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Small Saber King was shocked. That was the Diamond Puppet, its brute force terrifying and its body tough. More importantly, its fists were covered with spikes that couldn't be seen with the naked eye and had special vein-like patterns, being able to easily penetrate a Deity Transformation Tier warrior's defense.

However, Ling Han used his hand to grab the Diamond Puppet's fist, and was actually not at all hurt, inevitably making him goggle in shock.

The Diamond Puppet had no fear, and immediately attacked with another punch, aiming towards Ling Han's brain to kill him.

Small Saber King wasn't idle, either, striking with the saber as well, and his threat was apparently greater. A ninth-tier Spirit Tool, a Saber Ray, and the addition of high-level Deity Transformation Tier battle prowess… even Ling Han's physique could be cut open.

Ling Han had to let go, and with a leap, his figure appeared three hundred meters away. Possessing the high speed of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, how could normal Deity Transformation Tier opponents possibly catch up to him?

"Haha!" Small Saber King sneered, but his expression was ashen. He'd actually needed to use the Diamond Puppet to recover from a disadvantage; this fact made him lose face. Before, no matter whom he fought, he'd always had the absolute advantage, and the few times he'd fought Ling Han, he also had had complete advantage.

However, in such a short time, Ling Han actually gained sufficient strength to oppose him.

The Thunderclap Ninth Heaven!

He eyes almost burst out with flames in hate. If he could obtain this Mystical Power, then his battle prowess now definitely could increase by five more stars, and Ling Han's would decrease steeply by five. One positive and one negative, he would obviously be able to crush Ling Han.

How hateful! How hateful!

He snorted, and placed the long saber by his chest, preparing to unleash an ultimate move.

Earlier, the two fought at close quarters, each move critical, and there wasn't time to accumulate strength to release an ultimate move. However, once the distance was pulled apart, both parties had the time and space to prepare an ultimate move.

The diamond puppet concealed its figure again. From the outset, it was designed for assassinations, although it clearly possessed a tough physique.

Pincer attack?

Ling Han sneered, and said, "You think you're the only one with treasures?" He unleashed the Heaven Transformation Bowl, and after activating it, he threw it into the sky. This Spirit Tool immediately emitted dazzling light, which enveloped downwards from the sky.

This possibly wasn't just an ordinary Spirit Tool, but rather a God Tool!

"What, my weapon's about to slip away!"

"Ah, my pendant!"

"My spirit talisman!"

The Heaven Transformation Bowl accepted all things and refined all things, and as long as there was value in refining, it would radiate its suction power. Instantly, many people's treasures were sucked up.

It was practically a perfect instrument for looting.

Sparkling, that Diamond Puppet was also forced to reveal itself, being sucked by Heaven Transformation Bowl towards the bowl's inside.

"You're flipping uncle, Uncle Rabbit's carrot!" The rabbit stomped its feet in anxiousness. It had been holding and nibbling happily a stalk of spirit medicine, but, unexpectedly, with its sudden carelessness, the spirit medicine was also sucked away by the Heaven Transformation Bowl.

Small Saber King couldn't help but be shocked. What treasure was this, for it to be able to absorb other treasures… The ninth-tier Spirit Tool in his hand also became restless, on the verge of being absorbed by the Heaven Transformation Bowl.

The corner of Ling Han's mouth also twitched. He seemed to have overdone it.

Heaven Transformation Bowl's effects surpassed his expectations. He'd originally only wanted to stop the Diamond Puppet, but separated by such a distance, he'd never expected it to affect the people below and suck up all their treasures.

Over shoes over boots, whatever.

He laughed loudly, and said, "All come into the bowl!"

"Die!" Small Saber King had already finished accumulation of power, and slashed with the saber, his attack forming raging tides like a tsunami.

This wasn't an illusion. A tsunami really appeared in the sky, but the tide was composed of saber light rather than water, turning constantly like roiling waves.

At the moment, the sun and moon were without light, and the entire world was left with this resplendent saber tide surging and roaring angrily.

"Small Saber King's tier might not be high, but in saber techniques, he'd received about ten to twenty percent of Broken Heaven's Saber's passed-down teachings."

"Correct, thirty flashes of Qi condensed into Ray, breaking the limit."

"However, without comprehension of Saber Heart, it's still only an ordinary saber in the end."

"It's rumored Xu Xiu Ran already half mastered the Saber Heart?"

"Xu Xiu Ran is the actual Broken Heaven's Saber's true disciple, once praised by Broken Heaven's Saber, who said that even placed in the god realm, he could rank amongst the finest in the same age segment."

"I truly want to see this junior."

"There'll be a chance. This time, when he leaves secluded cultivation, he'll probably have cultivated Saber Heart, and will officially walk the world and toughen himself somewhat. When the divine gates open, he'll obviously enter the divine plane, and that's the place where he'll shine brightly."

"We can also return to our homeland!"

"Can't wait, we divine citizens actually have to stay with the nobodies in the mortal realm. Thinking about it makes me disgusted!"

The older generation was communicating with their divine sense, without making a tiniest bit of sound, afraid of leaking secrets.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Your brain seized, fighting me at a distance, truly courting death!"

Everyone's faces twitched. Earlier, Small Saber King fought in close quarters, and you said he courted death, and now that Small Saber King pulled apart the distance, you also said he was courting death… so who was not courting death?

Ling Han took out his Sunset Bow, mounted an arrow forged with eighth-tier metal, activated the Eye of Truth, locked onto his target, activated the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, primed the arrow technique, and activated the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, instilling it into the arrow's shaft.

Three great Mystical Powers activated simultaneously, this was currently Ling Han's strongest single attack, even surpassing 10,000 Techniques Return to One.

What were Mystical Powers?

Ling Han suspected that these were skills of the god realm, or else, why would it be qualified to have the word god in it?

Divine skills were obviously terrifying.

Xiu, the arrow shot out and turned into a streak of light, instantly accelerating to the point where the naked eye couldn't capture it. Passing through the raging tide formed by saber lights, it already arrived before Small Saber King, going right for his forehead.


A purple-colored light surged on Small Saber King's body and formed a shield, forcibly blocking this arrow.

Pa, the shield shattered, but the arrow also fell down from the sky.

Small Saber King revealed a shocked look.

He'd obtained a mystical treasure from the ancient dynasty's treasure vault, and it was what saved his life just now. It was a talisman, which was only marked with four lines. When he'd encountered danger while exploring a historic site, the talisman lit up and saved his life, but it also turned into three lines.

This let him know that the talisman could still save him three times, and now… only two times remained.

Cold sweat was all over his head, he'd just wandered the jaws of death, and Ling Han only had to fire three more arrows, of which the last arrow he wouldn't be able to block.

Too fast!

The distance between them now just happened to allow the arrow to accelerate to the extreme without exhausting its force.

The people below also suddenly came to a realization. It was no wonder Ling Han said that Small Saber King was courting death by pulling apart the distance. Certainly, this archery skill was too terrifying, as fast as a ray of light and as heavy as a mountain.

After Small Saber King hesitated slightly, he decided to fight desperately to the death.

Today, if he couldn't behead Ling Han, then the tier gap between the two would become smaller and smaller, and the gap in strength would become greater and greater… he would eventually be ditched far behind by Ling Han, without another day to win.ED/N: We've translated their name as "mystical" rather than god or divine, but the other two (along with soul) are the most common noun meanings of the Chinese character it is spelled with.
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