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Ling Han pondered, and said, "Big Brother, let me take you to a place first."

"Oh, where?" Feng Po Yun said with a smile.

"Big Brother, don't resist my divine sense's guidance," Ling Han said. He was going to take Feng Po Yun into the Black Tower. Splitting open the skies and the five sects in divine realm was a matter of great importance, and separated by the skies, there were still ears.

Feng Po Yun, taken slightly aback, nodded, and let Ling Han's divine spirit envelop him.

Xiu, the two of them appeared within the Black Tower.

"Huh?" Feng Po Yun revealed an astonished expression. Being able to surprise him, a Shattering Void Tier elite, it was evident what a surprising thing this was. He surveyed the surroundings, and said, "What is this place?"

"A spatial Spirit Tool of mine, but it's different from the rest. This spatial Spirit Tool is not only terrifyingly large, but also can accommodate living things," Ling Han said with a smile.

"That's a true treasure." Feng Po Yun nodded as he said it; such a treasure, even he had never heard of one.

However, he didn't reveal a covetous look. After all, reaching his heights, he already had absolute confidence, and for him, this treasure could only make his life a little more convenient.

Of course, this was also because he didn't know Black Tower's true uses.

Ling Han said, "Big Brother, I also have some important things to tell you. It's of great importance, and only here can be guaranteed to be absolutely safe."

Feng Po Yun was shocked. He and Ling Han hadn't known each other for long, but he understood Ling Han's personality extremely well, knowing that Ling Han definitely wouldn't speak without thinking and intentionally speak alarmingly.

He nodded, and said, "Inside that ancient mineshaft in the desolate north, I encountered that great silver spider and had a fight with it… I wasn't its match."

Ling Han had long speculated that the great spider should be an existence at the Eighteen-eyed Corpse King level, but after actually hearing Feng Po Yun's confirmation, he still felt strongly shocked, and said, "That great spider is really that formidable?"

"Very formidable!" Feng Po Yun said sternly. "It probably reached Shattering Void Tier's extreme; no matter its body or Origin Power, both can't advance the slightest bit further."

"It hasn't crossed into God Tier?" Ling Han asked.

"No!" Feng Po Yun said with extreme certainty. "Or else, it would inevitably be repelled by this realm. It's a true living spirit, and this world can't accommodate God Tier living spirits."

"Then, did Big brother go into the depths of the ancient mineshaft?" Ling Han asked.

The solemn expression on Feng Po Yun's face was even more intense as he said, "When I fought against the great spider, I deliberately went underground. Deep underground, I discovered a giant mausoleum that buried at least a hundred elites no inferior to me."

Ling Han was first startled, but immediately realized something was wrong, and said, "In death, people's dao disappear, and in life, even if they were the same level in life as big brother, after death all returns to dust. No matter how powerful skeletal remains are, they couldn't possibly compare to Big Brother."

Feng Po Yun nodded, and said, "The strange thing lies here. Although these people are dead, I saw surging Qi of death, as if they weren't dead, but rather turned into some sort of living spirit of the underworld, and each one was no weaker than me.

"According to my observations, this should be a great ancient sect a hundred millennia from today."

This was a Shattering Void Tier elite's inference!

Ling Han obviously wouldn't doubt it, but more so felt shocked. Living spirits of the underworld? Dead spirits? Corpse Soldiers?

However, that definitely couldn't be Corpse Soldiers, or else Feng Po Yun would've directly said Corpse Soldiers… standing at his level, could he possibly not know of the existence of Thousand Corpse Sect and Corpse Soldiers?

Apparently, the two were different, which was why Feng Po Yun said living spirits of the underworld, and not Corpse Soldiers.

Ling Han had a headache. Hundreds of Shattering Void Tier elites… the vast lands were more and more lively.

"Younger Brother, what do you want to tell me?" Feng Po Yun asked.

Ling Han thought shortly, and said, "It's concerning the reason why Big brother can't break open the void and enter God Realm."

"Hm?" Feng Po Yun was instantly moved.

Ling Han began to speak, obviously talking about the scheme of the five sects in the divine realm, and at last added, "If the elites of this realm ascend to the divine realm, there should be a designated place where the two realms meet where the five sects in the divine realm lay a killing formation. Entering there… obviously would only be death and no life."

"Even the five great sects wouldn't directly ascend, and instead enter the divine realm through a special passageway every ten millennia."

He found out all these things from the messages left by Zi Xue Xian.

Feng Po Yun finally came to understand. No wonder every time he wanted to shatter the void, he would always feel as if he was faced with imminent disaster; so that was why. He couldn't help but sneer, and said, "The five great sects have truly great methods, deceiving the people generation after generation."

Ling Han suddenly discovered a problem, and said, "For the vast lands, ten millennia came from a decline to flourishing, but for the five great sects, they should have methods to constantly maintain prosperity. Then generation after generation, where did the Shattering Void Tier elites that emerged go?"

They couldn't ascend, and that special passageway only opened once every ten millennia, sending up large amounts of elites and geniuses from the vast lands.

Could these Shattering Void Tier elites have been willing to rot away in this realm?

Thinking about it, it was impossible.

Feng Po Yun revealed a grave expression, and said, "I've once heard of an extremely special substance that can seal living spirits as if they were hibernating, stopping the loss of Qi and blood, with the sealed beings not changing a bit even in ten millennia."

The two looked at each other. Could generation after generation of elites of the five great sects have been sealed this way, and come into the world after ten millennia, first to help suppress formidable foes, and then enter the divine realm together?

Then over ten millennia, how many Shattering Void Tiers would the five great sects have?

Even if one appeared every five hundred years, then there would be twenty in ten millennia, and the five great sects would have one hundred!

Too terrifying, one hundred Shattering Void Tiers!

After seeing Na Lan Tian Huang's great army, Ling Han thought Ma Duo Bao had extremely great chances of winning, but thinking about it now, if the five great sects were to awaken all the Shattering Void Tier elites from over ten millennia, then their strength would be indescribably powerful.

"However, such substances should be extremely rare. Would there be that much?" Ling Han thought as optimistically as possible.

Feng Po Yun, however, shook his head, and said, "Since the five sects come from the divine realm, then they can obviously receive replenishment form there. Such substances are rare for us here, but in the divine realm, it might be very common."

Ling Han pondered, and nodded his head slowly. If it weren't so, why would the people of the five great sects be willing to descend—wouldn't it be equivalent to suicide? However, being able to be sealed was a different matter. It would be equivalent to sleeping a long time and waking back up in the god realm.

"The only way is to split open the skies!" the two of them said.

But to split open the skies… wasn't it easier said than done?

Not to mention the difficulty of splitting open the skies, it had to be done before the five sects in the divine realm launched a massive invasion, or else if gods intervene, even a single attack could cause irreversible and unpredictable outcome. Moreover, the five sect's deep roots were despairingly powerful, and to establish a united country, they were the first stage that had to be passed.

"Let's find Ma Duo Bao first." The two of them reached a consensus.
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