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They all spent the next day in hiding.

Although there weren't many beasts here, each one was extremely powerful, starting out at the Deity Transformation Tier, and Heaven Tier ones would appear frequently, so they could only make a detour.

Perhaps there were also Shattering Void Tier beings that just hadn't revealed their presence yet.

Due to constant hiding and circling, they didn't make much progress on their way throughout the day. The sun set and the moon rose again, and everyone stopped once again to rest and reorganize.

"Haha, Niu caught it again!" Hu Niu suddenly shouted joyously, grabbing the white and fat rat with her hand.

This large white rat looked pitifully at everyone as if lamenting why it was so gluttonous, walking into a trap again.

Ling Han laughed loudly and took the Gold-seeking Rat. This time, he directly stored it into the Black Tower, and then separated a part of his divine sense to go in.

Once the Gold-Seeking Rat was free, it obviously fled in disarray, sniffing with its small nose, and then looking rapaciously at the endless medicinal farms in the Black Tower. It actually fed on metal, and the more precious the metal the more powerful it could become.

However, this one was different. It indeed ate gold and metals, which could strengthen it, but it was also gluttonous and liked to eat spirit medicine. Now, it was even in love with grilled meat, chicken soup, and so on.

So much spirit medicine, it was going to eat to its heart's content.

However, as it moved, it surprisingly discovered that it fell into the hands of that human.

"Fatty, you can't escape from the palm of my hand," Ling Han said with a smile, loosening his hand again, and said, "Run again."

The Gold-Seeking Rat was strongly resilient and immediately took to its heels again, even determined to eat everything here clean so as to ridicule this human. However, in a while, it fell into Ling Han's hand again.

It was confused. This human's speed was clearly not as fast as its own speed, and it had the natural ability to flee into the ground because it was able to feed on metal; its teeth were also the finest, and whatever was bitten would be broken. Opening a path with its teeth, it should have run away smoothly?

Escape again!

This time, it dug down in a rush, attempting to flee through the earth, but after digging for at least ten li, a human face suddenly appeared in front of it; who else was it if it wasn't that man?

This time, it was truly frightened, straightening its tail. With a pa, it flipped over and lay down with its big white belly facing the sky, looking like it'd been frightened to death.

"I'm not an adorable thing like you, you think I'd be deceived by you?" Ling Han laughed loudly, picked up the Gold-seeking Rat by its tail, and said, "Don't feign death! Look, such a large place with spirit medicine planted everywhere and all sorts of beasts with fresh quality meat…"

He paused shortly, and carried on patiently, "How about it, as long as you follow me, I'll provide spirit medicine and as much delicious meat you as you like!


The fat rat came to life at once, standing on its hind legs, and squeaked at Ling Han as if bargaining.

"I can't understand what you're saying, but so long as you nod whether you're willing to follow me or not?" Ling Han let out a devilish alluring sound.

The fat rat struggled and finally closed its small claws in a manner of submission.

Alright, you're one of mine from now… my rat, I'll give you a name. Since you're so fat and like someone, it would be too unreasonable not to take advantage of it to mock him, Ling Han thought. He then said, "From now on, you're called Bai Duo Bao, nickname, Fatty, or Small White."

The Gold-seeking Rat squeaked in remonstration. It wasn't fat; this was called sensual.

Ling Han brought the Gold-seeking Rat outside with a smile, and said, "Little guy is now one of us. Its name is Bai Duo Bao and nickname's Fatty, and Small White."

Zhu Xuan Er immediately burst into laughter. She knew Ling Han did it in bad taste, yet didn't know how Ma Duo Bao would look if he met this Gold-seeking Rat in the future.

"Brother Ling truly has surprising fortune, being able to obtain a treasure like the Gold-seeking Rat," Wenren Qian Qian exclaimed. It was attracted by Ling Han's food and caught by Hu Niu. Ling Han subdued it, so how could she have the shame to ask to share the benefits?

Ling Han smiled. In this life, his luck was indeed great—obtaining three Mystical Powers was a proof thereof. In reality, his luck in the previous life was also not bad for him to bump into the Black Tower. The level of this divine tool… impossible to fathom!

The Gold-seeking Rat climbed onto Ling Han's shoulder, squeaking and gesticulating. It meant that it had eaten secretly just now and didn't have enough. Now, it was time for it to eat to its heart's content.

Ling Han casually took food to feed this fatty. Hu Niu still couldn't hide her rapaciousness and stared at the Gold-seeking Rat, making the Gold-seeking Rat break out in a cold sweat as it ate. There seemed to be something terrifying hiding inside this small human, giving the cute rat psychological trauma and deeply hurting its heart.

"It should be a young rat," the rabbit said.

"Why do you say that?" everyone asked.

Hu Niu said, "Yes, yes. It's grown so fat already, it's completely fine to eat. It can't be small!"

"A mature Gold-seeking Rat would have golden fur. It has white fur only when they're young," the rabbit explained. "The Gold-seeking Rat's ability to find rare metal is correlated with its age. The older it is, the higher the tier of metal it can find."

So, this was still a little guy, no wonder it was so gluttonous and was fooled time and time again. It couldn't be helped, being young and ignorant.

Zhu Xuan Er's maternal instinct broke out as she went to hug the Gold-seeking Rat, and said, "Don't know where Small White's parents went, actually throwing away such a little baby."

Hu Niu drooled and said, "More, there's two more big ones. Niu's not craving at all!"

"Haha, its parents might be long dead," the rabbit said. "Gold-seeking Rats are very special, born by spawn, and if the deposited egg doesn't have suitable conditions, it's not strange if it doesn't hatch in a hundred millennia, or a thousand millennia.

This made Hu Niu greatly disappointed as her hopes for a new taste were dashed.

After eating and drinking enough, everyone began to rest, cultivating a little, ridding the exhaustion during the day, and preparing for a possible battle encounter tomorrow.

The Gold-Seeking Rat was endearingly silly as expected. When it slept, its four feet faced the sky and it let out a large snoring sound. Unbearably noisy, it was thrown into the Black Tower by Ling Han, and finally everyone had some quiet.

The second day, everyone set out. Ling Han let the Gold-seeking Rat out so that it could find rare metals.

No kidding, this fatty really was no slouch. In the short time of a day, it gave Ling Han three pieces of rare metal. One was fourth-tier and two were fifth-tier, and although it wasn't all that precious, it was all for free.

Another night passed, and the day came as usual. This was already the fourth day since they'd entered here.

When they were walking, they heard a sharp cry as a dark cloud appeared in the sky, quickly overshadowing them.

Everyone looked up and saw that it wasn't a dark cloud, but a huge eagle, dark green all over and without feathers, covered in scales not unlike a green armor, emitting a threatening chill.

Everyone's hair stood up because this was a supreme existence at the Shattering Void Tier, and its stare could kill them several hundred times.
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