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Quite a few people were envious, or even driven mad. This beauty was not only extraordinarily beautiful, but also possessed the peak strength of humanity, subduing even the beast lion.

If one were to have such an exceptional beauty, what more could one want in life?

Even if the others were envious or jealous, they wouldn't dare declare it, not even gasping. That was a Shattering Void Tier elite and only she could tease others.

"Little brother, charge forth bravely!"

"Conquer Our King!"

"Men also have courageous spirit!"

However, the stern soldiers in the square array shocked everyone as they began to whistle and give Ling Han encouragement.

Now, these people weren't military disciplined soldiers, but a bunch of ruffians!

Ling Han was speechless… who were these people…?

The Lunar King pretended to be displeased, and said, "You bastards, trying to revolt?"

"We wouldn't dare!"

"It's just that Our King's not young anymore, and it's time to find a man to marry!"

"We aren't suited for Our King, so we can only ask an outsider."

"Hehe, I think this little brother looks pretty good, handsome, refined, and surprisingly talented, and more importantly, someone who can make Our King start to flirt is too hard to come by."

The veterans all shouted out glibly, each of them very excited.

"Won't allow you guys to take Niu's Ling Han!" Hu Niu was immediately on guard and got in front of Ling Han, glaring quite viciously at the hundred veterans as if a small tiger.

The veterans all laughed loudly. They'd all been through hundred battles, and weren't really afraid of Hu Niu's vicious look.

"Aiyo, Our King's met a rival!"

"A love triangle, how complicated!"

They started kicking up a fuss again.

The Lunar King also laughed loudly. She rode on the beast lion, and said, "Men, follow This King. This land is too important, and mustn't fall in the hands of others."

"Yes, My King!" The veterans instantly became solemn, standing at attention together and replying in a unified voice. With their long spears held high, they emitted the spirit of endless bloodthirst.

This hundred-person square formation was extremely frightening. If they attacked separately, Ling Han was confident that he could defeat them all, but against their array, he would only be defeated.

A hundred people formed an array to raise their battle prowess to the Heaven Tier—it was an extremely terrifying thing.

Everyone didn't dare to breathe heavily, being intimidated by this army; even their souls were trembling as if they saw endless blood and gore from the countless elites killed by this army.

The Lunar King soared through the sky on the beast lion and shot out a divine chain to bring the hundred-people army along, crossing the sea together.

"Hmm, Brother Ling, could you possibly know that mighty person?" Wenren Qian Qian asked. The shock on her face could hardly be concealed.

That woman was a Shattering Void Tier elite.

The corner of Ling Han's mouth twitched as he said, "I guess I know her." He was very gloomy, being teased by an old monster that had been buried underground for countless years.

Seeing Ling Han become taciturn, Wenren Qian Qian didn't ask any more questions.

In this battle, ninety percent of the forces that had entered had died, and it could be said to be quite tragic. There were only about a hundred people living, but without exception, they were all talented super geniuses, or else they wouldn't be able to follow the team, and would've been already been eaten by the beast lion halfway on their path.

"Ling Han!" Jia Ming's gaze looked over, and two red rays fired out from his eyes—extremely bizarre.

"Xuan Er!" Yao Hui Yue also looked over, his expression extremely excited.

At this time, Zhu Xuan Er had already returned to her original exceptionally gorgeous looks, which naturally made him excited. This was his Zhu Xuan Er!

"Oh, Ling Han?" Another youngster walked over, looking ordinary, but examining closely, one would discover that his gaze was extremely deep, just as if the endless ocean.

Ling Han shrugged his shoulder and muttered, "All the monsters and freaks have really come out."

"Xuan Er!" Yao Hui Yue was the first to run over to Zhu Xuan Er's side, looking at her in a daze.

Zhu Xuan Er's expression was indifferent as she said, "Please, Brother Yao, be self-possessed and call Xuan Er as Lady Zhu or use Xuan Er's full name."

Yao Hui Yue turned his head abruptly and looked towards Ling Han, and said, "Ling Han, I want a duel."

Ling Han laughed, and said, "We've fought alongside together, fighting and killing isn't good. Well, I have a little buddy here, if you can beat him, then we'll fight."

He tossed out the Rock Spirit. Pa, the golem landed on the ground and started to crawl around Ling Han without a care; that look was truly no different from a dog.

Yao Hui Yue's expression was full of anger. Ling Han had actually sent out such a thing to fight him—how much did Ling Han look down on him? He unleashed his sword, pointed at Ling Han, and said, "Fight me!"

The Rock Spirit saw it and was instantly enraged. I'm acting cute here so that the master will think of me from time to time, giving me good rocks to eat. How dare you point a sword at my master? What are you implying?

It got up and roared at Yao Hui Yue with its mouth wide open.


The sound wave were visible to the eye as it surged towards Yao Hui Yue, shockingly terrifying.

Now, the Rock Spirit had advanced into the late stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and on top of its identity as a spirit of the five elements, it was a king amongst kings—its strength was frighteningly formidable.

"Hm?" Yao Hui Yue's hair was scattered, whistling and fluttering in the hurricane. He stared at the Rock Spirit and didn't dare to be a careless again. He took a deep breath, his expression grave as he knew this would be a fierce enemy.

"Fight in the skies." Ling Han dismissed them.

The Rock Spirit immediately soared into the sky. It hadn't reached the Deity Transformation Tier anyway, and couldn't extract the earth's power to strengthen itself, so fighting in the sky made no difference to it at all.

Yao Hui Yue also rose into the sky and carried out a fierce battle with the Rock Spirit.

Ling Han didn't even look at Jia Ming, and looked at the unfamiliar youngster, and said, "What are you called, sir?"

"Xu Xiu Ran," this youngster said indifferently, and also gave Ling Han a smile—his two rows of teeth were shockingly white.

So he was Xu Xiu Ran.

He looked really ordinary. Once the Small Saber King appeared, his entire body was bound with Saber Qi, but this person was rumored to have achieved Saber Heart, or at least half a Saber Heart, yet looked ordinary; the gap was truly big.

Ling Han, however, was greatly alarmed within. Was this returning to the natural state?

He was proud within, and said, "You and he go together." He pointed Jia Ming.

"Hmph!" Jia Ming just turned around to leave, and said, "Xu Xiu Ran, this brat is for you to deal with. I sense that there's a fortune for me in the seas and don't have time to waste on this nobody." He paused in his tracks and turned to look at Zhu Xuan Er and Wenren Qian Qian, revealing a savagely grim smile. "You're all my!"

Xiu, he sprung up and leapt towards the great sea. When he landed, he stepped on the surface of the water and sprang back up, leaping completely with brute force, but his speed was still surprisingly fast.

Xu Xiu Ran stood with his hands behind his back, and said, "Ling Han, you've killed a disciple of the Absolute Saber Sect, and as Absolute Saber Sect's next sect master, I have to get justice for him."
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