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Peng, the earth split open and out popped a gigantic lion-shaped beast, thirty meter long and fifteen tall. It was covered with black scales that made it look like a pangolin.

But its tail was completely different. It was long, and the tip was more like a corn cob, emitting a faint fragrance like an exceptionally precious medicine.

And what everyone felt familiar to the eyes was that tail—why did it look so much like that spirit medicine?

Ling Han's expression changed drastically. That wasn't some precious medicine earlier, but the bait that the beast had stuck out!

It deliberately changed its tail slowly, making it look as if a precious medicine slowly maturing, to gather the largest number of prey possible so that it could capture them all at once. This also explained why those Shattering Void Tier elites didn't care about this "precious medicine" when passed by earlier—they didn't see it at all.

This was a powerful existence at the Shattering Void Tier, and here, it was invincible!

The seven Heaven Tier elites stopped fighting. Seeing the scene, they obviously came to realize everything, but targeted as a prey by a Shattering Void Tier beast, could they even escape?

"Ang!" The beast let out a loud roar. Hong, the sound waves were like the tsunami, and peng, peng, peng, everything within the radius of few li in the surrounding area was shattered to pieces. The seven Heaven Tier elites were obviously the first to bear the brunt of the attack, and their skin cracked and bones shattered, with barely a single breath remaining in their bodies.

Luckily, it was precisely because the seven great Heaven Tier warriors started a battle that the others had retreated far away to avoid the attacks' shock waves and thus avoided trouble. Even so, everyone's hands or feet were broken, but they weren't crushed into pieces.

The might of Shattering Void Tier creatures was extremely powerful; a single attack could strike down the stars.

Fortunately, Ling Han and the others had retreated even further, and were almost unaffected, though their faces turned pale from the pressure of a Shattering Void Tier beast's presence, which made it difficult to even breathe.

Everyone's expressions changed. How were they to block this… a Shattering Void Tier beast targeted them, treating them as prey!


Everyone almost instantly scattered, and that beast also started to move. With a pull, it swallowed all seven Heaven Tiers into its mouth, crunched a few times, and swallowed them into the stomach, and then carried out a massacre.

Although everyone fled in all directions, a Shattering Void Tier creature's speed was so fast that after it ate all the "prey" in the east, south, and west, the people fleeing towards the north had only run out over a hundred li.

They were obviously Ling Han's party.

Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing were with them. Moreover, there was super geniuses like Yao Hui Yue and Jia Ming. They all coincidentally chose the same path because escaping in this direction, they were most likely to encounter reinforcements.

Ling Han marvelled inwardly. To compare in speed with a Shattering Void Tier was a pipe dream, and he could probably only use the Black Tower to save everyone he cared about; at worst, some people he temporarily wouldn't let out.

The Gold-seeking Rat was frightened into feigning death again, lying straight with its tailed straightened up, but Hu Niu picked it up and said happily, "The rat's dead, can we eat it?"

Once those words left her mouth, the Gold-seeking Rat was naturally alive and kicking again. "Why does this little girl always want to eat this baby?" it said in its rat language, squeaking.

The rabbit felt deeply the same, and, while running, said, "Now, you also know Uncle Rabbit's pain, right?"

"Cut the crap and run for your life!" Ling Han said. What sort of clowns were by his side, not even behaving properly in such a situation.

Whose fault was it if not the rabbit's? Hu Niu's speed was too fast, so even if it wasn't fast to the point of bending the space, in this kind of situation, it was enough to simply be faster than others—at least one could survive the longest that way.

"Kakaka, such a mighty beast lion, it's just right to be This King's mount!" At this moment, a sweet laughter could be heard, and a girl in purple dress suddenly appeared. No one saw how she appeared, just as if she was naturally there.

This girl was gorgeous like peaches and plums. Standing in the sky, the gentle breeze moved her long skirt, and her bare feet were like jade, which added on some natural grace to her appearance. Surprisingly, divine clouds swirled around her as if she was a divine maiden descending to the world.

"Ang!" That beast halted abruptly and stared vigilantly at this girl as its nostrils puffed out flames. It seemed very terrified of her.

Being able to make a Shattering Void Tier beast fear, needless to say, this girl was certainly also a Shattering Void Tier elite.

Yao Hui Yue and Jia Ming, the proud disciples of the five great sects, have obviously seen the Shattering Void Tier warriors in their own sects and other sects, but none of them matched the girl in front of their eyes.

How truly strange, she was a Shattering Void Tier elite, and definitely couldn't have appeared out of thin air.

Ling Han was relieved; this girl was the Lunar King!

"Little kitty, be a good mount for this king!" Lunar King struck, attacking the beast lion.

They fought so hard that everyone ran away, for each aftershock could've killed them a hundred times if it were to directly hit them.

In the distance, there was a party of a hundred men marching fast, their formation astonishingly orderly. They looked just like an army—ten people in a row formed a neat square array, and each person looked solemn while holding a long spear, exuding an iron-blooded aura.

Each person's cultivation was the Deity Transformation Tier, which was very surprising. Deity Transformation Tier warriors could be called experts anywhere, but this hundred-people team seemed to be someone's personal troops. In the front row, there was someone who carried a banner, painted with a slender hand that held up a waning moon.

They stopped in front of the fight, far closer than Ling Han and the others were to the Lunar King and the beast lion's battle. When the ripples swept over, they struck out their spears together, and the power of a hundred people actually miraculously fused to obtain battle prowess of the Heaven Tier, resolving the aftershock completely.

Everyone stared in shock. A hundred Deity Transformation Tier warriors could rival a Heaven Tier elite? This was like a dream!

Ling Han understood that this was probably Lunar King's personal army, and only the Purple Moon Empire, a powerful force buried countless years ago, grasped such a miraculous formation, gathering the power of masses into one.

The Lunar King was really too powerful. Her slender hands were like divine material, and with a swat, the beast lion turned over and over repeatedly. No matter how terrifying the attacks the beast lion launched, she took them on very casually, appearing relaxed and happy.

On her body, Ling Han felt a similar aura to that of the Sword King and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden—absolute power, the king amongst kings!

In a short amount of time, the beast lion was seized by the Lunar King, lying on the ground with its tongue sticking out. It kept struggling with all its strength, yet it was to no avail.

The Lunar King was half sitting and half lying down on the beast lion's back in a beautiful but sexy posture, beckoning to Ling Han, saying, "Little handsome boy, come massage This King's legs!" She straightened her long legs, and under the dress was a snow white and smooth thigh, wreaking havoc in one's heart.
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