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"Those who passed the first stage exam can report at the Restore Heaven Academy." Azure Phoenix Divine Empress spoke a few words towards the bottom, and then swung her body, swiftly disappearing.

The Sword King and the Beast Snake King also followed suit. The terrifying oppressive force finally disappeared, and everyone's breathing instantly became much smoother and easer.

With several great Shattering Void Tier elites at the scene earlier, everyone felt as if a stone pressed down on their hearts, breathing in small breaths even if they weren't intentionally targeted and were separated by several hundred miles from the said elites.

"Let's go, we're going to the academy." Ling Han had already returned. No one knew what he'd done, concealing his deed and name.

Concerning the Vial of Curses, he didn't want anyone to know. Even a Fifteen-eyed Corpse King could be cursed to death, so which Shattering Void Tier wouldn't fear it? However, Corpse King was easy to curse, because this thing didn't have a natal horoscope at all, but of those elites who were able to cultivate to the Shattering Void Tier, which one of them wasn't blessed by good fortune?

Not to mention such elites, even Small Saber King couldn't be cursed to death, and could only cut a sorry figure after suffering from a curse.

It was clear that the Vial of Curses was kickass, but it also had great limits to its usage.

Everyone departed and set out towards the Restore Heaven Academy. Because of Thousand Corpse's sudden appearance, the second stage of the exam could only be cancelled. Everyone might as well enter the academy together, and as for who was more talented and outstanding, wasn't there still quite of lot of time to verify that?

They returned to Nine Dragons Mountain again, and passed through the mountain gates. The large-scale formation had already been activated here and concealed Nine Dragons Mountain, turning it into a sea of clouds. Only those with the academy's identity token could come and go freely.

Everyone was moved by the five great sect's considerateness. Apparently, the five great sects valued them greatly, spending great efforts to build the Restore Heaven Academy. Ling Han, however, sneered inwardly. This formation had definitely been set up several tens of millennia ago, or even earlier, and now it was simply reactivated.

As the saying went, history was written by victors, and now it was reflected vividly and thoroughly. The five great sects were obviously murderers that brought disaster to the vast lands, but under the makeover and brainwash of ten millennia, they became the leaders that saved the world in desperate crisis, truly bringing shamelessness to new heights.

Ling Han didn't tell more people about the five great sect's true colors in fear that some would lose composure, and give the five great sects an inkling that they'd been seen through.

Only when he had absolute strength would he be able to overturn those five great mountains.

With his hands behind his back, Ling Han walked on the wide streets behind the mountain gates. They extended for over ten miles, and at the end were small-scale halls. Under the splendor of the gorgeous clouds, they were like celestial palaces, floating in midair.

"The Spirit Qi here is so dense!"

"Yes, at least ten times stronger than what's outside!"

"My goodness, cultivating here, the effects wouldn't be any inferior to using Origin Crystals!"

"Moreover, the higher it is, the denser the Spirit Qi is!"

Everyone soon discovered more secrets, and their expressions were all filled with delight. When they glanced at the palace halls again, their expressions were all different.

The palace halls had different heights and different Spirit Qi density, so living in a low area or a high area, cultivating speed could vary extremely.

Was this the difference between advanced students and normal students?

At this moment, a fierce competitive mentality was buried in everyone's hearts. There were only a few dozen palace halls in the high area, so only a few dozen could occupy them.

Xiu, an old man came over treading on air and emitted the presence of the Deity Transformation Tier, making everyone halt.

"From now on, you guys are all disciples of the Restore Heaven Academy," the old man said. He wore an azure long robe, which was washed extremely cleanly and showed quite some age, as the fabric had already begun to turn white.

He swept a glance at everyone, and continued, "You guys should've discovered it already, but the Spirit Qi here is dense, and the higher it is, the higher its quality. However, the Restore Heaven Academy has Restore Heaven Academy's rules, and whatever level you are, you can only cultivate in your respective places."

He paused shortly and gave everyone time to digest his words, and then went on. "The academy divides the students into four levels based on Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow, with Heaven Grade being the highest, and Yellow Grade being the lowest."

"Heaven Grade students can live at the summit, while Yellow Grade students can only live at the foot of the mountain."

"It won't hurt telling you guys, the summit's Spirit Qi is ten times denser than that on the foot of the mountain's!"

Ten times!

Everyone was shocked. Although Spirit Qi density increased by ten times didn't mean that cultivation speed could increase by ten times, but one or two times was possible, right? They could only increase cultivation speed by one to two folds by taking all sorts of medicinal pills, so what did one to two times imply?

"Hehe. Originally, you guys would've been divided into four levels based on your score in the second stage, but now… everyone is Yellow Grade! But don't worry!"

The azure-robed old man gesticulated with his hands, and continued, "Want to become a Black Grade, Earth Grade, or a Heaven Grade student? It's simple. You guys can challenge those above. See those palace halls? If someone resides there, you guys can challenge those there, win, and then take over their place. Hehe, students of four levels not only live in different places, but also receive enormously different cultivation resources."

"Even more, Heaven Grade students can occasionally receive lectures by Shattering Void Tier elites on the truth of martial arts!"

Everyone was moved. The last words were too lethal. Shattering Void Tiers elites instructing them… even an insensate stone could attain mastery with such treatment, not to mention geniuses like them.

"Then… what if one loses a challenge?" someone asked.

"Lose?" The azure-robed old man revealed an ominous smile. "Then obviously take responsibility for the consequences! Our Restore Heaven Academy selects present-age geniuses, future gods of war that can pass down the seeds of martial arts. No need for good-for-nothings, and no need for cowards!"

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts. Take responsibility for the consequences? It meant that should they be crippled or even killed, no one would care!

Apparently, challenges couldn't be issued thoughtlessly.

"However, since you guys didn't complete the second round of exams, there are quite a few Earth Grade and Black Grade palace halls still vacant. You guys can occupy them without having to challenge others," the azure-robed old man went on.

Everyone was instantly overjoyed. Now, those already checked in were definitely fierce people who received direct entry to the academy and were basically unbeatable, but contending with others, they were still considerably assured.

"Each person can accept at most one challenge a day, and if injured, one can apply for meditation to evade battle—at most for three months, but only two times each year," the azure-robed old man continued.

Everyone nodded. No matter how much of a genius you were, if you were taken on in turns, you'd still be defeated; this would completely meaningless.

"Alright, you guys can go." The azure-robed old man waved his hand, and flew up, treading towards the summit.

Everyone looked at each other, and hurriedly took to their heels. They didn't run, because before they came in, they were told that the academy forbid flying in here… unless it was during a battle.

They all wanted to seize the few remaining Earth Grade, or Yellow Grade palace halls, so they obviously ran speedily.

When they reached the end of the mountain path, they saw a person was sitting cross-legged there with eyes tightly closed, as if mediating, or as if dozing off.

"Small Saber King!" someone instantly cried out.
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