the opponent's weak point, releasing the swiftest and fiercest of attacks.

In other words, no matter how Ling Han attacked, Xu Xiu Ran could react immediately, and his attacks would be completely without a trace. On top of Xu Xiu Ran having cultivation in the higher tier, he had a clear advantage in power, and every saber strike of his was lethal, extremely frightening.

To Ling Han's advantage was his formidable physique—even if he was struck occasionally, the Saber Ray would only cut open his skin, and never hurt his meridians. With the circulation of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, his injuries would immediately heal.

Hu Niu wouldn't laugh and joke for the first time, her small face tense.

Ling Han definitely wasn't worse than Xu Xiu Ran, but there was a big gap in cultivation, after all!

"Ling Han, Ling Han, go, go! Beat the hell out of this guy!" Hu Niu suddenly raised her small fists and cheered on Ling Han.
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