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"Next time?" Ling Han smiled faintly. Jia Ming retreated on his own, obviously uncertain that he could win, or else would he let go of Wenren Qian Qian and Zhu Xuan Er?

However, the two clashed with pure brute force just now, and on top of Origin Power and arts and skills, the situation would change again.

Ling Han smiled confidently. No matter whether it was a match in Origin Power or physical power, he was invincible in the same tier!

If battle prowess was fully unleashed, whom would he need to fear, having grasped three Mystical Powers?

"Brother Ling is truly a talent blessed by the heavens, being able to rival the five great sect's most outstanding disciples. Qian Qian gives her respects!" Wenren Qian Qian said with a smile, her beautiful eyes shining. She didn't have any special thoughts about Ling Han, and rather only wanted to make friends with such a genius.

Otherwise, since Jia Ming pursued her so much, she only had to act slightly intimate to gain a helping hand.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Let's go, we should also enter."

"Ah pah, you guys are heartless, leaving Uncle Rabbit behind again!" A white figure flashed by, and the rabbit could be seen leaping over from afar, holding a carrot in its mouth—it was unknown as to why it could still speak so fluently.

Regarding the rabbit being able to talk, this was already not some secret in the Restore Heaven Academy. A few great figures in the academy explicitly said that no one was allowed to have any ideas about the rabbit, making the rabbit appear extremely mysterious.

Thus, although it committed "all sorts of evil," stealing countless spirit medicine, it still got away unpunished, and no one sought it to settle accounts.

The five great sects obviously recognized the rabbit's identity. This was one of the special beings that would be spared suffering in the "settling," so what was stealing a bit of spirit medicine?

With a smile, Ling Han said, "You seemed like a fish in the water at the academy, that's why we didn't call you."

"Pah, those brats all ran, and the water's gone, so how can Uncle Rabbit be like a fish in water?" The rabbit was greatly displeased.

"Alright, the historic site is below. Maybe there'll be spirit medicine—you came just in time to lend us your dog nose to sniff around," Ling Han said.

"Pah, you're the dog nose, your entire family is dog nose— ah…!" The rabbit lost its bearings and was bitten by Hu Niu on the butt, hurting it such that it shot up and fell straight into the deep pit. "You hurt your Uncle Rabbit like hell!" Its scream came from deep within the pit, but each word was further than the previous, the speaker apparently falling at a surprising speed.

Ling Han pulled Zhu Xuan Er's hand and leapt towards the massive pit.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, the others also leapt down one after another. Wenren Qian Qian let out a slight breath of relief. She seemed to have recruited quite a few people, but at critical moment, all still depended on one's heart; no one greeted the enemy alongside her, and she couldn't be bothered to call those people back.

She took a stride and fell swiftly into the massive pit.

Ling Han embraced Zhu Xuan Er, while this exceptional beauty hugged him back tightly like an octopus. Her delicate face was filled with a dreamy look, enjoying his manly presence.

This look was truly alluring.

Ling Han almost couldn't bear it and wanted to take Zhu Xuan Er into the Black Tower, pushing down this charming stunner. He forcibly endured it, and after flying down swiftly for a long distance, he seemed to have entered a slush, instantly slowing down, and then speeding up again. At the same time, a field of brightness appeared before him.

They actually entered into a new world. At the bottom was a stretch of grassland with verdant grass, firmament trees, and rising and falling mountain ridges in the distance.

Pu, pu, pu, the people behind also appeared one after another. In front, Hu Niu was still biting on the rabbit's tail, while the rabbit screamed and screamed.

"This historic site… is actually a special space!" everyone said. If it weren't so, the space here could indeed be large, but the environment definitely couldn't be so.

Looking up from here, floating clouds and a sun hanging above could be seen, but sensing it, one would know that it wasn't a real sun, and instead an inextinguishable giant fireball. It was just that the distance from here was still considerably far, so it looked like a sun.

"A great handiwork!" Ling Han exclaimed. It wasn't that he hadn't entered a special space before—for example, the Devil Sky Mystery Realm and the other Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms were all worlds that were forcibly excavated by the mighty, refining them into small worlds. However, still being able to see a sun in a small world, this one was a first.

"No wonder the Purple Moon Empire and the five great sects temporarily stopped fighting and entered here first," Zhu Xuan Er said with a nod. She was reluctant to part from Ling Han's embrace, her eyes so bewitching they made Ling Han feel insatiable, having the urge to eat her.

"Now, where should we go?" Li Zi Xian asked.

Ling Han pointed at the fake sun, and said, "Let's follow the sun."

"Yes!" Everyone nodded. Since there wasn't a clear direction, it would be better to follow a clear mark. After all, this wasn't really a sun, and wouldn't be too ridiculously large.

The rabbit and Hu Niu caught up to the party. The rabbit constantly stroked its butt as it hadn't been bitten for a long time, making it somewhat lose its sense of measure, and it had now been adequately reminded.

"This place is so large." They flew near the ground, and their speed was already surprisingly fast, but after a long while, it was still all verdant grass, and from time to time a mountain peak would appear.


Ahead, the sounds of a battle suddenly could be heard, but would immediately disappear.

This was a path they had to pass. Ling Han and the others didn't change directions, but the battle prowess of the two parties couldn't be distinguished by simply listening to the movements, and making a detour because of this would be being too cautious.

They soon arrived where the battle had taken place. The ground had many deep pits, showing that though the battle earlier hadn't lasted long, it was very intense.

Ling Han punched out casually and a pit immediately appeared on the ground.

Everyone was shocked, because the pit that Ling Han had punched out was far from as large as the other pits.

Although Ling Han had only casually unleashed an attack, it could also be seen that both parties in the battle earlier were definitely extremely powerful beings.

"The one before us should be Jia Ming," Ling Han inferred. "This person is quite conceited, yet didn't continue fighting. Clearly, the opponent was very strong, and very likely to have been stronger than him."

"The enemy Jia Ming has encountered here should be chasing him now," Wenren Qian Qian said, following his train of thought.

"If Jia Ming escapes, then it'll be our turn to encounter this formidable enemy!" Li Feng Yu shivered. An existence that even Jia Ming had to run from… he was obviously even less qualified to resist it.

"Sh*t, don't jinx it!" the rabbit berated him. Then, an extremely massive, long bug wriggled over quickly.

This long bug was nearly 100 meters long. Somewhat like a centipede, its entire body was made up of segments, and each segment had a pair of legs that were one black and one white, so looking from its left and right, the sight would be completely different.

Possessing such a long body, its height was naturally not low. Its feet and body were roughly fifteen meters tall, though it was far from comparable with its body's length.

This long bug didn't have eyes, nose, nor ears. Its entire head was a large round mouth, and once it split open, its head would split open, revealing rings of sharp teeth.
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