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A genius like Small Saber King obviously didn't lack resolution. Once it was set, his gaze would be with unswervingly determination, never to be shaken again.

His ultimate move didn't hurt Ling Han as the latter's speed was too fast, and he evaded it with a sweep.

It can't be too far, or I'll just be treated as a living target by Ling Han, and my attacks will also be weakened, unable to unleash my power. Too close, fighting at close quarters, I'm not Ling Han's, this freak's, match at all, Small Saber King concluded in his heart.

Then the only way was to control the distance as not too far and not too close, not allowing Ling Han's archery technique to unleash its full power, and allowing his own battle prowess not to be reduced.

He raised his saber while he moved and appeared a meter before Ling Han, slashing out. The Saber Ray turned into a stream and stormed towards Ling Han.

Ling Han was fearless and executed Desolate Hell Sword, battling fiercely with Small Saber King.

Actually, he could pull the distance apart to shoot at Small Saber King. With his speed, Small Saber King couldn't possibly close in. Of course, he could also fight close up and overwhelm Small Saber King, completely suppressing him.

However, Ling Han didn't choose these tactics that guaranteed victory, letting Small Saber King display his strengths; he wanted to crush Small Saber King in every aspect.

Unfortunately, the Sword King was here, and Ling Han didn't dare to use the Three Styles of Black Origin, or else Small Saber King would definitely have an even bigger headache.

The Absolute Saber Sect wasn't inferior to the Heaven's Sword Sect. Since the Heaven's Sword Sect had the Three Styles of Black Origin, would the Absolute Saber Sect not have a similar ultimate move?

Small Saber King roared furiously, and his saber turned into a furious dragon with a hammer for its head, smashing fiercely towards Ling Han.

Endless power gathered; the power of this attack definitely reached the extremes of the Deity Transformation Tier!

Ling Han didn't dare to forcibly parry it. He retreated with the Demon Fairy Step and maneuvered with lightning, dodging this attack very narrowly. He couldn't help but think, if he'd battled against the Sword Emperor, or the Setting Sun Saber Emperor in the previous life, he truly would've been killed in minutes, and wouldn't even be able to escape.

However, it was different now.

He displayed Desolate Hell Sword's only killer move, immediately erupting in a counterattack.

On the other side, the Diamond Puppet kept struggling, but couldn't resist the Heaven Transformation Bowl's power in the end, being absorbed inside. It might seem large in size, and the Heaven Transformation Bowl was real small, but during the absorption process, its body shrank infinitely and was sucked in without any difficulty.

Ling Han waved his hand and the Heaven Transformation Bowl returned to his hands. Its vein-like patterns glowed; it was in the process of refining the things it absorbed.

Small Saber King displayed all his ultimate moves and swore to cut down Ling Han under the saber, taking care of a great danger and seizing the secrets and treasures on Ling Han. As he saw it, Ling Han was an ancient treasure vault of his own.

Absolute Saber Sect's Heaven-Severing Seven Saber Strikes cut the heavens, the earth, and the stars; it could shatter anything.

However, Ling Han's speed was just too fast, and the saber techniques couldn't lock onto him. Since it was so, how could it harm him?

After battling for another several dozens of moves, Small Saber King stopped. He knew that he couldn't kill Ling Han at this rate.

"Not fighting?" Ling Han sneered. "This is a battle to the death!"

Small Saber King said nothing, his expression cold. Raising his right hand, a long spear appeared in his hand. The spear's shaft was like blood, covered with peculiar vein-like patterns and convolved with endless Blood Qi, just as if filled with ominousness.

Hong, long, long, once the spear was unleashed, dark clouds immediately appeared in the skies, with flashes of lightning within, just as if heavenly thunder was going to descend.

Everyone below was greatly shocked. This was the third time today that thunder clouds appeared.

But what was this thing exactly? It was too ominous, such that its appearance provoked the rolling thunder clouds.

A few figures of the older generation also revealed startled expressions and contemplative looks.

"Could this be…"

"Forbidden Tool of Heaven, Absolute Chaos Living Spirit Spear!"

"Hiss, Forbidden Tool of Heaven!"

Ling Han's brows were also knitted tightly as he stared at the crimson colored spear, then looked at the thunder clouds in the sky, and said, "Forbidden Tool of Heaven?"

Forbidden Tool of Heaven, a banned tool that even the heavens didn't allow to exist—the moment Small Saber King unleashed it, heaven and earth was moved, and sought to destroy it.

In the previous life, he had only heard of such a thing, but had never seen it before. A tenth-tier Spirit Tool was obviously the world's strongest treasured tool, but to unleash the full might of the tool, one also had to be a Shattering Void Tier elite.

However, the Forbidden Tool of Heaven was different. Actuating such a treasured tool needed not power, nor the comprehension of martial arts, but rather raw blood and qi.

Simply put, lifespan.

Using one's lifespan to activate the Forbidden Tool, the more lifespan was sacrificed, the stronger the power of the Forbidden Tool, till it reached the limit of the tool.

Small Saber King actually had such a thing?

Did he obtain it in the ancient dynasty's treasure vault, or within some other historic site?

"Sacrifice fifty years of my lifespan!" Small Saber King held the spear in hand and glared at Ling Han.

Weng, the crimson spear instantly lit up, and blood and Qi formed a pit of snakes, wreathing around the spear shaft. The spear shaft actually began to twist as if it possessed life, emitting limitless might.

Small Saber King's hair actually instantly turned gray and wrinkles also appeared on his originally jade-like smooth skin as if he'd instantly turned into a seventy to eighty year old man.

The might emitted by the blood spear had astonishingly reached the Heaven Tier!

Absorbing fifty years of Small Saber King's lifespan, this forbidden spear could actually exhibit Heaven Tier's might, which was enough to annihilate Ling Han.

Small Saber King's hair and skin also gradually returned to normal. After all, his lifespan was not just a hundred years. Earlier, it was just from instantaneous extraction of the large amount of life force that his Qi and blood dried up, turning him into an old man, but he was also gradually recovering.

"Under the Forbidden Tool of Heaven, gods and demons alike will perish!" Small Saber King shouted loudly, and tossed the spear in his hand, turning it into a flash of crimson light that pierced towards Ling Han.

Ling Han's shifted his figure in an attempt to dodge this attack, but the blood spear was as if it had eyes and life, twisting and turning as it continued to hunt him down.

He'd been locked onto.

As expected of a Forbidden Tool, how powerful!

Since it couldn't be dodged, then…

Ling Han put out Heaven Transformation Bowl and used it to catch the blood spear.

Something no one expected happened. The blood spear actually merged into the Heaven Transformation Bowl.

Then? Then there was no then.

The Forbidden Tool of Heaven, an object of ill omen that even the heavens feared, was actually simply absorbed by a bowl.

Every single person was moved, even the figures of the older generations revealed avaricious looks.

Small Saber King couldn't even believe it as he stared dumbfoundedly at Ling Han. He expended fifty years of lifespan, yet couldn't even cause a splash in the water, so how could he possibly accept it?

Ling Han raised the Demon Birth Sword in his hand with a smile, and said, "Have you any more ultimate moves?"

He charged out, and this time, he was going to utterly end Small Saber King.

Small Saber King struggled hard. The amount of hidden cards on him was truly surprising, throwing out a spirit talisman one moment and splashing a basin of ink, all of which possessed astonishing might, the next moment, making Ling Han cry out achingly because he'd already viewed the things on Small Saber King as his personal property.

Wasting his things, too shameful!

Ling Han was indignant, finally pulling apart the distance, and then activating the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow once again.
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