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Only Hu Niu wasn't the least bit concerned, and said, "Don't worry, nothing could possibly happen to Niu's Ling Han! Otherwise, Niu will eat the skies!"


As if the skies heard it, a thundercloud appeared, and an eyeball appeared indistinctly within it, blinking and staring at Hu Niu. However, after a single glance, the eye disappeared, and the thunderclouds dispersed quickly.


Everyone was shocked speechless.

Evidently, Hu Niu's outrageous words drew heaven and earth's reaction, alarming the Eye of Heavenly Dao. This meant that the Eye of Heavenly Dao would mete out a punishment in heaven's stead, launching heavenly tribulation to strike the person who went against the heavenly dao.

However, the Eye of Heavenly Dao only took a glance at Hu Niu and disappeared; it was scared off no matter how one thought of it!

Who the hell could believe this?

Fortunately, everyone's focus was on the battle afar, and although they discovered the appearance of thunderclouds, no one noticed what caused it and what made it disperse. Otherwise, this would definitely be more shocking than the Third Killing Formation being a person.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, Ling Han turned into lightning, and raced towards Ghost Lock Ravine.

He had no intention of being a hero, and simply did what he could do, which was to pick up a piece of skeletal corpse that the Corpse King dropped and curse the Corpse King to death with the Vial of Curses. As for whether a monster like the Corpse King could be cursed to death, he had completely no idea.

Doing one's best and being worthy of one's conscience would be enough.

He had the Black Tower, and didn't need to worry about his life.

Ling Han's speed was very fast, and several hundred miles' distance was soon behind him. As the fallout of the battle was struck down, he evaded as much as possible, and entered the Black Tower when it really couldn't be dodged. Now, no one would pay attention to an unimportant person like him.

Moreover, being separated so far, on top of the battle's ripples, the ones with low strength couldn't see him even if they stared in his direction.

However, the area already turned into a wasteland here, and searching for a piece of Corpse King's bone was… difficult! Too difficult.

The majority had been smashed into ashes by the battle's residual ripples, and the leftover parts were buried under the rubble; wanting to find one was like fishing a needle out of the sea. To curse to death such a large and powerful Corpse King, a small piece of bone was probably not enough, right?

Not only did he have to search, but he had to find many pieces.

Ling Han searched, but firstly, it was originally like fishing out a needle from the sea, and secondly, he had to look out for the residual ripples of the battle that swept down from the skies. To make matters worse, with the sweep of a residual ripple, the ruins of the valley would change greatly, and he would have to search again, undoubtedly increasing the difficulty.

Truly distressing.

Distressing wasn't a solution, and Ling Han was still conscientiously searching. If this Corpse King were to really come into being fully evolved, then the scourge it would bring upon the world would be unimaginable. All the common people were crucial to opening the skies in the future. With one more person, the power of the nation would be that much stronger, and the certainty of opening the skies would be that much more.

In the sky, the fierce battle was naturally still going on.

Azure Phoenix Divine Empress struggled with the seven great Corpse Kings. Although her battle prowess was clearly superior, the Corpse Kings had each an indestructible body, and their battle prowess was unharmed no matter how she slashed and riddled them with wounds, still constraining her for good.

This mighty Shattering Void Tier elite finally erupted with fury and stored away Heavenly Phoenix Sword. With a loud shout, her entire person transformed into an azure phoenix—not large, only about ten meters long, and fifteen meters wide with wings spread open. Her entire body burned with azure-colored divine flames as she dove towards the seven Corpse Kings.

Ang!" Swept by the flames, the seven Corpse Kings all wailed; even their bodies couldn't endure such divine flames, which were very like to have surpassed the level of the Shattering Void Tier.

If they were martial artists, they'd obviously run if they couldn't bear it, but Corpse Soldiers didn't have intelligence; even the Corpse Kings were so as well, knowing only to fight desperately.

Thus, this also showed the dreadfulness of that giant Corpse King; only elites with intelligence could be called true elites.

"Hmph, so what of the Third Killing Formation? Can it trap me?" At this moment, the Sword King also began to unleash his might. Weng, in the near thousand-mile radius, everyone's weapons slipped out of their hands and rose into the sky, xiu, xiu, xiu, flying towards that ball of black mist.

"My sword!"

"My Black Mythical Treasured Saber!"

"My Sevenfold Lotus Spear!"

Everyone cried out, not knowing why'd they lost the control over their weapons all of a sudden. Even if they stored their weapons inside spatial rings, they could feel the weapons moving restlessly as if about to break out.

What was going on?

"Sword Heart! This is Sword Heart!"

"All the weapons in the world, all belong for my use!"

What, then how do I fight if I encounter someone with Sword Heart in the future, can't even hold the weapon in hand."

"No kidding, of those who could cultivate Sword Heart, which one isn't an exceptional elite? With or without a weapon, you couldn't possibly rival them."

Xiu, xiu, xiu, all sorts of weapons lined up in a row in the sky and flew towards the black mist, as if ten thousand swords returned to their master, paying respects to the Sword King. Weng, these weapons all lit up and were bound by terrifying martial intent.

That was Sword King's sword intent, which represented his supreme attainments on the sword path.


With a loud sound, the black mist was finally cut open; after the Sword King activated his ultimate move, the Third Killing Formation was finally broken open with attacks from the inside and the outside.

Pu, pu, pu, the tens of thousands of weapons in the sky fell down like scrap metal. The black mist swirled, transforming back into the cloaked man, who stood in the skies, seemingly unhurt.

The Sword King stood holding his word, and said indifferently, "Still want to stop me?"

"Hehe, no need," the Third Killing Formation said dully. "My mission is already complete."


The great elites looked down and saw that giant Corpse King was only fifteen meters tall, with a fourteenth eye on its forehead!

"Hmph, even with fifteen eyes, it will be subdued and killed here today!" Azure Phoenix Divine Empress said, enveloped by divine flames and constantly dive-attacking, making the seven Corpse Kings wail continuously.

The Ninth Underworld King snapped his fingers. The seven Corpse Kings immediately landed down and rushed into the ancient caskets, not fighting anymore.

The Sword King stared at that Corpse King below. His gaze emitted a shocking chill, shadows of sword surging in it, and with a sudden strike of the sword, he fired out a 3000-meter-long sword ray, striking towards the Corpse King.

10,000 Techniques Return to One!

"Sh*t!" Ling Han cursed, and hurriedly hid into the Black Tower. He obviously recognized this move, which was Heaven's Sword Sect's strongest single-target killing move. Activated by Sword King's strength, even ten Shattering Void Tiers elites joining hands probably wouldn't dare to fend it off directly.

The Sword King slashed at the giant Corpse King, but as long as there was a shred of residual ripple left over after his attack, it could also pose a deadly threat to Ling Han.

Hong, the terrifying Sword Ray struck, looking as if it was able to split the vast lands in two. The sky suddenly rolled with thunderclouds and the Eye of Heavenly Dao seemed to be appearing again. This attack was too strong, strong to the point of destroying this realm, making the Eye of Heavenly Dao interfere.


However, the moment the Sword Ray struck down, the giant Corpse King suddenly reached out and grabbed onto the Sword Ray.


Inside the Black Tower, Ling Han instantly spurted out. He knew better than anyone here the power in Sword King's attack. 10,000 Techniques Return to One could probably even cut open a physique made of divine metal, but it was actually grabbed bare-handedly by the giant Corpse King!
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