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Chapter 70: Son of Heaven Fist Technique
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

The night passed silently. On the next day, the third round of the Da Yuan Tournament continued.

This was the finals, and today, the first place winner would be decided.

"Can Han'er really get the first place?" Ling Dong Xing was both expectant and anxious. Before the tournament began, he believed that his son would be able to at least advance into the top fifty, but dared not dream that he would also make into the top ten. After all, Ling Han's cultivation level was honestly still too low.


But Ling Han's extraordinary success the previous day had been a very joyous surprise to Ling Dong Xing, making a sliver of expectation for that illusory first place rise in him. However, on the path to that first place, there stood powerful warriors like the Fourth Prince, Li Dong Yue, and Jin Wuji. Even if he himself was the one competing, he couldn't be sure that he would win--what more his son.

Initially, it was fine because he didn't really bear any real expectations. But now that a spark of hope had flickered to life within him, he had become worried about winning and losing.

Liu Yu Tong smiled, and said, "You don't have to worry, Uncle. Since Ling Han said he can get the first place, then he'll definitely get the first place!"


Ling Dong Xing was astounded, this girl actually had more confidence in his son than even him! Looks like her affections for Ling Han have become deeply rooted! When he thought about this, he no longer bothered to worry too much about the first place. If his son could obtain such an excellent partner, then he really would die happy.


"The regulations for today's tournament round are as follows!" The Chief Butler continued to be the host of the tournament, "You shall go up onto the ten tournament stages according to yesterday's order. This would be your temporary placement. Anyone who is ranked lower can challenge the person one rank higher. If you win, you will replace him. But if you lose, you can only stay on your own stage and defend, and you will no longer be able to issue any challenges.


When everyone has lost the right to challenge others, or when the sun sets, your final rankings will be confirmed.


After every battle, both sides will have half an hour to rest. In that time, you may only challenge, but cannot be challenged."


The moment the Chief Butler finished talking, Li Dong Yue took a great leap and arrived on the first tournament stage. He said, "Fourth Prince, I would like to challenge you."


"Haha, I too want to see if your Little Tianyuan Hands has advanced to the seventh level," Qi Yong Ye laughed heartily. He leapt up and also arrived on the tournament stage.


"It will definitely not disappointment you!" Li Dong Yue gave a long hiss, raised his hands and charged towards Qi Yong Ye in attack.


The two of them were both in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier. Three years ago, they were close rivals, but the Fourth Prince was slightly better. These three years, Li Dong Yue had buried himself in cultivation, and there was an extremely obvious improvement in his abilities.

"Brother Li, your improvement is indeed very large, but if I have to be honest, it was a great miscalculation on your part to stay in Da Yuan City in a sulk," Qi Yong Ye displayed a fist technique. Every fist was imposingly majestic, like the arrival of a noble ruler. It not only possessed great force but also the ability to shake the heart, causing a powerful shudder to rise up from the depths of their hearts.


"The imperial city is the real Sacred Land of Martial Arts. There, you will encounter even stronger opponents, and every one of them is so strong that it will give you the shivers. Under this kind of pressure, the improvement in my abilities is far from what you can imagine!


Take this, my Son of Heaven Fist Technique!"


"Hong, hong, hong," his movements were very pronounced and every fist possessed overbearing power. A layer of Qi was wrapped around his fists, increasing the might behind each blow.


It was Fist Qi!

Li Dong Yue was very shocked. He could only retreat in the face of Qi Yong Ye's fists. His expression revealed deep regret.


Three years ago, he had only been slightly weaker than Qi Yong Ye. After a tough battle of at least five hundred moves, he had been defeated due to being at a very slight disadvantage. Yet now, the battle had only just begun, and he was already suppressed by his opponent. He didn't even have the opportunity to fight back against the Fourth Prince's terrifying fist technique.


"Peng," he received a heavy punch and his figure retreated continuously. A sliver of blood could be seen at the corners of his lips.


"I am not a match for you!" He said bitterly. They were both in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, yet he was not just a slight bit weaker than his opponent. His opponent was on a wholly different level than himself.


