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"Sh*t, my golden ship!" Ling Han couldn't help but shout out.

Was he not fated to be together with any ship?

The first golden ship was smashed, and the second golden ship was also smashed, both in flight. The tragic fate followed the exact same pattern.

"Hehe, you should consider more about your own life," Hu Jian Yi said coldly. "With that attack just now, this lord didn't want to take your life, simply giving you a warning."

Ling Han laughed, and said, "You broke something of mine. This hatred you've incurred is great!"

"Master Ling, this lord still has the same words: compensate this lord. It's not like this lord can't set aside his hatred," Hu Jian Yi said coldly. This was obviously to deceive Ling Han. He wanted to extract enough gains from Ling Han, and then kill this enemy who'd killed his son.

Ling Han pondered, and said, "After the army was disbanded, you already had eyes on me, but having qualms at the time, you didn't make a move. But after entering the Purple Moon Empire, you obviously no longer had any qualms, finally unable to restrain yourself from making a cheap move."

A cheap move?

The smile on Hu Jian Yi's face stiffened. He truly couldn't imagine what made Ling Han so confident to dare talk trash to him in such a situation? He said coldly, "Calling you Master Ling, you really think yourself some bigshot! Alchemists, peh, are only dogs of martial artists in the end. Without martial artists' support, would dogs still dare to bite people?"

Ling Han picked his ears, and said, "Living up till now, how much medicinal pills have you eaten that were refined by dogs? Never thought Lord Hu was really so accomplished, even eating the things dog make."

Hu Jian Yi was furious, and he finally couldn't hold back and struck again, making a grabbing motion towards Ling Han.

With a Heaven Tier elite making move, how could such might be rivaled?

Ling Han didn't forcibly resist it, turning right around to run.

Zi, his figure turned into lightning, and with a dazzling white lightning's flash, he was fast like a light stream.

His current battle prowess could compare to high-level Deity Transformation Tier, and his speed was obviously more frightening, just barely being able to compare to the Heaven Tier's. After all, his body of lightning was already at initial accomplishment, and when his body turned into lightning, his speed was shocking fast.

Hu Jian Yi smiled grimly, and carried out a swift chase.

Ling Han had Heaven Grade movement art, the Demon Fairy Step, but Hu Jian Yi also grasped a Heaven Grade movement art, and activated with his Heaven Tier strength, his speed was faster than Ling Han's by a notch. However, Ling Han didn't speed in the sky, and instead kept close to the ground to utilize the topography to constantly change directions, causing the distance between the two parties to never draw close all along.

This was already very astonishing; he was only in the Spiritual Infant Tier, but his speed could actually compare to a Heaven Tier elite's, absolutely against reason!

Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, the Mystical Power from the ancient empire, was kickass!

Hu Jian Yi was also shocked on the inside, never expecting Ling Han's speed to be so fast! But he felt rather pleasantly surprised as well because provided that he took down Ling Han, this movement art would be his.

In the hands of a Spiritual Infant Tier, this movement art could match a Heaven Tier's speed, then what if it were in his, a Heaven Tier elite's, hands? Then wouldn't he need not fear even Shattering Void Tier powerhouses? Can't fight you, no problem; I can run.

"Hahahaha, you can't escape!" Hu Jian Yi sneered. "Movement arts and martial art skills are the same. The faster the speed, the stronger the power, and, correspondingly, the greater the expenditure. How long can you last?"

Those words were correct. To allow a Spiritual Infant Tier warrior to possess speed comparable to a Heaven Tier's, this expenditure on Origin Power was obviously terrifyingly large. If it weren't for Ling Han's dantian being larger than normal people's by hundred times, he would at most only be able to sustain it for the time that an incense burnt, and would then be exhausted.

But now, it wasn't a problem for him to sustain it for several hours. More importantly, even if Hu Jian Yi caught up to Ling Han, Ling Han still had an Instant Teleportation Talisman and the Black Tower, a life-saving divine tool.

