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Ling Han and the giant golem exchanged blows once, and he was sent flying like a raging arrow.

His battle prowess could rival a high-level Deity Transformation Tier elite, but it didn't mean his power could also compare to that of any Deity Transformation Tier existence, especially one like a Rock Spirit. This was a living spirit birthed by heaven and earth, definitely at king level, its power frightening and battle prowess shocking.

However, Ling Han dared to exchange blows with the giant golem, obviously having the confidence to win.

His physique was too strong, and though he was pushed back, he was unharmed; his body could rival eighth-tier rare metal in toughness, and at least couldn't be harmed by pure power.

He let out a battle cry and immediately charged back in, without any loss in battle prowess.

The giant golem roared angrily. In its eyes, Ling Han was but a small guy, so why could Ling Han rival it when it should've killed Ling Han in one attack?

"Hahahaha, come, come, come, I'll beat you into submission, big guy!" Ling Han and the giant golem constantly exchanged blows. Only a formidable physique allowed for such willfulness, or else even a true Deity Transformation Tier cultivator wouldn't dare to exchange blows with the Rock Spirit like this.

After all, Rock Spirits, or golems, were widely known for their formidable physique and astonishing recovery ability, and an existence able to exchange blows with it, Gold Spirits, were probably the only ones that qualified to do so in the same tier.

Ling Han attained the Diamond Body, which indeed could be considered the body of a Gold Spirit, and even one great tier higher.

Wenren Qian Qian stared blankly. She knew that Ling Han was freakish and that his physical abilities were strong enough to rival Jia Ming's, but she definitely didn't think he could actually exchange blows with a worldly spirit like the Rock Spirit.

She still underestimated this young talent.

Small Rock was extremely excited, anxious to cry out that its master was too gelivable! It was already itching to have a feast, and combining the other party's rock essence, it definitely could advance and even reach the level of high-level Spiritual Infant Tier.

The giant golem was furious, suddenly roaring at Ling Han.

"Ang!" The sound was like tides, visible to the eye. Cracks even appeared on Ling Han's clothes, and his entire person also seemed to sink into the mud, making it difficult to move forward.

"Sh*t, you're trying to make this young master run naked?" Ling Han angrily rebuked. His physique could only guard his body, and couldn't possibly extend such fortune to his clothes; under the giant golem's roar, they almost completely disintegrated.

He hurriedly activated Origin Power to form a shield outside his body, and then unleashed the Demon Birth Sword, struck apart the sonic wave, and charged out imposingly.

The giant golem also meant business—as it shot out its hands forward, rock spikes emerged. With its power and its body's toughness, the rock spikes formed were definitely extremely sharp and qualified to pose a threat to Ling Han's physique.

The battle escalated; both parties raised their battle prowess and fought fervently again.

However, Demon Birth Sword was a tenth-tier Spirit Tool, after all. Under continuous strikes and slashes, the giant golem's rock spikes continued to be deflected and scattered in pieces everywhere.

Small Rock was like a dog scurrying back and forth, catching all these rock spikes and munching on them happily. A shred of the giant golem's rock essence was contained inside each of them, and for the small golem, it was a greatly tonic thing.

It cried out in excitement beyond its control.

The giant golem was in a towering rage. It still hadn't eaten a nice meal, yet a layer of its skin was peeled off first—truly too much of a loss. However, it wasn't willing to give up; after all, Ling Han's strength didn't reach the point where it'd feel intimidated.

It roared angrily, and its body began to swell up rapidly, from 10 to 30 meters tall, and still enlarging.

In contrast, the entire ground nearby was sinking. Hong, long, long, countless rocks and sand soared into the sky; it was as if a massive hole appeared at the bottom.

Ling Han was astounded, and said, "As expected of the child of the earth, being able to extract the power of the earth to instill it in itself, fusing with the earth to strengthen its physique! Sigh, why doesn't my Rock Spirit have such abilities?"

Small Rock looked at Ling Han, feeling wronged. It wanted to be that kickass, but its tier wasn't there yet, and it was absolutely unable to extract the soul of the earth to fuse with itself!

Everyone hurriedly flew up as it seemed to be extremely dangerous to stand on the ground.

Hong, the giant golem shot at Ling Han once again. Its fist was comparable to a mountain peak, and if one were to be hit by it, not to mention Deity Transformation Tier, even Heaven Tier elites would hack out blood.

Weight plus speed could also form terrifying power.

Why was it said that worldly spirits were more terrifying than kings among beasts? This was the reason!

Xiu, Ling Han turned into a flash of lightning and evaded this attack. At the same time, he swung the long sword and unleashed a Sword Ray, slashing at the giant golem. Pu, the Sword Ray entered its body, cutting off a large slice of the giant golem's body, but its current size was truly too big, so slicing off such a piece couldn't hurt it at all.

Immediately, it extracted the rocks in the earth to repair parts that were slashed off, and was instantly restored to its original state.

This gigantic body was equivalent to its armor, and it was one that was able to repair automatically; as long as the earth was still present, it could constantly receive replenishment.

To exhaust the entire earth, how could it even possibly be done?

"How do we play now?" Li Feng Yu muttered. The giant golem stood in an invincible position, and only it could beat others.

Ling Han dodged and contemplated.

To deal with the golem was really quite simple, and that was to make its feet leave the earth. Fighting in the skies, the golem couldn't possibly receive replenishment from the earth.

The problem was how was it to be done.

A worldly spirit like this was not foolish at all.

Then, only Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow or 10,000 Techniques Return to One could be used to directly extinguish its soul spirit… as long as it was a living spirit, it would have a soul spirit.

However, the golem was so gigantic, how would one know where its true body was?

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth and looked towards the golem, and the golem instantly appeared in another form in his eyes.

The energy form.

The majority of its body was dim, for it was rocks extracted from the earth, and under its left lumbar, a small round dot sparkled as if a small sun.

The Rock Spirit's essence, origin source, origin of life, and heart of stone!

Ling Han took out Sunset Bow and mounted a sharp arrow forged with eighth-tier rare metal, activating the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow and the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, while the Eye of Truth locked onto that glowing dot.


He let go suddenly, and xiu, the pointed arrow shot out, bound with lightning, instantly accelerating to its extreme.

Pu, the pointed arrow shot into the giant golem's waist and left it on the other side.

The giant golem fixed its stare on Ling Han, and then the rocks on its body crumbled chunk by chunk, shattering and disintegrating, instantly becoming a pile of shattered rocks. Within the rocks, a human head-sized rock was as clear as jade, flickering with a gentle radiance.

The heart of stone!

"Ao, ao, ao!" The small golem pounced over in a rush, crawling on its limbs like a dog. It picked up the heart of stone with its mouth and then scuttled back to Ling Han's side, nudging Ling Han with its head ingratiatingly.

Ling Han couldn't help but be speechless. Why was this guy more and more like a dog?A small reminder: the basic Chinese word for gold/metal is the same. That's why there is often confusion and why we end up using them exchangeably sometimes...
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