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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 671 The Third Killing Formation

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No one could see clearly, for the Sword King was enveloped inside a black mist. Only the flashes of indistinct sword lights could be seen, yet the cloaked man's attacks couldn't be seen at all.

The Sword King had really been trapped!

Everyone was greatly shocked. He was an exceptional expert that had comprehended Sword Heart Illumination, and was the world's strongest in terms of offensive power, but he was actually trapped, something completely unimaginable.

Azure Phoenix Divine Empress and the Beast Snake King couldn't help but stop their attacks and look towards the black mist, revealing a deeply thoughtful look.

The Ninth Underworld King unexpectedly didn't take the chance to attack. His objective was extremely clear, and that was to waste time, stalling till the Corpse King evolved completely. At that time, that at least Fifteen-eyed Corpse King would be enough to allow the Thousand Corpse Sect to establish their place as king on these lands.

Attacking now would be strenuous and unrewarding; that would really be what a fool would do.

Ling Han also stared at that ball of black mist and activated the Eye of Truth, seeing many details that other people couldn't see, even surpassing many Shattering Void Tier elites. After all, this was a Mystical Power!

His expression turned grave, his gaze bewildered and doubtful, and finally absolutely sure, blurting out, "The Third Killing Formation!"

"What?!" Zhu Xuan Er, Qin Lian Yue, and the others all cried out in surprise.

The Thousand Corpse Sect had besieged Million Treasures City with the Fourth Killing Formation, which ended up being neutralized by Feng Po Yun; otherwise, Million Treasures city would've long fallen into the grasp of the Thousand Corpse Sect. However, the Thousand Corpse Sect had first made arrangements for a long time, and only then did they besiege Million Treasures City. Moreover, the Fourth Killing Formation also wasn't complete, or else Feng Po Yun might not have been able to neutralize it.

But now… the Third Killing Formation?

The third should be more kickass than the fourth, but it was laid out just like that, so easily?

The shock on Ling Han's face hadn't faded. He saw more than other people, and said, "The Third Killing Formation… is that cloaked man!"

Zhu Xuan Er and the others felt pins and needles. How was it possible? The Third Killing Formation was a person?

"Young Master Han, could you be seeing wrong?" Li Feng Yu said. "How can a formation be a person?"

"No, no, Uncle Rabbit can guarantee, the Third Killing Formation is certainly a person," the rabbit said, and bit off a mouthful of spirit medicine. "Every few millennia or ten millennia, the heavens would hand down the killing formations to the world, sometimes on rocks or on metals, but sometimes, it would also be inscribed on a living spirit's body—the body as a killing formation, extinguishing the world.

"But…" It paused monetarily, "This is both a great fortune and a great misfortune. With a formation inscribed, one stands at the peak of the world, but would never be able to improve any further, because one's body is the formation, and would be limited by the formation."

Ling Han then looked towards the Ninth Underworld King, and said, "Perhaps, the Thousand Corpse Sect's price for requesting the Third Killing Formation's cooperation was related to this?"

"The Thousand Corpse Sect can free the Third Killing Formation from such a fate?" Qin Lian Yue cried out in surprise. This was too unimaginable. If this person could become a god, wouldn't he be able to kill gods and murder celestials?

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "Probably not. Since he can't cultivate, I assume this person's lifespan is also limited, but think about it, what does Thousand Corpse Sect do?"

Refine corpses!


Everyone gasped in astonishment. "Could it be, the Third Killing Formation wants to refine himself into a corpse soldier and live forever?"

"Possibly!" Ling Han nodded. "The Thousand Corpse Sect is also divine— also a great ancient sect, possessing all sorts of inconceivable methods. Simply refining one's flesh into a Corpse Soldier yet maintaining one's soul before death might seem an inconceivable thing for us, but for them, it might not be impossible."

Everyone nodded their heads. It was no wonder the cloaked man still rejected when the Sword King represented the five great sects to offer him better conditions, because even if the current life-extending spirit medicines were provided infinitely, they would at most allow someone to live a few hundred more years.

However, refining the body into a Corpse Soldier, with the Third Killing Formation inscribed on it… perhaps such a body would be able to last eternally. Even if the Third Killing Formation's soul couldn't bear the passing of time and eventually die one day, over several tens of millennia, a new soul might be birthed within his tough body.

What could move such an elite was no more than lifespan.

This was also exactly what Thousand Corpse Sect could give, and what the five ancient sects couldn't.

"Hahaha, I understand. Your body is the formation!" Sword King's bright laughter came from within the black mist, showing that he wasn't in life-threatening danger despite being trapped. "If I didn't see wrong, what's inscribed on your body is the Third Killing Formation, right?"

With that said, Azure Phoenix Divine Empress and the Beast Snake King turned pale. Standing at their height, it was very difficult to die; death would come either by the might of a heavenly tribulation or the end of one's lifespan, and it was basically impossible to be killed by other elites.

But, it was different with the Third Killing Formation. The Ten Killing Formations were used to facing elites. The First Killing Formation was known to kill gods, and was the strongest weapon of this realm; even the descended gods would be terrified of it.

The period of ten millennia was near, and a new Realm Pill would be refined in no more than a few hundred years. At this time, a person bringing the Third Killing Formation suddenly appeared, unexpectedly becoming a new variable.

The Third Killing Formation could kill Shattering Void Tier elites.

But, it was also just a possibility. At least, the Sword King was powerful enough, and wasn't killed by the killing formation.

Sword rays radiated and continuously flashed within the black mist. The Sword King was unleashing his divine might, bombarding the Third Killing Formation.

This was the contest for the strongest "spear".

The Sword King was known for fierce and quick attacks, and killing formations also obviously had extremely terrifying attack power. Now that the two people who possessed attack powers that were almost the strongest in this world clashed, the slash of an attack's aftershock could burst and shatter the stars all over the sky.

Due to the existence of astral winds, large amounts of star fragments were long shattered in the horizon, but some would fall down, with no lack of high-tier rare metals, and even tenth-tier rare metals; whoever picked it up would profit a great deal.

Everyone continued to retreat. The two beings who were known for terrifying attacks were fighting, and it wasn't safe enough even if they'd already retreated several hundred miles away. Retreating any further, they really couldn't see the battle clearly, and could only indistinctly see the bursts of light in the skies.

Only Ling Han could still see everything clearly. He stood high above in the sky and activated the Eye of Truth, yet what he looked towards was that Corpse King.

Now, its body already shrank to around thirty meters, and the thirteenth eye also burst forth on its forehead.

The thirteenth eye… even if the Sword King got away now, he might not be able to cause it any harm.

No! Ling Han said inwardly. The Thousand Corpse Sect came prepared this time, and even if the exceptional elites of the five great sects appeared, the Thousand Corpse Sect would still have reserved a trump card in reply. So, if things continued on like this, the Corpse King would finish its final transformation, becoming an invincible being.

No matter whether it was the Thousand Corpse Sect, or the five great sects, Ling Han didn't wish them to become any stronger.

"You guys stay here!" Ling Han commanded. His figure dashed out, shooting towards Ghost Lock Ravine… of course, now the ravine already turned into ruins, and probably after this fight, it would turn into Ghost Lock Lake.

"Brother Han!"

"Young Master Han!"

Zhu Xuan Er and the others shouted, not wanting him to take risks.

Ling Han waved his hand and turned his body into lightning, flying swiftly away.
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