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With a divine beast as a family crest or clan emblem, that family was definitely extremely strong, or else how could they be worthy of using a divine beast as an emblem?

This was as if someone who clearly didn't have the strength yet claimed to be "Sword Emperor," or "Saber King"; they would definitely be given a sound thrashing. In the world of martial arts, people were very particular with regards to matters like this, and definitely weren't allowed to mess around.

On the side five great sect's side, that Shattering Void Tier elite leapt atop the city, and said, "Purple Moon fake empire's general, come out to see this lord."

"Hehe, a mere warrior at the third layer of the Shattering Void Tier dares to be impudent in front of this king!" With a long laughter, a fully armored man appeared. He rode on an extremely lofty beast, its hooves intertwined with flames, appearing amazingly divine and mighty.

Ling Han looked at that beast, and couldn't help but reveal an astounded look because that beast was Nine Flames Heaven Treading Beast, a tenth-tier beast!

A tenth-tier beast was on equal footing with Shattering Void Tier elites; also, because the physiques of divine beasts were far beyond that of humans and could be said to be naturally cultivating physical arts concurrently, beasts had a greater chance of winning in a fight in the same tier.

However, such a powerful beast had now become a human elite's mount… too astonishing.

Nine Flames Heaven Treading Beast advanced step by step, not very fast, but the aura it emitted was extremely terrifying, making everyone feel constricted as if their hearts were being squished to the point of bursting.

If the mount was so strong, then what about the master?

The man wore a silver mail on his body and a silver helmet on his head, but his face wasn't covered, and his features could be seen, all filled with hale and hearty lines. His expression was calm as if he would still be able to support the heavens even if they collapsed.

"Who are you?" the Shattering Void Tier elite of the five great sects shouted, somewhat shocked by the other party's powerful arrival.

"Purple Moon Empire's Heavenly Astral King, Na Lan Tian Huang," the rider said in a mild voice, yet it resounded in everyone's minds, lingering for a long while.

The Shattering Void Tier of the five great sects snorted, and said, "How outrageous, to dare establish a nation on the vast lands. This is to go against the heavens!"

"Hehe, can you represent heaven and earth?" Na Lan Tian Huang said scornfully.

"This lord is Zhang Xiao Lin. Today, I represent the vast lands and send you all an ultimatum: immediately forsake darkness for light, and there's still a slim chance of survival, or else you'll be courting your own ruin!" the Shattering Void Tier elite of the five great sects shouted.

"Heh, you truly know nothing!" Na Lan Tian Huang sneered. "When this lord shook the whole world, your great ancestors were still somewhere drinking milk, and you dare be impudent towards this king!"

This arrogant tone!

Zhang Xiao Ling was obviously unable to suppress his anger, but he didn't know the depths of Na Lan Tian Huang's strength at all, and didn't dare easily stir a quarrel. He snorted, and said, "An arrogant man will court his own death in the end."

"Hahaha, this lord will spread out the army here, and attack the city in three days!" Na Lan Tian Huang said in clear bright voice, his voice rumbling like thunder. "At that time, those who lay down their weapons and kneel down in surrender can be spared!"

"In your dreams!" Zhang Xian Ling coldly.

While two great Shattering Void Tier elites were conversing, the rest of the people obviously had no qualifications to interrupt them, and with that said, the two sides came to a conclusion, no longer speaking.

Battle of the tongues was a psychological attack, a contest of imposing manner, influencing morale, so the two sides were obviously unwilling to be weak in manner.

"Fatso Ma's subordinates are truly an assembly of the talented!" Ling Han was shocked. He'd only conjectured as such earlier, but personally witnessing it now, he finally dared to confirm that the Purple Moon Empire truly had Shattering void Tier elites.

Moreover, Na Lan Tian Huang wasn't an ordinary Shattering Void Tier elite. Although his exact cultivation was unknown and his strength inapparent, being able to ride on a tenth-tier beast, could this not explain everything?

He gazed into the distance, only to see that Purple Moon Empire's army formed a tidy battle array. A hundred thousand people formed a square, and each square was in good order. No one stood slanted, and even though Zhang Xian Lin let out Shattering Void Tier aura earlier, this army wasn't at all shaken, displaying its frightening military discipline.

But as for this side, under Na Lan Tian Huang's presence, many people shivered, already losing half their fighting spirit.

Without fighting, they'd already lost half the war.

Truly strange. Fatso Ma, a clown like that could actually subdue such a powerful subordinate, and this is only one of three great armies. The other two armies' generals are probably not any inferior.

No wonder he dares to establish a country and even have the ambition of opening the skies… shockingly deep roots indeed.

Accordingly, shouldn't Ma Duo Bao who bears the great responsibility of opening the skies be even stronger? Otherwise, without a tough enough physique, one can't possibly endure the boost of a powerful power of the nation.

As expected, people shouldn't be judged by their appearance. Who is Ma Duo Bao really?

Ling Han was more and more curious. If you didn't understand someone, you could understand him through the people around him. The so-called things of a kind come together, and being able to attract an elite like Na Lan Tian Huang, could Ma Duo Bao be ordinary?

Purple Moon Empire's great army began to construct its camp, preparing for the battle in three days.

The five great sects also convened an emergency conference. The dispute of the conference was whether to carry out a sneak attack at night today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, catching them unprepared.

"Nothing is too deceitful in war. This lord thinks a surprise attack should be launched tonight. Their great army had been constantly on the move, and tonight is definitely the moment when they're the most relaxed," a bigshot suggested.

… Being able to attend today's conference, everyone was obviously an important person, and Ling Han was fortunate enough to participate because he was a Heaven Grade alchemist, who could be on equal level with Heaven Tier elites, and even Shattering Void Tier ones would give some face.

However, Ling Han didn't have the slightest look of a Heaven Grade alchemist as Hu Niu sat on his lap. One adult and one child, the two of them happily cracked sunflower seeds, completely not caring about this extremely serious military conference.

"No, no, no, the other party intentionally put forth the period of three days, most likely already expecting us to launch a sneak attack in these few days. They'll definitely set up traps, and we mustn't fall for it," someone objected.

"They tired after a long march, so how could they possibly have time to set up traps. This lord insists that this is the best chance to strike."

"I insist on objecting!"

The people that attended the conference were divided into three groups. One proposed actively attacking, and one wanted to defend tenaciously; anyway, they had already laid out a formation in the city, so why not let the enemy charge into the formation?

The last party was neutral, reserving its opinion. However, neutral was just a nice way to put it—they simply didn't have their own view.

Zhang Xiao Lin made up his mind to send an elite unit at night to carry out a sneak attack, testing the quality of Na Lan Tian Huang's army.

Many people volunteered to participate in this operation, but Ling Han obviously declined. No kidding, he wasn't going to throw his life in for the five great sects. Moreover, Na Lang Tian Huang's strength was unfathomable, and his army was in a gallant array, clearly being an iron-blooded army. To go launch a sneak attack?

To die was more like it!

Not only did he reject to participate, but also made the Rain Emperor and the others not to get in on the action. It was better to see how the situation was in the great battle three days later.
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