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This Yi Shuang Shuang was somewhat hard to understand, but her strength was definitely unfathomable, so Ling Han and the others didn't want to rashly start a battle against her; an elite of this level was too terrifying.

The two sides continued to eat, but the other people in the tavern didn't dare take casual glances anymore as it was highly likely they'd lose their lives.

Although beauties were great, obviously no one was willing to lose their life for taking a few glances.

Hu Niu was in a bad mood, and stared at Yi Shuang Shuang with her clear and sharp eyes while eating. Her mouth pouted high up, appearing quite ferocious.

Yi Shuang Shuang didn't mind it at all, and swept glances at Ling Han and Hu Niu from time to time, evidently quite interested in the two.

Ling Han felt it strange; where exactly did he see this elite? She clearly seemed to have already seen him before, yet he had no impression of her at all. Moreover, since she coveted the treasures on him, why didn't she attack before? Did she have to wait till now that a Shattering Void Tier expert was by his side…

The atmosphere seemed somewhat cold and no one spoke any more, simply immersing in eating.

However, in a short while, clamor could be heard outside.

Ling Hand and the others obviously wouldn't care about normal matters, but they soon revealed shocked expressions because the commotion was really too big, and they couldn't help looking out the window one after another.

A team of a thousand people walked slowly on the long street, apparently escorting something. In the middle of the team was a giant imperial carriage, but the porters were exactly this team.

This imperial carriage was truly gigantic, even surpassing the street itself, so this team was also responsible for dismantling and bulldozing the houses along the way, allowing the imperial carriage to pass smoothly.

This imperial carriage had a Purple Moon Empire flag stuck on it, fluttering in the wind and appearing grand and imposing.

Someone who was especially responsible for dealing with the aftermath said, "Masters of the houses, please follow me immediately to the imperial palace to receive compensation. Compensation is based on three the times the value of the house, we definitely won't mistreat everyone."

Once those words were said, the house owners whose houses had been dismantled were all overjoyed, praising Fatty Ma one after another.

"Hm!" Feng Po Yun's focused his gaze and stared at the imperial carriage. "Let's follow it and check it out," he immediately said.

"What's there to look at, it's only a junior who's been sealed for many years." Yi Shuang Shuang interrupted, staring at Hu Niu. "Little girl, hurry up and acknowledge me as your master."

She still thought of it constantly.

"Pah!" Hu Niu stuck out her small tongue, made a face, and then hid behind Ling Han's back.

"Little girl, one day, you'll obediently call me master!" Yi Shuang Shuang smiled mischievously, seeming to quite certain.

Ling Han and Zhu Xuan Er caught up to Feng Po Yun and followed along the imperial carriage.

Dismantling houses along its path, the imperial carriage was heading towards the imperial palace.

"Big Brother, did you discover something?" Ling Han asked.

Feng Po Yun pointed at the imperial carriage, and said, "I discovered a strong presence inside, but it also seems not to exist at all. It's extremely strange."

Being able to make Feng Po Yun say powerful, it was definitely truly powerful.

Ling Han thought shortly, and said, "Could it be Fatty Ma inside?" Ma Duo Bao was unfathomable, fitting Feng Po Yun's contradictory statement of powerful and nonexistent.

When the imperial carriage arrived at the imperial palace gates, it finally stopped.

Ling Han and the others stood and watched on a tall building, and in a short while, a fragrant breeze came by—Yi Shuang Shuang also appeared, her red hair fluttering in the breeze, charming like a rose, extremely stunning.

"Beauty, can't you stay a little further away from us?" Ling Han said.

"This lady likes it. Can you control me?" Yi Shuang Shuang stretched, and her ample and impressive physique was instantly fully displayed with this movement—especially those surging breasts, looking as if they were about to jump out, making those who watched blush.

"Ugly monster!" Hu Niu said resentfully.

"Hmm, Fatty Ma came out!" Ling Han was astounded—he saw Ma Duo bao walk out from the imperial palace. This meant that the person inside the imperial carriage wasn't the fatso.

The Fatty Ma now was different from before. He wore a dragon robe and a flat top crown, and was unexpectedly filled with grandeur. However, when matched with his perfectly round belly, this emperor's imposing presence instantly reduced drastically.

Behind Ma Duo Bao was a large group of civil and military officials.

Ma Duo Bao took a glance at where Ling Han and the others stood and revealed a smile, clearly having discovered them, but he didn't react, and said in a loud voice, "Welcome the Lunar King!"

"Welcome the Lunar King!" the officials all shouted loudly.

The imperial carriage opened, and what came out wasn't a person, but a… casket!

It was a half transparent jade casket, and a girl in a red dress that lay inside could be indistinctly seen, but her appearance couldn't be clearly seen at all.

Ling Han felt it somewhat strange. Ma Duo Bao brought out the military officials to greet a dead person? No, Feng Po Yun said he'd felt a powerful presence, so that person inside the casket probably wasn't dead, but also seemed nonexistent; was it because she lay inside the casket?

Ma Duo Bao walked over, and said in a deep voice, "Open the casket."

This was a little terrifying. Were you guys grave robbers?

There were four old men wearing top hats, which were entirely white, and who kept a long beard, looking as if they were some sort of special priest. They surrounded the jade casket and reached out one another, aiming hand seals at the jade casket.

As they moved, flashes of light entered the jade casket, and vein-like patterns immediately lit up on the body of the casket. The entire casket became brighter and brighter, and more and more transparent.

Ling Han could clearly see that a girl indeed lay inside the casket. She looked at most around twenty years old and her eyes were tightly shut, just as if she was sleeping. She was stunningly beautiful, her red lips like fire, her black hair like ink, and her skin pure white, forming an intense contrast.

However, the casket seemed to be filled with some sort of liquid that kept flowing as if it had life, appearing extremely eerie.

After a long while, Ling Han also felt a powerful presence emitting from within the casket, but it immediately disappeared again.

He was astounded. If martial artists didn't intentionally suppress it, they would emit powerful aura all the time, but if she were to suppress it, then no aura should be emitted at all; however, under normal conditions, it should be felt constantly.

Too strange!

After the four priests made hand seals for a while, the entire jade casket was filled with glowing vein-like patterns, stunningly resplendent.

Ma Duo Bao walked forward, and said again, "Welcome the Lunar King!"

"Welcome the Lunar King!" the military officials also shouted once again.

The four priests lifted the casket lid, and a substance, hard to capture by the naked eye, surged out from within it as if water evaporated into vapor, disappearing rapidly.

The casket lid opened and was placed to the side.

Pa, the person in the casket opened both eyes.
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