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Ling Han shook his head inwardly. Ling Feng Yu looked to be delusional as the other party didn't pay attention to him at all. However, he still nodded, and said, "Okay." Anyway, there were already a few more people, so what was a few more.

Wenren Qian Qian smiled sweetly. She was actually also a person of proud disposition, and the suggestion of forming companionship with Ling Han wasn't to curry on Ling Han, but to strongly complement each other, believing that they, the two great elites, cooperating should be unstoppable—at least amongst the younger generation.

"Please, Brother Ling."

"Please, Lady Wenren."

The two parties were about to land in the massive pit, but Ling Han paused slightly and looked in the distance.

There was a person quickly approaching, looking as if a brutish ancient beast—wherever his foot trod, the ground would rumble and cracks appear, spreading in all directions.

Wenren Qian Qian's delicate face immediately turned gloomy, appearing displeased, and those by her side turned pale as even their bodies involuntarily began to quiver.

"Jia, Jia Ming!" someone finally said with a tremble.


When he'd said those words, the person from afar already dashed over and released a punch, the speed of which was surprisingly fast—fast to the point that Ling Han and Wenren Qian Qian couldn't stop it in time. Instantly, the person that'd just spoken was sent flying, bleeding across the skies—he was actually killed with a single punch.

The person from afar stood still. He was a youngster that looked to be at most 21-22 years old, his figure extremely big and tall. His upper body was bare, and he only had a beast skin wrapped around his lower body. He was barefoot, and his dark long hair draped over his shoulders, fluttering in the wind, making him appear bold and unconstrained.

His entire body was bulky muscles, highly bulging out as if made of rocks. His eyes were like electricity, and a bloody and primitive presence was emitted all over his body, making him look as if a vicious beast. On top of his figure that was a head taller than normal people, he gave people a powerful oppressive feeling.

"How dare you to call me by my name, courting death!" this youngster said coldly, his voice chilly as if that of a god of slaughter.

Jia Ming, the most talented amongst the younger generation in the Earth Dragon Sect.

"Jia Ming, you've gone too far!" Wenren Qian Qian reprimanded him. One of her own people was beaten, so she had to get back justice for him, or else how could she still qualify to be the leader? Would there still be any underling that followed a boss that couldn't protect another underling?

Jia Ming's gaze looked towards Wenren Qian Qian. His beast-like face revealed a smile as he said, "Qian Qian, I've finally caught up to you. I'm not too late, right?" He then looked at the others, and his face turned gloomy again, his eyes emitting ominous glint as he said, "What are you good-for-nothings still standing here for, hurry up and get lost!"

"Jia Ming, you've killed one of my men!" Wenren Qian Qian raised her voice.

"Just a good-for-nothing, I killed him and that's all. Qian Qian, now you have my protection, what do you need these useless people for?" Jia Ming cracked a smile, but he had a naturally vicious countenance, and this smile didn't feel cordial in the least. It was just like a normal person being targeted by a lion—when the lion opened its mouth, they definitely wouldn't feel that the lion was expressing its favorable impression, but rather that it was going to eat them!

Seeing everyone still standing there, Jia Ming's expression turned gloomy once again as he said, "In three breaths, if there's still someone in my field of vision, I'll kill him!"

Although everyone felt Jia Ming was domineering, what made people more depressed was his extremely formidable strength, and he was also Earth Dragon Sect's most exceptional genius in this generation. Even if there was someone who was stronger than him, would they dare kill him? Wouldn't they fear Earth Dragon Sect's retaliation?

Jia Ming could kill people without a care, but they couldn't, inherently standing in an inferior position. Let alone the vast difference in battle prowess, once they attacked, it would be a situation of certain death.

They retreated one after another, deciding to leave Wenren Qian Qian, the source of calamity.

On one side, Wenren Qian Qian was indeed an exceptional talent amongst the younger generation, and secondly, she was beautiful like a fairy. A man would always have some ideas inside, and before seeing Jia Ming, these geniuses considered themselves extremely highly and assumed they wouldn't lose, thus gathering near her.

But now that Jia Ming stood in front of them, they immediately trembled within, not even having the courage to fight.

Beauties were good, but no better than their own lives. Besides, Wenren Qian Qian didn't promise them anything, so giving their lives up for this would be too foolish.

"Jia Ming!" Wenren Qian Qian angrily rebuked, her hands shaking—not in fear, but in fury.

At the entire scene, only Ling Han's group didn't retreat.

Zhu Xuan Er and the others obviously were obviously led by Ling Han, and Ling Han didn't retreat, so they obviously also didn't retreat… although Li Feng Yu wanted to run to the side and lay low, Jia Ming's presence was almost palpable, making him feel like he was targeted by a brutish ancient beast; it was too unbearable in a short while, and a layer of cold sweat surfaced on his back.

Jia Ming's gaze swept by Ling Han and the others, and when he saw Zhu Xuan Er, he couldn't help but pause as his gaze lit up. He pointed over with his finger and said, "This girl also stays, the others all get lost!"

He looked at Zhu Xuan Er, not at all concealing the possessive look in his eyes.

He was like a lion king on the grasslands, and all the lioness were his property.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "Get lost, hmm, the degree of difficulty is a little high. Hu Niu, do you know how to get lost?"

"Niu doesn't know." Hu Niu spread out her hands in a gesture.

Ling Han looked towards Jia Ming again, and said, "Look, everyone doesn't know, how about you demonstrate it for us?"

Jia Ming's gaze finally moved away from Zhu Xuan Er. He looked at Ling Han, and after a while, he said, "You're very strong!"

"Should I be overwhelmed with your flattery?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"But, in the same age segment, no one is my match!" Jia Ming then said haughtily, appearing full of confidence. "I can take you as a follower. Follow me in the future and you'll have the chance to run in a vaster world."

Ling Han picked his ears, and said, "How truly arrogant. I'm already quite arrogant, but there's someone more arrogant than me. This makes me feel quite out of sorts. Hu Niu, someone made me feel terrible, what to do?"

"Beat him, torture him, trample him!" Hu Niu waved her fists viciously, looking like a small tiger.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Alright, then it's settled!"

Jia Rong's expression was baleful and cold. As a terrifying aura spread, he was like a roused lion, making people feel chills. He said indifferently, "Rejecting my good intentions will only be courting your own destruction."

"Brother-in-law, can I go lay low on the side first? I think a chronic problem has broken out, breathing's a little difficult," Li Feng Yu said in a low voice.

"Shoo!" Hu Niu threw a kick and sent Li Feng Yu flying. "You bring shame to Niu, too useless!"

Ling Han looked steadily forward, and also said indifferently, "Using what you've said, in the same age segment, no one can jump around in front of me."

"Hahahaha!" Jia Ming laughed loudly, his black hair fluttering wildly. He clenched his fists, his bones letting out crackling sounds as if thunder, making Zhu Xuan Er and Li Zi Xian turn pale.

His presence was really too powerful.
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