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The great Corpse King immediately got up, but fell down again right after, because its other leg also decayed.

It reached out with its arms to crawl, but its arms both decayed one after another, leaving only its body and head. However, its body was also decaying rapidly, reaching its chest, then its neck, till its entire head also disappeared.

"No…" the Ninth Underworld King and Rong Huan Xuan both cried out. For such a powerful Corpse King to actually die in this way…

"Hahaha!" The Sword King and the other two great elites were startled momentarily, and then couldn't help but burst into laughter.

The great Corpse King was seeking its own death. Earlier, it evolved into sixteen eyes, seventeen eyes, and eighteen eyes, which was drawing from its core, allowing it to rise to the limit in the way one would dry a pond to fish—the price it paid was immediately seen.

Its body couldn't support such a tier at all, and directly rotted away.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "See, heavens won't tolerate it as expected! Rong Huan Xuan, come here for a battle."

A battle at the same tier? There was no way Rong Huan Xuan dared to fight Ling Han hand to hand—this would be seeking his own death. In the Thousand Corpse Sect, other than the person who wielded Demonic Noise Saber focusing on the path of martial arts, the others all used Corpse Soldiers as support, and without the support of powerful Corpse Soldiers, their battle prowess truly wasn't much.

Rong Huan Xuan simply snorted. Although he was pained by the loss of that great Corpse King, he'd only acquired it cheaply, and so only ached for a short while, simply feeling it a great pity.

However, the Ninth Underworld King felt a heartache to the bones.

The Thousand Corpse Sect's scheme of several thousand years ended just like that, and it also exhausted all water in the Pond of the Underworld. Paying such a great price yet ending this way was like drawing water with a sieve—how could he keep calm?

But, people couldn't possibly believe that the great Corpse King actually died in such a way.

Inconceivable and unbelievable, yet It happened so vividly.

No one would suspect Ling Han.

… A mere Spiritual Infant Tier could make a Corpse King grow crazily, ending with its own destruction? No way.

Since the Ninth Underworld King was a Shattering Void Tier warrior, he was obviously an adaptable person. The great Corpse King had already rotted away, and couldn't be saved. He stared at Rong Huan Xuan, revealing a grim smile at the corner of his mouth.

Then, he'd retrieve Three Lives Corpse Caskets, the price of which shouldn't be below that of the Corpse King.

"Ninth Underworld, where do you think you're going?" The Beast Snake King blocked him, revealing a smile at the corner of his mouth.

The Sword King reached out, and Origin Power turned into a large hand, attempting to snatch the Three Lives Corpse Caskets.

The Three Lives Corpse Caskets were useless for the five great sects, but taking it away could inflict massive blow to the Thousand Corpse Sect. Otherwise, the Thousand Corpse Sect with its the three treasures gathered would be extremely frightening.

Look, Thousand Corpse Sect had just acquired the Pond of the Underworld and already bred a Fifteen-eyed Corpse King. If it weren't for that Corpse King eating a wrong medicine and insisting on rushing towards eighteen eyes, how could it have destroyed itself?

The Three Lives Corpse Caskets were like the Pond's waters, so it could also breed a high-level Corpse King quickly. If it weren't so, the five great sects wouldn't have paid such a great price to destroy the Thousand Corpse Sect in former years. However, they weren't able to find Thousand Corpse Sect's true legacy, resulting in the revival of this force.

Thus, the Sword King obviously wanted to take Three Lives Corpse Caskets to the five great sects and seal them for eternity.

"You wish!" the Ninth Underworld King roared angrily and waved the Demonic Noise Saber, striking frantically towards the Beast Snake King. The saber rays startled the skies, looking extremely terrifying.

This time, he meant business. Earlier, whether it was starting a fight with the Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, or fighting hand to hand with the Beast Snake King, his goal was to stall them, but now, it was Beast Snake King that was stalling him; the stances offensive and defensive immediately switched.

The Ninth Underworld King let out a battle cry, and the Demonic Noise Saber emitted a terrifying baleful Qi. Weng, weng, weng, the long sword in Beast Snake King's hand actually trembled as if it were about to leave his grasp.

"Saber Heart!" Beast Snake King frowned. "How troublesome!"

After mastering the Heart of martial arts, the most apparent characteristic was being able to influence the weapon of others, forcing opponents to divert attention to their weapons lest they would turn on their user. It was nothing to joke about.

He simply put away the longer sword. Anyway, he wasn't an expert in sword techniques, and formed claws with both hands, throwing himself towards the Ninth Underworld King. His hands glowed with azure metallic luster, and he was actually able to forcibly withstand the Demonic Noise Saber.

Below, Rong Huan Xuan turned pale with fright, and hurriedly escaped into the Three Lives Corpse Caskets, worming downwards with three caskets. In front of three treasured caskets, the earth was as if made of water, and the caskets immediately right in, no longer visible to the naked eye.

"Take him down!" the Ninth Underworld King roared loudly.

Everyone was surprised—whom was he roaring to?

Strangely, a black smoke floated over from afar and entered where the Three Lives Corpse Caskets disappeared. The Sword King sneered and defended with his sword, also burying into the earth.

He was too powerful, and with Sword Heart clearing the way, no matter how tough the rock layers were, they were as if made of tofu, incapable of slowing down his movement for even a moment.

However, with the black smoke joining the fray, incidents could occur; it was also an extremely strong elite.

Ling Han couldn't help but be moved. That was… Asura Demon Emperor!

That feeling was too familiar. It was precisely the Demonic Qi which he came in contact with many times! However, that was apparently not Demonic Emperor's double suppressed in the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, but one that came from another place.

The double from the Devil Sky Mystery realm had already been terribly tricked by Ling Han, and obviously couldn't move at all, but there were still eight other mystery realms that suppressed Demon Emperor's doubles. At the time, the Demon Emperor was powerful to point of being unkillable, and could only be suppressed in nine parts. Now, even if one double came out, it would be extremely terrifying.

Unlike the first double adhered onto Rong Huan Xuan's identity, this demon double was evidently ridiculously strong, reaching the Shattering Void Tier, and was used by the Ninth Underworld King as the last trump card.

Perhaps, a powerful Corpse King's skeletal remains were used as a vessel for Demon Emperor's soul. Anyway, an existence like him could move adhered onto anything.

The Sword Emperor against the Demon Emperor, who was stronger?

In only a short while, the Sword Emperor broke through from the earth, shook his head, and said, "Stopped by a mysterious person, I couldn't intercept the Three Lives Corpse Caskets."

The Ninth Underworld King was somewhat disappointed, but also let out a sigh of relief.

Taking the Three Lives Corpse Caskets back from the five great sects and taking them back from Rong Huan Xuan's hands, the difficulty levels were obviously completely different.

"Hehe, everyone, let's gather again in the future!" He put away the Demonic Noise Saber and turned to leave.

The Sword King and the other two didn't stop him.

They could kill the Ninth Underworld King together, but an elite at such a level desperately was capable of dragging one down with him no matter the cost, neither of them would be able to escape. Thus, when it wasn't necessary, Shattering Void Tier elites would never carry out a life or death battle.

"The world… is going to be in disarray!" the Sword King said dully.

The Azure Phoenix Divine Empress and the Beast Snake King didn't remark, but they revealed expressions of caution.

Thousand Corpse Sect's reappearance, the appearance of the Third Killing Formation on someone's body, and now there was one more mysterious person filled with evil. It was only one to two hundred years until the start of refining the Realm Pill, and these elites were all capable of being variables in this matter.
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