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Ling Han was very impressed with this big brother of his, and also wanted to do all he could to make Feng Po Yun stronger, but unfortunately, Mystical Powers couldn't be passed down by mouth; unless he greatly mastered a Mystical Power and attained a great tier, he wouldn't be able to pass it down without sufficient mighty prowess.

Other than the Mystical Power, Feng Po Yun, as a Shattering Void Tier elite, really didn't care about Heaven Grade arts and techniques. He'd already forged his own path, and would soon reach the pinnacle of humanity, and no arts would have much referential meaning for him.

However, Ling Han still gave Feng Po Yun some spiritual liquid that wasn't diluted.

It was truly very little, only a small pill bottle, yet it was all that Ling Han had left.

It didn't matter. With Heaven Transformation Bowl, Ling Han now could infinitely extract spirit medicine essence and refine medicinal power till it reached the level he needed.

Feng Po Yun opened the bottle to take a sniff. He couldn't help but be moved, and said, "This treasured liquid is extremely amazing, even I can at most refine one drop at a time, or there'd be big trouble. However, the energy's pure and is of great benefit to me! Hehe, Younger Brother, thank you!"

It was so even for a Shattering Void Tier; it was clear that the treasured liquid was of great level.

Ling Han spoke about the trip to Twelve Heaven Mystery Realm and the red-haired monster trapped inside the divine temple.

Even Feng Po Yun shook his head, and said, "This world's really getting livelier." His eyes lit up, gleaming with endless fighting spirit.

After his lover's death, he only had sword path left, and he now just about reached the pinnacle of martial arts, walking to the end, where there'd be almost no opponents in the world. But now, powerful beings emerged in large numbers, which also gave him a new direction.

Fighting all the elites in the world and refining himself to the limit.

Ling Han, Fen Po Yun, Zhu Xuan Er, and Hu Niu, the four of them, set out towards the Purple Moon Empire. After more than ten days, they'd finally arrived. Their destination was an ancient city, but no more so than at most ten millennia. Every ten millennia, the world would undergo a great change, clearing everything, toppling everying, and everything would be rebuilt.

Since they'd already arrived, they weren't in a rush anymore, and found a restaurant first, ordering fine wine and dishes to snack on.

From the moment they entered, they became everyone's center of focus. The reason was simple: Zhu Xuan Er reverted to her original appearance. Her unparalleled looks obviously made everyone involuntarily look towards her, one glance after another.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, such a beautiful little girl!" From a table, the sound of praise could be heard.

There were many people staring at Zhu Xuan Er, each and every one one of them unable to take their eyes off, but there was only this person that actually spoke something. Although those words were somewhat philanderous, Ling Han and the others couldn't seem to get angry, because the other person was a girl.

She was also a great beauty, her red hair like clouds, her red lips like fire, her figure tall and slender, and even whilst sitting, she was taller than most people by half a head; she was amazingly beautiful.

It was truly strange. Usually, with such a beauty sitting there, everyone should've seen her, but why was it like she hadn't been there earlier? Truly strange. Especially since red hair was very rarely seen.

Seeing the four of them look over, the red-haired beauty smiled sweetly, and said, "Little girl, let sister have a hug!"

She was saying it to Hu Niu.

Hu Niu was proud and lovable as she said, "Your tastes aren't bad. Niu indeed is a little beauty, and will be a big beauty in the future. But, Niu doesn't want your hug. You're too ugly!"

"This lady is ugly?" The red-haired beauty immediately couldn't accept it, and stood up abruptly. Her splendid figure fully apparent, and her ample breasts stood loftily, round and full. Her waist was thin like a bee's, and her buttocks perked high up, forming a beautiful curve.

She put one hand on her waist, and twisted her butt to show a surprising curvature, then propped it with her hand, and said, "Tel me, where is this lady ugly?"

"Ugly everywhere. Too fat here!" Hu Niu pointed at the red-haired beauty's butt, and then pointed at her waist. "Too thin here!" Then, moving to the butt, she added, "Butt's too big."

Quite a few people already started laughing. What Hu Niu said about fat, thin, and large, were, as it happened, what men liked the most. Hu Niu didn't understand, precisely because she was still young.

The red-haired girl also revealed a self-satisfied smile, and said, "Little girl, you're quite amusing, why not be this lady's disciple?"

"No, no!" Hu Niu shook her head like a rattle-drum.

"But this lady insists!" The red-haired beauty giggled with the charm of turning all living things head over heels, making all the men inside the tavern swallow their saliva involuntarily as they felt a heat rise within their body and an intense urge.

Hu Niu made a face at her and ignored her.

The red-haired beauty was unwilling to give up and shook her head slightly. A strand of hair was flung out, wrapping around Hu Niu.

With this move, Feng Po Yun's expression changed immediately, and he blocked with his hand in a hurry, Sword Qi ablaze.

Pa, this strand of hair immediately bounced back.

Terrifyingly, having endured Feng Po Yun's sword intent, this strand of hair actually didn't break as if it was a fully formed Blood Sucking Origin Gold, reaching the level of tenth-tier rare metal.


Ling Han couldn't help but be shocked. This girl who looked sweet and charming, could she also be a Shattering Void Tier elite?

The red-haired girl glared at Feng Po Yun with a shred of discontent and a warning, and said, "The brat that plays with swords, don't poke your nose in other people's business!"

She actually dared call Feng Po Yun a brat?

Feng Po Yun stared at the other, and said seriously, "Who is your excellency?"

The red-haired beauty giggled, and said, "Your guess?"

"Beauty, don't be so mischievous, how about we all get to know each other?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, glib-tongued, looks just like the dissolute type. This lady doesn't like your type." The red-haired beauty smiled sweetly, and said, "Alright, this lady will tell you guys her name. Listen well, this lady is Yi, and her bestowed name is Shuang Shuang."

"Yi Shuang Shuang?" Ling Han said. Was there such a surname?

"Whatever you guys want to call me." The red-haired beauty smiled sweetly. "This little girl, this lady's taken a liking to her and plans to take her as a disciple. As for you, hehe, this lady smells that a fine treasure is hidden on you. Hurry up and take it out."

"Quit dreaming!" Hu Niu stuck her tongue out at Yi Shuang Shuang.

Ling Han, however, said smilingly, "Might I ask which force Lord Yi belongs to? The five great sects? The Thousand Corpse Sect? Or the Purple Moon Empire?

Yi Shuang Shuang smiled bewitchingly, and said, "Young one, trying to worm facts out of this lady? You're still too inexperienced! For the sake of this sword-playing brat, this lady won't kill you, but you have to obediently hand over all the treasures."

"Want my younger brother's things, fine, defeat me first!" Feng Po Yun stood up, his battle intent blazing.

"Sigh, this lady hates fighting and killing the most." Yi Shuang Shuang shook her head. "How about, you persuade your younger brother to cooperate obediently, and everyone can separate ways peacefully?"

"Come out and fight!" Feng Po Yun obviously wouldn't agree.

"On someone else's turf, this lady still decides to be a bit more low-key. Forget it this time. This lady still doesn't want to go against that damned fatty for now." Yi Shuang Shuang sat down quietly, and had no intention of attacking.
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