"This is the Son of Heaven Fist Technique taught to me by His Imperial Majesty. There is no shame in losing to this fist technique!" Qi Yong Ye smiled, giving his opponent a way out.


His Imperial Majesty was a powerful warrior of Spiritual Pedestal Tier. How could any martial arts technique that he taught not be extremely powerful?


"There are four different levels for this fist technique. The power of the first level reaches a Yellow Grade high level technique, the second level is a Black Grade low level, the third level is a Black Grade medium level, and the fourth level is a Black Grade high level martial arts technique!" Qi Yong Ye said with a smile, "His Imperial Majesty has a fondness for talent, and there is a considerable number of geniuses in the imperial city who have been taught the Son of Heaven Fist Technique."


On the spectators' seats, everyone had exclaimed in surprise. The Fourth Prince was really too powerful. In the previous Da Yuan Tournament, Li Dong Yue could still manage a tie with the Fourth Prince, but this time, he couldn't even hold on for ten moves!


They all looked at the Fourth Prince with envy. The fourth level of the Son of Heaven Fist Technique was equivalent to a Black Grade high level martial arts technique. If they actually managed to learn up to that level... unfortunately, although His Imperial Majesty was fond of talent, how could he possibly pass on a Black Grade high level martial arts technique so easily. At most, he should have only passed on the first and second level.


But, a Black Grade low level martial arts technique was awesome enough. One has to know that even among the Great Clans of Da Yuan City there were not many clans who had in their possession a Black Grade martial arts technique.


"How about it? Brother Li, are you interested to come with me to the Hu Yang Academy this time?" Qi Yong Ye laughed.


Li Dong Yue could not stop a slightly moved expression from showing on his face. The gap in power between himself and the Fourth Prince allowed him to finally gain his resolve. Da Yuan City was too small. He had to go out of this city to be able to obtain a greater improvement.

He returned to the second tournament stage, and the battles continued. However, because he had just battled, no one could challenge him yet.


"Jin Wuji, I would like to challenge you," from the fourth tournament stage, Baili Teng Yun gave a long hiss and leapt up onto the third tournament stage.


Jin Wuji smiled serenely and crossed his arms behind his back, looking very casual. He stretched his arms a bit then said, "Then I'll give you a bit of guidance."


He was also a disciple of Hu Yang Academy. After three years of hard work at cultivation, the improvement to his abilities was obvious. The only person that he took seriously among the other competitors was the Fourth Prince.


The two of them began their battle. Baili Teng Yun was indeed extraordinary to be able to break through to the eighth layer of Element Gathering Tier at the mere age of seventeen years old. His prowess was only slightly weaker than Jin Wuji's and every move he made was powerful, causing the expressions of quite a few of the "seniors" in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier to waver as they pondered that, if it was them battling against him, there was a possibility that they would be completely defeated.


Yet Jin Wuji moved very skillfully, and with a single hand, he easily dispersed the power behind Baili Teng Yun's every attack, showing that he possessed a power greater than his opponent's.


"He really proves himself to have returned from Hu Yang Academy."


"He's really too powerful."


"They're all in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, but most of them may not be a match for one tenth of Jin Wuji!"


"For this tournament, we only need to look at him and the Fourth Prince. One of the two of them would definitely get the first place."


"True, there's definitely no doubt about it."

Hearing the discussions of the people around him, Baili Teng Yun gave a 'hn' and drew a short staff from behind him. He gave it a light shake, and from both ends, there actually appeared another section. It had transformed into a staff of about two metres in length.


It was made from some unknown kind of material. The whole staff was as black as ink.


"I heard that the Baili Sect has an ultimate treasure. Rumor has it that it was the weapon of an ultimate warrior, and was refined by this warrior over many days and nights. It possesses a terrifying destructive ability. Could this be it?" Jin Wuji asked.

"Yes, this is the Staff of Destruction!" Baili Teng Yun nodded and gave the staff a light wave. "Weng," the black staff trembled slightly and a powerful shock wave spread out from it.

"Then let me experience attacks from this Staff of Destruction!" Jin Wuji revealed a solemn expression. This solemnity was not because of Baili Teng Yun, but because of the Staff of Destruction.
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