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"Your Majesty, allow this king!" Lunar King rushed forth. "Although Your Majesty turned into a damned fatty, Your Majesty is still my emperor after all, so how could this king allow Your Majesty to personally attack!"

"Beloved general!" Ma Duo Bao couldn't help but be moved.

"This king hates the most women that are both beautiful and strong!" Lunar King went on.

The corner of Ma Duo Bao's mouth twitched. "Beloved general, it would be fine if you just consoled this emperor, but why must you lay it bare?"

Yi Shuang Shuang giggled, and said, "Although this lady considers herself the number one beauty in the world, compared to this girl, I'm way far off. Aren't you targeting the wrong person? She pointed at Zhu Xuan Er.

Lunar King looked at Zhu Xuan Er and couldn't help but be stunned, and said, "Your Majesty, this girl is exceedingly beautiful, why not take her as the empress?"

"Hehe, this is tanned brother's wife, how could This Emperor seize someone else's fancy!" Ma Duo Bao said with a smile. He looked at Yi Shuang Shuang, and said, "You have a scent that doesn't belong to this world."

"Tsk, the big fatty is not simple as expected!" Yi Shuang Shuang didn't deny it, and said, "You guys are old antiques buried for several hundred millennia, and this lady's been locked for several hundred millennia, about the same."

'Damn, all at freakish level!

"You give this emperor a sense of danger," Ma Duo Bao said solemnly. "This Emperor feels that all my strength would be needed to suppress you."

Lunar King was shocked, since she knew just how powerful her emperor's strength was.

Yi Shuang Shuang waved her hand in a rush, and said, "Don't, this lady has no ambitions and no ill intent, just strolling casually, harmless to anyone. No need to care about this lady."

"Oh?" Ling Han rolled his eyes.

"Hehe!" Yi Shuang SHuang laughed dryly. "You're an exception."

"Come, tanned brother, drink with This Emperor. This Emperor believes you should've many questions," Ma Duo Bao said with a smile.

Everyone entered the imperial palace. Ma Duo Bao ordered people to set up a feast in the middle of the imperial garden. He sat in the host's seat, and then seated Feng Po Yun, Ling Han and the others from there, while Lunar King sat at the last seat.

"Tanned brother, what do you have to ask This Emperor?"

Ling Han thought shortly, and said, "What period are you guys from exactly?"

"Hehe, this'll be kept a secret for the time being!" Ma Duo Bao shook his head. "When this emperor's eight kings all come into the world and unify the world, you'll realize naturally."

Feng Po Yun interrupted, "When I was in the desolate north, I encountered a silver-colored great spider that reached the strongest level of this world, and its battle prowess… is possibly nearing god level."

"Oh?" Ma Duo Bao's eyes lit up. "This Emperor just so happens to be missing a mount."

"Hahaha, a damned fatty riding a spider, that scene would definitely be funny." Lunar King immediately pulled the rug out.

"That large spider oversees an ancient land, the bottom of which is an ancient mausoleum buried with at least several hundred Shattering Void Tiers that are dead but not extinguished, as if they turned into some sort of dead spirit," Feng Po Yun continued.

Ma Duo Bao instantly revealed a cautious look and began to ponder.

Lunar King's beautiful eyes turned as she said, "Your Majesty, could these people have cultivated the underworld's mystic arts to become gods as corpses?"

"Extremely possible!" Ma Duo Bao nodded. "This is somewhat troublesome."

"What's to become gods as corpses?" Ling Han asked.

"In this world… one can't become a god anymore, or else there'd be great calamity." Ma Duo Bao looked towards Feng Po Yun. "Brother Feng should've sensed it long ago, right?"

"That's right!" Feng Po Yun nodded. "There's a killing formation laid by the divine realm, not allowing mortals to become gods."

Ma Duo Bao appeared somewhat shocked, and said, "Never expected you guys to already know so many secrets." He paused momentarily, and then went on, "But some people take another path—since they can't enter this divine realm, why not enter another divine realm?"

"What!?" Ling Han and Feng Po Yun both cried out, and only Yi Shuang Shuang didn't find it strange at all, just as if she already knew.

"Another divine realm, normally called the Underworld!" Ma Duo Bao said. "That's a country of dead spirits, the opposite of life—the other side of a mirror. Two divine realms are of the same level, but according to the information that This Emperor received, the two divine realms are constantly fighting, both trying to devour the other side."

Ling Han and Feng Po Yun were both speechless, slowly accepting this shocking information.

"This Emperor doesn't understand much about either of the two divine realms, but after crossing over Shattering Void Tier and shattering the void, martial artists enter the divine realm in the traditional sense, and only the body of dead spirits will enter the Underworld," Ma Duo Bao continued.

"Then those people in the mausoleum should've utilized the yin meridian underground to turn their bodies into the body of dead spirits so as to enter the Underworld."

Ma Duo Bao frowned, and said, "When the Underworld and this realm connect, there will definitely be Underworld Qi that enters this realm. This is complete disaster for normal living spirits, an extremely terrifying thing."

Ling Han also sighed. Now that would be really troublesome.

He pondered, and said, "Your Majesty, split…" He cut towards the sky, and said, "Could you explain the specifics?"

Ma Duo Bao laughed, and said, "Then let's call it cut cake (maren candy)." He contemplated shortly, and said, "Cut cake is not only a great responsibility, but also a great fortune."

"Fortune?" Ling Han echoed.

"One is life, second is fortune, third is geomancy," Ma Duo Bao said. "Life as in natal horoscope, destined at birth. This is what the heavens have arranged for you, and you can never escape what's destined. Just like some people can be emperors and some people can't—it's precisely for not having sufficient natal horoscope that they can't sit in this position."

He looked at Ling Han, and said, "But, tanned brother, your natal horoscope is extremely strange, just as if someone defied the heavens and changed your life, not belonging to this world. The heavens can't control you!"

"No wonder this lady felt this brat a little strange, so that explains it!" Yi Shuang Shuang hit the table abruptly, jolting the bowls and chopsticks. "Haha, are you not a person of this realm?"

Birthed in this realm, one would be influenced by this world's heaven and earth, and one's natal horoscope would be decided by the heavens.

"And Hu Niu, her natal horoscope is unfathomable, and destiny undetermined," Ma Duo Bao continued. "You two seem to have jumped out of the river of heaven and earth and are no longer the fish within it, no longer influenced by this world.

"However, a realm has its rules." Ma Duo Bao brought the topic back. "A realm exists for its own reason. Just like if you forged a sword, if you wanted to destroy it, you might be hurt by the blade instead. Not to mention, this world's heaven and earth formed their own rules, and naturally wouldn't be willingly destroyed.

"So, to cut cake, one must make an enemy of heaven and earth.

"But, if cutting the cake can truly succeed, then this realm would rise into a higher level. This is an enormous deed and the so-called fortune.

"At that time, with fortune's blessing, the one who cuts cake will undergo an earthshaking transformation, even possibly surpassing divine horoscopes by several times."

Ling Han was curious, and inquired, "Then what's the deal with power of the nation?"

"Where the common people's aspirations are, all endeavors will be successful, and against the hearts of the common people, all endeavors will fail," Ma Duo Bao said with a smile. "After establishing a country, there will be common aspirations of the people, and these aspirations are a type of faith, and also a type of power.

"With everyone supporting you, you will receive the blessing of the power of the nation and possess several times, even ten or seven hundred times, the power surpassing your own as long as you can endure it."

"If you lose their support, the power of the nation would have the opposite effect, and encumber your strength."
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