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A mere Spiritual Infant Tier junior actually asked him if he dared to take a sword strike?

What sort of joke was this?

After Hu Jian Yi advanced a few more steps, he stopped. At this distance, he was sure to take down Ling Han in one attack. He stood with hands behind his back, and said, "One sword strike? Haha, even if it were ten thousand sword strikes, would this lord not be able to take it?"

"No need for ten thousand strikes, just one strike," Ling Han said sternly. "As long as you can take one sword strike of mine, whatever it is you want, I can give it to you. How about it?"

"Haha, this lord would quite like to experience it," Hu Jian Yi said indifferently. He was also accumulating power. Ling Han's speed was too fast and he seemed to have all sorts of inconceivable tricks, so he had to succeed in one blow.

In a moment, he would unleash an ultimate move, and it wouldn't matter even if it killed Ling Han. Extracting the other party's memories was only the matter of an instant; a living person wasn't needed, nor did it have any relation to being alive or dead.

… Being able to make a Heaven Tier elite go all out, Ling Han should feel proud. He was only at the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Ling Han unleashed the Demon Birth Sword, and after breathing in lightly, he struck with the sword.

This was his one sword strike?

Hu Jian Yi felt humiliated. Such a weak attack, even a normal Spiritual Infant Tier warrior couldn't be killed with it! How embarrassing that he'd acted as though he were facing a formidable enemy, thinking that Ling Han would unleash a spirit talisman, a treasured tool, or even a Forbidden Tool of Heaven, something that terrifying.

Still, it stood to reason. Ling Han had run for almost an entire day, and his strength was definitely exhausted, so how could he display a stunning sword strike?

He'd been too careful.

Hu Jian Yi snorted and stretched out his right hand in a snatching motion toward Ling Han. Hong, Origin Power turned into a giant spirit palm, which completely ignored the sword light and was going to crush Ling Han along with it.

However, at this moment, the sword light suddenly flourished, dazzling and extremely terrifying, as if a poverty-stricken child suddenly turned into son of god.

"How's it possible?!" Hu Jian Yi cried out. He felt the heavenly dao on this sword strike, as if heaven and earth changed into this sword and roared furiously at him.

Sword Heart! And not the normal Sword Heart, but Sword Heart Illumination!

A mere Spiritual Infant Tier junior, how could he possibly have comprehended Sword Heart and reached the highest level of the heart of martial arts?

No, no, even if he'd reached the level of Sword Heart Illumination, his tier was still plain to see, and he couldn't surpass two great tiers no matter what! It was similar to a Spiritual Infant Tier not grasping Qi and a Spiritual Pedestal Tier that grasped Ray—what would be the result of their fight?

It would definitely be the Spiritual Pedestal Tier's utter defeat, being incapable of a single exchange of blows.

Hu Jian Yi had cried out, but was still composed on the inside. He didn't believe that Ling Han's sword strike could pose a threat to him, but he also didn't dare to be careless. With high-spirited martial intent, the Origin Power was covered with vein-like patterns as if it turned into the hand of a divine spirit, emitting boundless might.

Shua, the sword strike slashed by.

The sword light soared into the skies and stunned the firmament.

Hu Jian Yi instantly groaned, covering his palm in retreat.

That large hand of Origin Power had already been cut into two halves, and he'd also suffered a backlash. A wound appeared on his right palm, from which blood gushed out violently and couldn't seem to be stopped, just as if his entire body's blood essence was going to all run off.

Sword Heart Illumination, this was the highest attainment in sword path, and represented the world's strongest attack. Being cut by this sword strike, could the wound possibly be restored easily?

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "Looks like Lord Hu couldn't take my sword strike."

Hu Jian Yi's expression changed drastically. For one thing, he definitely didn't believe that Ling Han possessed such strength, but on the other hand, the truth was placed before him. He was indeed injured by Ling Han's sword strike, and the condition of his injury still seemed to be worsening.

"No, this definitely isn't your power!" He suddenly came to a realization. "Which lord is it that has arrived. Forgive my full eyes for not discovering, and please do forgive me if I've committed an offense in any way!"

Ling Han nodded inwardly. A Heaven Tier was elite a Heaven Tier elite after all, not easily deceived.

"Hehe." With an unenthusiastic laugh, a shadow walked out. No one could see from where he appeared, but no one would feel it strange, just as if he belonged there naturally.

"The dao and laws of nature, one with heaven and earth!" Hu Jian Yi said quaveringly, looking like his entire person was about to collapse. This was the supreme tier of martial arts!

This was a Shattering Void Tier elite!

That was a tall and sturdy man holding a wine gourd in his hand. He said faintly, "You want to kill my younger brother?"

It was Feng Po Yun!

Hu Jian Yi was almost crying. How could he know that Ling Han was actually a Shattering Void Tier elite's brother? Or else, give him a hundred guts, and he still wouldn't dare to attack Ling Han; wasn't that just courting death?

"No, no, no, this lord, this is all a misunderstanding!" He hurriedly waved his hands in objection.

"A misunderstanding?" Feng Po Yun said with a smile. "But how come I saw you chase down my younger brother for nearly a day. This misunderstanding seems to be quite deep?"

Sh*t! Hu Jian Yi cursed inwardly. He'd arrived one day ago, but hid on the sides and watched. Intervening at this time, wasn't that intentionally messing with him? Despite an elite of the Shattering Void Tier fooling him, he not only couldn't get angry, but also had to return with a smile, or else Feng Po Yun wouldn't just be fooling him, but would also be erasing him!

"It truly is a misunderstanding!" He was full of smiles. "I'm willing to compensate your bother to resolve the misunderstanding."

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Lord Hu, like I said earlier, I got rid of for you a son that only stirred up trouble. You would thank me sooner or later, and now you finally understand."

"Understood! Understood!" Hu Jian Yi said in a hurry. He now truly had no temper at all, and tossed several spatial rings towards Ling Han; the priority was to stay alive, and the rest could be left for later.

Ling Han probed with his divine sense and gave it a sweep, and couldn't help but say, "Lord Hu, how truly rich and imposing!"

Feng Po Yun, however, said dully, "My younger brother's life is only worth these few spatial rings?"

This meant that wasn't enough.

Hu Jian Yi clenched his teeth, and tossed the rest of the spatial rings all at Ling Han. He made up his mind to never have any thoughts about Ling Han in the future, and this time, although he'd suffered financial losses, money and wealth were mere worldly possessions. As long as he was living, could he not earn it back with his Heaven Tier cultivation?

Only then did Feng Po Yun wave his hand and say, "Get lost. Your life will temporarily be left with you. When my younger brother's cultivation has increased, he'll pay a visit to the Wind Moon Sect and completely end this misunderstanding."

Sh*t, so many treasures only temporarily bought him back his life?

Hu Jian Yi cursed inwardly, yet didn't dare to say anything at all. Bowing respectfully towards Feng Po Yun, he finally turned and took to his heels. After running very far away, he discovered his back was full of cold sweat, like his entire person was about to collapse.

Shattering Void Tier elites were truly too powerful!

"Big Brother, when did you arrive?" With a smile, Ling Han asked Feng Po Yun.

"A few days ago, I was already there at Cotton Sun City." Feng Po Yun said with a smile. "You won't blame me for not intervening earlier, right?"

Ling Han also smiled, and said, "If Big Brother intervened too early, then it wouldn't have the effect of toughening me."

"Haha, so long as you know." Feng Po Yun nodded in satisfaction. "I know the secret of that place in the desolate north."
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