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Wind Moon Sect's sect master!

Ling Han was instantly alarmed inwardly. It was no wonder he'd felt an intense killing intent earlier. He'd once killed someone called Hu Qing Fang when he hurried on his way to the Restore heaven Academy, and that was precisely the son of Wind Moon Sect's sect master.

And also his only son.

The other party appeared at midnight and targeted him directly, appearing to have already confirmed his identity.

Expectedly, when bringing Hu Niu, someone so high-profile, his disguise back then was equivalent to not having one.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Sect Master Hu, waiting for me here in the depth of night, could you possibly be thinking of inviting me for tea or a drink?"

"Hehe, I don't know if Young Master Ling would do me the honor?" Full of smiles, Hu Jian Yi looked at Ling Han, having a threatening murderous aura on his face.

"On Sect Master Hu's generous invitation, why not?" Ling Han replied with a question.

"Haha, Young Master Ling is talented and daring as expected. Please!" Hu Jian Yi gestured with his hand.

Ling Han wasn't afraid of Hu Jian Yi suddenly making a life-threatening move. He now had two identities, not only being a Heaven Grade alchemist, but also a member of the expedition army. If Hu Jian Yi dared to kill a person of the expedition army, this would be equivalent to issuing a challenge for battle towards the five great sects.

No matter how much hatred he had concealed in his heart, without the resolution of being destroyed together, he couldn't possibly go against the five great sects.

So, Ling Han was very safe.

Of course, most of his confidence obviously came from Black Tower. No one would know if a father with a dead son could still maintain rationality.

They came to a tea house and requested a private room, and soon fragrant tea was delivered, the aroma of it floating in the air.

Quite bizarre, two people who should've been mortal enemies were actually sitting together and drinking tea as if they were intimate friends of man years.

"Young Master Ling, my son died in your hands, right?" After Hu Jian Yi took a few sips of tea, he suddenly spoke out.

Ling Han didn't refuse to admit it—a meaningless act—and nodded. He said, "Correct."

"This lord only had one son, so how will Young Master Ling compensate this lord?" Hu Jian Yi's gaze turned cold, staring at Ling Han.

Ling Han instantly came to an understanding. Hu Jian Ming indeed wanted revenge, but also had scruples. After all, he still had the title of a Heaven Grade alchemist, even though the Alchemist Society hadn't publicly acknowledged it.

Anyway, if his son was dead, then he'd first fish out some benefits.

Ling Han smiled; was the other party extorting him?

"Sect Master Hu, now you've said it wrong!" Ling Han shook his head. "Someone like your son, him living would be wasting food, wasting cultivation resources, and only causing troubles every day. This time, luckily, he died in my hands, or else if it were anyone more ruthless, your Wind Moon Sect would be destroyed immediately… Sect Master Hu, don't blame me for being frank. I always love to speak the truth.

"I took care of a disaster for you. Forget that I didn't ask Sect Master Hu for any benefits, but Sect Master Hu's actually extorting me, is this reasonable? Is this right?"

Hu Jian Yi's face twitched involuntarily. He'd seen silver-tongued people, but being able to talk nonsense to this degree, Ling Han was probably the only one.

Can you not be so damned shameless? Killing my son and asking me to give you benefits?

Hu Jian Yi couldn't help but put down the tea cup and release Heaven Tier presence, instantly making Zhu Xuan Er's face pale.

It wasn't pretense that kings among martial artists could resist the presence of elites, but the mind being able to endure didn't mean that the body could also endure. This depended on the gap in tier of the two parties. Heaven Tier elites crushed Flower Blossom Tier ones by three entire tiers, so Zhu Xuan Er obviously couldn't endure it.

Ling Han drew Zhu Xuan Er into his embrace, displeased, and said, "Wanna talk, then talk properly. What are you doing scaring people? You think you're the only one who knows how to glare? Hu Niu, let him know what's called being fierce!"

Hu Niu was already discontent with Ling Han embracing Zhu Xuan Er, and she instantly glared furiously at Hu Jian Yi. Her gaze like was a tiger's, emitting baleful killing intent.

Hu Jian Yi obviously wouldn't care about Hu Niu, but after making eye contact with her, he actually felt a chill. He hurriedly suppressed this feeling, a strange thought arising in mind. A seven- to eight-year-old little girl could actually make him feel terrified; what a strange thing this was?

He no longer paid attention to Hu Niu, simply staring at Ling Han, and said, "Young Master Ling, you'd better listen to this lord's suggestion, or else later on in the battlefield… weapons having no eyes, so you might be accidently hurt by a friendly."

This was an undisguised threat.

Ling Han, however, was unperturbed, and said, "An evil sect like the Wind Moon Sect, I really find it strange it can exist for so long. Shouldn't a sect that has massive negative influence on growing youths be disbanded?"

"Hehe, looks like a disagreeable conversation!" Hu Jian Yi sneered. He'd never planned to let Ling Han go, and precisely because of that was the Wind Moon Sect that should've followed the eastern army transferred to the western army under his persistence.

… Obviously, it was to assassinate Ling Han.

Today, if any advantages could be extracted from Ling Han, that would obviously be great. However, whether anything could be extracted or not, he would assassinate Ling Han in the war later on.

Wars were chaotic anyway, so who would notice?

To say the least, even if someone saw, he could claim that weapons have no eyes, and that the attack he released accidentally killed Ling Han because he was too strong.

Openly murdering a Heaven Grade alchemist, a disciple of Restore Heaven academy, and a member of the expedition army, such a crime was something he couldn't afford to bear.

"Hahahaha!" Ling Han and Hu Jian Yi both laughed loudly at the same time as if one another said a terrible joke.

But this laughter stopped abruptly as Hu Jian Yi suddenly stood up and pulled open the door to leave.

"Wait!" Ling Han shouted behind his back.

Hu Jian Yi was overjoyed; could Ling Han be afraid, after all? He pretended to be aloof, and didn't turn around.

"Sect Master Hu, you can't be thinking of escaping without paying the bill? You've just said it's your treat!" Ling Han's voice came from behind.

Hu Jian Yi almost fell onto the ground, and his expression was instantly filled with fury. With a heavy snort, he brushed his sleeve and left.

"Sect Master Hu, you're really going to ignore the bill? Ling Han was still shouting from behind, making the waiters in the teahouse look at him with gazes of contempt.

Hu Jian Yi was infuriated to the point of wanting to kill someone. After arriving at the bottom floor, he threw out an Origin Crystal and left resentfully.

The smile on Ling Han's face gradually vanished. When he'd found out about the existence of a force like the Wind Moon Sect, he'd already decided to overturn this sect, but he didn't have enough strength yet, and couldn't carry it out.

"For your sins, you shall not live!" he said balefully. When he possessed Heaven Tier battle prowess, the first thing he would do would be to bulldoze the Wind Moon Sect.

After staying a few days in the city, one of Purple Moon Empire's armies finally arrived.

Their great army was truly fit to be called a great army. The soldiers looked disciplined and in good order, and amounted to a hundred thousand people, holding banners, and sitting on horses or war chariots. It was much unlike the five great sects' coalition army, which could only be said to be an assembly of experts, and was very different from the great army.

Ling Han and the others ascended the city gates one after another. This city was protected by a formation, and could endure Deity Transformation Tier attacks.

Purple Moon Empire's banners were divided into two types. One was the country's flag with a purple crescent moon drawn on it, and the other was the general's flag with a male lion drawn on it. However, it had six legs, four wings on its back, and seven tails, looking extremely peculiar.

Ling Han, however, was shocked on the inside. He recognized this lion—an ancient divine beast, Mi Ang!
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