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"A Thousand Helminth!" Ling Han frowned, revealing an intensely fearful look. "Get moving, this big guy can't be overcome with force."

"Why?" Li Feng Yu really was a big mouth, still maintaining a strong curiosity at this time.

"Your sister, hurry up and run!" Ling Han spread out a large hand of Origin Power and grabbed everyone except Wenren Qian Qian, taking to his heels and going the long way around this place.

Wenren Qian Qian obviously also ran. Even Ling Hand and Jia Ming chose to run, so she obviously wouldn't try to be brave.

That long bug chased them swiftly with over a hundred legs striding simultaneously in an unusually uniform fashion. Its speed was also extremely fast, and it was quickly closing the distance between Ling Han and the others.

"You as well!" Ling Han spread open the large hand of Origin Power again and grabbed Wenren Qian Qian, and then used the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven. Zi, dazzling white lightning flickered on his body as the latter instantly accelerated, rapidly increasing the distance between them and the long bug.

His current speed could rival a Heaven Tier elite's, and even while taking several people, it could still reach the heights of the Deity Transformation Tier.

At last, the long bug finally gave up, and turned back the way it came. Arriving at its initial place of lying in ambush, it entered a hole, swiftly disappearing.

Ling Han then stopped his movements and let everyone down.

"Brother-in-law, why did we run?" Li Feng Yun was still preoccupied with this question.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "A Thousand Helminth never exists alone. Since one appeared…"

"… There's another one?" Li Feng Yu finished Ling Han's words.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "There's a bed of them!"

Pu, Li Feng Yu spurted out, and said, "There's actually a bed of such disgusting bugs?"

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "Thousand Helminth, at least one thousand in bed. Why else would it be called with such a name? That one earlier was already at the middle stage of the Deity Transformation Tier, and these types of beast bugs have an extremely powerful recovery ability, being even more troublesome opponents than high-level Deity Transformation Tier elites. If a bed of them were stirred up, then that'd be fun."

"Then hurry up, let's go." The girls had ghastly expressions. They obviously hated these kinds of things the most.

Even Hu Niu was rarely devoid of her zeal for combat. Mainly, that thing truly looked disgusting, making her unable to stomach it.

They circled around an area, and then continued to chase the sun.

"Ang…" Ahead, suddenly a beast's roar could be heard, shaking even the ground.

Ling Han discerned and said to everyone, "Heaven Tier!"

"It really is extremely dangerous here!" everyone said one after another.

However, no one turned tail. The more dangerous it was, the more astonishing the fortunes, and without the resolve of confronting deadly danger, why even adventure? Might as well go home and live in mediocrity.

But, no one would intentionally give up their lives, so they went around that place where the beast roar came from.

"Earlier, when Shattering Void Tier elites entered here, they actually didn't slaughter these vicious monsters in passing," Li Feng Yu muttered.

"Haha, when these vicious things sensed the presence of a Shattering Void Tier elite, would they still dare breathe?" Ling Han said with a smile. Just like how they could only walk around when discovering a Heaven Tier beast, these beasts obviously could only have their tail between their legs when discovering Shattering Void Tier elites.

After a while, a strange grassland appeared in front of them. It was especially deeply green, which appeared incongruous with the surrounding environment.

Li Feng Yu was about to walk forward, but Ling Han reached out and grabbed him, forcibly carrying him back.

"Brother-in-law, why are you dragging me?" he asked, puzzled.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "If you talk foolishly again, I'll throw you over."

Li Feng Yu was finally alerted, and said, "This grassland is not normal?"

"You try." Ling Han laughed and threw him out.

"Help!" Li Feng Yu hurriedly shouted, soaring into the sky.

And at this moment, the deep-colored grassland suddenly changed. The green grasses shrunk into the ground, and as the earth trembled slightly, peng, a large hand shot out, grabbing at Li Feng Yu.

"What the hell?" Li Feng Yu cried out in shock, and turned his palm into saber, slashing at the large hand.

Although he had a big mouth, his talent really wasn't bad, or else he wouldn't have been able to enter the Restore Heaven Academy. Attacking with full strength, martial intent spread and Saber Qi was intertwined with vein-like patterns, the power of it extremely strong.

Peng, peng, peng, the Saber Qi hit the large hand, but was unable to cause the tiniest bit of harm to it, not even slowing it down as it continued to reach out towards Li Feng Yu.

Ling Han snorted, and merged his fingers into a sword, striking towards the large hand.

Xiu, Sword Ray stunned the skies.

That large hand no longer dared to be hit randomly, and clenched into fist, meeting the Sword Ray head on.

Peng, martial intent collided fiercely, sword lights bursting forth, dazzling like flowers.

Li Feng Yu ran back in a rush, somewhat shivering in fright.

Hong, a gigantic thing broke out through the ground. It was a thirty-meter-tall giant with deeply colored green grass growing all over its back. Evidently, this giant was lying in the ground earlier, and grass even grew on its body.

"Stinking golem, dare ambush your uncle…" Li Feng Yu shouted furiously, and then turned to look at Ling Han ingratiatingly. "Young Master Han, exterminate it!"

It was a golem with a terrifying presence—it was a Deity Transformation Tier existence.

Ling Han laughed, summoned his own golem, and said, "Big fellow, this is your food, eliminate it!"

When the Rock Spirit saw one of its kind, it instantly let out a roar—not in delight, but in provocation. Living spirits like them were birthed and nurtured by the world; the process of growth was a war, devouring each other, and they definitely didn't experience the pleasant surprise of seeing a fellow townsman.

"Ang!" The giant golem also roared, but its roar was more shocking than the small Rock Spirit's, forming a hurricane that blew everyone's hair into disarray.

The Rock Spirit was instantly spiritless and withdrew behind Ling Han's back, letting out "wu, wu, wu" sounds like a frightened pup.

Earlier, it'd excitingly wanted to devour the golem, but once the golem displayed its might, it discovered that the golem was much fiercer than it was.

Ling Han laughed loudly. The Rock Spirit was becoming more and more human. Now, this guy wasn't like a Rock Spirit, but was way more like a pup, wagging its tail pitifully, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. However, the Black Tower had already formed its first spirit stone, which was refined by the Rock Spirit, and with two more pieces, this big guy would be able to cross into the Spiritual Infant Tier.

The giant golem stared at Ling Han, or, more precisely, the Rock Spirit behind Ling Han's back, just that Ling Han blocked it. It had its mouth open, and if it had saliva, it would definitely already be drooling.

For the giant golem, the Rock Spirit was a great meal.

It didn't know how to talk superfluously, and immediately pounced at Ling Han. In its eyes, Ling Han was only an ant, and it would roll over Ling Han unhesitatingly and then devour the Rock Spirit, turning it into its cornerstone to step into a higher tier.

The Rock Spirit clearly wasn't the giant golem's match; Ling Han intervened and took on this powerful opponent.
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