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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 678 Fighting Small Saber King to the Death

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Ling Han certainly didn't want to tangle with Small Saber King any longer.

Small Saber King massacred wantonly in the city of mortals, making Ling Han abhor him and include him on his must-kill list. Moreover, being chased by Small Saber King several times… did Ling Han not have a temper?

Now that Small Saber King offered himself, he obviously had to be slaughtered. Earlier was just some teasing; in fact, the moment Ling Han saw Small Saber King, Ling Han had already decided to take action.

"A fight in the skies!" Ling Han rose into the air.

"Not afraid of you!" Small Saber King also jerked his body and rose into the sky.

The two were probably the strongest geniuses of the younger generation. Separated by three hundred meters, they stood loftily in the sky, both extremely confident and emitting powerful auras.

One was like a sword, and one was like a saber.

The competition of the two great geniuses was also the competition between sword path and saber path.

Everyone focused their attention on the duel. Quite a few people even walked out from within the summit's palace halls and raised their heads to watch; flying was forbidden here except during fights.

Yao Hui Yue, Lang Ya Tian, Dong Ling'er, and the exceptional figures of the younger generation all appeared. Small Saber King could be said to represent an extreme; who dared to underestimate him here?

If Ling Han could defeat him, then it would almost guarantee his position as number one amongst the younger generation.

Of course, there were still a few abnormal freaks that hadn't appeared yet. For example, the Heaven's Sword Sect had a sword path genius that constantly comprehended dao in Heaven's Sword Spring. The Absolute Saber Sect also had a Xu Xiu Ran, whose tier was not higher than Small Saber King's, but his talent was more freakish—defeating Small Saber King in the same tier was as easy as the turn of the palm for him.

In addition, the Thousand Corpse Sect actually also had a super genius who had also never appeared, still cultivating diligently, for it wasn't time yet for him to surprise the world.

The figures of the older generation were also watching; even they were very interested in the outcome of this battle.

"We… really aren't going to interfere?"

"The Sword King has ordered: let it be."

"But Small Saber King is Absolute Saber Sect's exceptional talent, and if he were to truly die here, Lord Heaven Saber will probably burst into fury!"

"Hehe, Sword King's obviously supporting the duel, so what are you afraid of?"

"Besides, that brat surnamed Ling is a Heaven Grade alchemist, a Heaven Grade alchemist that's barely twenty years old. If he truly dies here, don't they fear the that the Alchemy Society will blow a fuse?"

"You're thinking too much again. Did the Alchemist Society admit Ling Han's status?"


The people of the older generation no longer spoke. They decided not to interfere in the duel. Since both parties agreed to this battle to the death, then it was destined that there would be one less genius after this battle.

Ling Han unleashed the Demon Birth Sword with a smile, and said, "I really don't want to bully you, but thinking about your hideous features, it seems that bullying you a little isn't bad."

Weng, the Demon Birth Sword was activated, and four vein-like patterns shined!

As he crossed into the Spiritual Infant Tier, but more importantly, formed Sword Ray, Demon Birth Sword's power also increased again. However, compared to the dense and numerous vein-like patterns on the blade, four vein-like patterns truly weren't worth mentioning.

This was natural. Even if a tenth-tier Spirit Tool could only unleash one-hundredth of its might, killing a Heaven Tier opponent would be easy, let alone a Deity Transformation Tier one.

"So what of a tenth-tier Spirit Tool!" Small Saber King snorted. "You're still way far from being in the Shattering Void Tier! Besides, a Spirit Tool not nourished by oneself will definitely be unable to blossom with its full powers. I won't lose to you."

"Lose or not, it's not from boasting, but from fighting!" Ling Han laughed brightly, extended his left hand, and made a hooking motion. "Come, come, come, let me teach you what's called freakish and what's called genius!

"Arrogant!" Small Saber King charged out and waved his long saber. A three-meter-long Saber Ray swept out from the blade, looking as if it could split heaven and earth in two.

Ling Han waved his sword to parry, also unleashing his Sword Ray.


The two Rays collided and turned into infinite light fragments, falling down from the sky.

Their first moves were evenly matched.

However, everyone was shocked. Small Saber King… was at the Deity Transformation Tier! Moreover, he was a super genius that was able to battle surpassing tiers, but despite it being so, he was still tied in an attack with Ling Han; what an unbelievable thing this was?

"Damn it!" Small Saber King clenched his teeth. In reality, his power gave him the advantage, but a Ray's power hinged on not only one's power, but also the amount of Qi and the quality of the weapon that unleashed it.

Their Qi should be equal in amount, breaking through to the limit of thirty flashes, so for Ling Han's Ray to still achieve a tie against his, it was due to the treasured sword in Ling Han's hand.

A tenth-tier Spirit Tool. Even if it couldn't fully unleash its battle prowess, its quality was higher than a ninth-tier weapon, a matter that needn't be doubted.

Small Saber King was very bitter. He'd obtained the treasure vault of an ancient dynasty, but actually lost to Ling Han in a contest for treasures. A tenth-tier Spirit Tool, how many could there possibly be in this world?

"Simply relying on the power of a Spirit Tool!" Small Saber King snorted, and already charged over, slashing at Ling Han. He knew Ling Han's movement art was fast, so he chose close combat, not giving Ling Han the chance to the advantage in speed.

"Close-combat?" Ling Han sneered. "You're seeking your own death!" He cultivated physical arts concurrently, and under the tempering of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, his physique was formidable, and close combat was his super strong suit.

In close combat, the amount of times one could attack in a short period of time completely hinged upon the body's strength, such as the shaking of the wrist, the swinging of the arms, and the kicking of the legs, all completely unrelated to Origin Power.

In long-range battle, one could continuously emit Origin Power and turn it into attacks, which was something entirely different.

Ding, ding, ding, the two fought in close quarters. Saber and sword constantly collided, blossoming with endless radiance.

"What?!" Small Saber King was extremely shocked. In close combat, he was actually completely suppressed by Ling Han!

What sort of physique did Ling Han have… in a heartbeat, he could only unleash ten attacks, but Ling Han sent out up to several hundreds, crushing him quantitatively by more than ten times.

Small Saber King hurriedly leapt in an attempt to retreat. Fighting Ling Han in close combat, he was completely greeting the enemy's strong points with his weak points, and couldn't possibly be any more foolish.

Closing in is easy, but pulling apart the distance… is that up to you?" Ling Han's figure turned into lightning and chased towards Small Saber King. With the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven activated, his speed was ridiculously fast.

"Damn it, this is mine! Mine!" Small Saber King revealed a frenzied look. The Thunderclap Ninth Heaven was a Mystical Power that should've belonged to him. If he learned it, then adding his saber techniques on top of the speed, who could rival him in the same age range?

Moreover, with the addition of the power of lightning, every time they crossed swords, his entire body trembled, and the Origin Power in his veins ran in disarray, something extremely unbearable.

"You should go die. I'll burn it to you." Ling Han sneered.

"No need. I'll take it myself!" Small Saber King gave tit for tat.

Ling Han attacked repeatedly with his long sword, and was about kill Small Saber King in a spurt of energy, but he suddenly felt a warning premonition in his heart, and suddenly made a snatching movement towards his back.


A transparent arm appeared out of thin air and directly attacked the back of Ling Han's head, but the fist was caught dead on by the hand that Ling Han had just reached out with, and was unable to move an inch.

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