It was just that Ling Han didn't want to reveal this mysterious treasure. Besides, that sense of crisis like prickles on one's back from being chased down by a Heaven Tier could greatly stimulate his potential.

Run, run, run, and chase, chase, chase!

Ling Han didn't just run. He would return fire from time to time with Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, and although he didn't use the Sunset Bow, and just used his arm as a bow and Origin Power as an arrow, Hu Jian Yi still had to be on guard.

After all, without circulating Origin Power, even a Heaven Tier elite's physique wasn't much stronger than a Body Refining Tier one's, so how could he possibly dare take a hit? And once Origin Power formed a defense, it was bound to influence speed.

Ling Han, however, was different. He also cultivated physical arts, and focusing brute force on his legs, his explosive power was shocking; thus, his speed was almost unaffected.

In this way, it was even harder for Hu Jian Yi to draw closer, and on the contrary, he still had to be very cautious of Ling Han's sneak attacks. The Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow was also a Mystical Power, and it was passed down from Heavenly River King's twelfth general.

A true art of divine beings.

"Geezer Hu, place more mental and physical effort on cultivation in the future, don't always think about women. It seems to me your body's weak and your kidney's deficient, that's no good!" Ling Han was still cracking jokes.

Hu Jian Yi burst with anger. The Wind Moon Sect was the most skilled in harvesting and supplementing. He was indeed lecherous, but being lecherous all the while increasing cultivation, what was there not to like? He sneered, and said, "Brat, when this lord takes you down, not only will this lord extract your soul spirit and dig up all your secrets, but also spare your life as much as possible, letting one hundred boars f**k you every day!"

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh loudly. This Heaven Tier elite was really pissed off, even speaking such vulgar words.

"So, Lord Hu's tastes are so special. Could there be a hundred stories with boars that mustn't be told?" He dashed while speaking nonstop.

Hu Jian Yi was furious to point of going insane. How could this brat's mouth be so lethal? He spoke no more, knowing that he wasn't Ling Han's match in witty repartee. Besides, it was meaningless, for he only needed to take down Ling Han to exact all the imaginable torture methods on Ling Han's body.

Ling Han didn't even have the time to sip water, and constantly escaped for his life.

A glimpse of the powerfulness of the Heaven Tier was clear here because Ling Han was already gasping for breath, but Hu Jian Yi was calm and at ease, without the slightest amount of change, looking as if not much of his strength was exerted.

If an improper comparison was made of the two's Origin Power, one was one hundred, and one was one hundred million. When they were consuming it at the speed of "one," their dashing speeds would obviously be the same, but the amount of time sustained, however, was completely incomparable.

A low cultivation, this was Ling Han's greatest weak point.

It couldn't be helped. Even if his battle prowess could compare to high level Deity Transformation Tier, it was also his outburst of destructive power that reached this level, and not that his Origin Power could compare to high-level Deity Transformation Tier warriors'.

Fortunately, Ling Han was also an alchemist, and kept taking medicinal pills to restore Origin Power, allowing him to continue to sustain his run.

Hu Jian Yi was in no rush. Medicinal pills had resistance factors, and even if Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist, it was still useless having infinite medicinal pills. Taking them to a certain degree, the medicinal pills taken in wouldn't be medicine, but poison!

In the world, other than the limited amount of Shattering Void Tier elites, who else could stop him?

He had this in the bag!

Ling Han reached a limit, not only drying up Origin Power, but also exhausting the strength of his flesh. His entire body ached, and he only wanted to closed both eyes and fall asleep.

He planned to take out the Instant Teleportation Talisman to play a trick, and then enter the Black Tower to get a good rest. However, at this moment, he was startled and abruptly stopped in his steps, and said, "Old lecher, do you dare take a sword strike of mine?"

Peh! Hu Jian Yi almost spurted out his saliva; did he hear wrong?
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