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On the first day of entering the Restore Heaven Academy, fierce battles erupted in contest for the palace halls. In a few battles, some even died, fully showing the contest's cruelty.

The path of martial arts was so. The higher up one was, the less space there was, but everyone wanted to climb upwards, so what could be done? Kick others down. There was only so much in cultivation resources—how could that possibly allow everyone in the world to become elites?

So, no one felt shocked because of this, and everyone quietly accepted such a result.

However, these things that often occurred during contesting for treasures in historic sites previously were now happening in the academy which should be safe—it was somewhat ironic.

The five great sects didn't truly want to develop all these people—most of them were a whetstone, used to toughen the disciples of the five great sects. The other part that had good endowments certainly had the possibility to rise into the god realm, but only as slaves.

Not to mention, there really were too many people that entered this time, so how would they hold up if some weren't hurriedly eliminated?

After Ling Han and the two girls ate, they began to search the palace hall, but Small Saber King didn't leave many treasures. Only one thing could please Ling Han—the Golden Ship.

He'd originally had one, but it was smashed by the Diamond Puppet. Now that he'd obtained another one, it soothed somewhat his wounded heart.

With his strength, the golden ship couldn't help him much, but it could be used to hasten on a journey, saving time, strength, and worries—an essential product on a journey.

One night passed. On the morning of the second day, Ling Han had just woken up and soon heard clamor outside.

He opened the door, only to see that four youngsters stood at the palace hall gates, each and every one with a scowl. They were shouting curses, but seeing Ling Han come out, they all shut their mouths.

Ling Han swept them with a glance, and said, "What, want to challenge me? Alright, four of you all at once, save me some time."

"Hmph, we're not here to challenge you!" one of them said.

"Then what are you guys doing here, whining?" Ling Han rolled his eyes.

"We're disciples of the Absolute Saber Sect!" a second person said. "Don't assume you can run amuck just because you defeated Small Saber King. Our Absolute Saber Sect's strongest genius isn't Small Saber King!"

"That's right. Wait till Senior Brother Xu exits secluded training; killing you would be as easy as the turn of a palm for him!"

"Just you wait!"

The four hooted, even wishing to bite off Ling Han's meat.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Then why the heck are you guys being rude now? I most hate being disturbed when I want to sleep in. Looks like I have to give you guys a beating."

"Stop, we're not here to challenge you!" The four hurriedly waved their hands. They were only Flower Blossom Tier warriors, so how could they possibly be Ling Han's match?

Ling Han snorted, and said, "Running here to curse, you still say that you guys aren't here to challenge me? Your damn sister!" He charged up, and peng, peng, peng, peng, with one punch for one person, he sent all four flying.

He still showed some mercy, only heavily injuring the four, but not killing them.

"Is it Xu Xiu Ran?" Ling Han muttered. It wasn't the first time he'd heard this name. Yao Hui Yue had once mentioned that this person was Absolute Saber Sect's number one genius, who was extremely low-key, not famous, and probably only receiving recognition within the five great sects. "I'd rather like to meet him!"

Ling Han walked freely on Nine Dragons Mountain, getting acquainted with people and not hiding the idea that he wanted to take in underlings.

Although he became famous in one fight, shooting down Small Saber King, and seemed to be on the trend of being the Restore Heaven Academy's number one, the people here were all geniuses, and geniuses were mostly self-conceited, so how could they possibly easily submit?

Now, everyone's thoughts were: "I've now received such great cultivation conditions, so I can definitely catch up to you."

Who would easily submit to someone else with that mindset?

The Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing also began their path of freakishness. They'd both successfully fought over an Earth Grade palace hall, and were studying which person in the Heaven Grade should be challenged first.

The academy's communications were extremely advanced, with communication stones connecting to the five great sects and various super cities; overseeing at the center, they could grasp middle state's every single movement. The students could also use the communication stones here to communicate with family and sects, delivering some news.

Now, nothing could surpass the most sensational news about the Purple Moon Empire.

Originally, no one was concerned about this force. To dare establish a nation in the middle state, wasn't that courting death? A few Deity Transformation Tier forces already went to encircle and annihilate them, yet met with a total defeat. The experts were all captured; some surrendered, and those that didn't were killed, instead making Purple Moon Empire's strength increase some more.

Now this empire was expanding without restraint as it split into three great armies to besiege cities and strongholds, and its efficiency was surprisingly high. Its territory expanded by ten-fold in a short amount of time, and was still expanding at an extremely rapid pace.

This finally drew the attention of the five great sects, making them send subordinate Heaven Tier forces to kill them.

This matter occured three months ago, and so far, there hadn't been a battle report sent back; perhaps the fight was at a stalemate.

After Ling Han heard it, he couldn't help but nod his head.

Ma Duo Bao was someone deeply unfathomable. Since he'd decided to establish a nation to open the skies, then he definitely wasn't acting recklessly. But what confused Ling Han was, where'd such a group with astonishing battle prowess suddenly come from?

Ma Duo Bao was definitely not fighting alone, so where'd the generals under him come from? To gather a large group of elites that had the same ideals wouldn't be an easy thing.

Take Ling Han for instance. These few days, he was constantly trying hard to get underlings, but to little avail. Getting an underling was so troublesome, not to mention having them partake in opening the skies in opposition to the entire vast land!

"Does this guy really have such kickass charisma?" Ling Han was full of doubts. In his impression, Ma Duo Bao was a sly fatso, and could such a person also make a clarion call to make others follow him?

"The field's a lot bigger, with all sorts of people. Reborn in this period, is it fortune or misfortune?" Ling Han muttered, yet revealed a belligerent smile at the corner of his mouth. Fortune and misfortune aside, at least he could fight to his heart's content.

If Ma Duo Ba truly has the power to resist the five great sects, then it won't hurt for me to lend him a hand. I'm not interested in being an emperor anyway. I want to take up this burden coming only from morality and not wanting to see the world's living beings suffer greatly, anyway.

If Ma Duo Bao can do it, then I'll let him take up the great burden. When we ascend to the god realm, I can retire, having made my mark, and go find Divine Phoenix Heavenly Maiden, this overbearing woman, and take this wife that should've been taken long ago, living free and unfettered from then on.

… Or so he thought, but things took a sudden and dramatic turn.

The forces the five great sects sent out all suffered crushing defeat. A total of seven Heaven Tier forces participated in the battle, but six forces were either annihilated or forced to surrender, and only one force escaped; moreover, they fled pell-mell, suffering extremely great losses.

Now, the five great sects were finally shocked, deciding the strongest powers had to sortie.

Unfortunately, Restore Heaven Academy's students were also enlisted into the army.
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