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Azure Phoenix Divine Empress battled the seven Nine-eyed Corpse Kings, while the Sword King dueled the Ninth Underworld King, and lastly, the Twelve-eyed Corpse King was undergoing a transformation below them.

The situation became extremely delicate. If Azure Phoenix Divine Empress could break through the encirclement and then block Ninth Underworld King, the Sword King would be able to destroy the Twelve-eyed Corpse King, directly striking it with Sword Heart Illumination to sever the Twelve-eyed Corpse King's soul spirit.

Without a soul spirit, the Corpse King would just be a Corpse Soldier, and no matter how formidable its power, the threat it could pose would be limited.

If they were delayed for too long, allowing the Twelve-eyed Corpse King to complete its transformation, evolving into fifteen-eyed, or even stronger… If it then joined the battle, it would be able to suppress the Sword King and Azure Phoenix Divine Empress.

Quite a few people already started to flee. Continuing to spectate the battle carried an extremely great risk; if the Thousand Corpse Sect won, then it would be a disaster for everyone.

Ling Han was still calm. He still had the Black Tower as a trump card, and wasn't afraid no matter how dangerous the circumstances.

Although neither of the two sides is good, there's still some time before the divine plane descends. I can still found a country to open the skies and avert the calamity, but if the Thousand Corpse Sect has the advantage, then all living things will immediately plunge into misery!

He made up his mind: the sword in his hand had to be pointed at Thousand Corpse Sect now.

However, all who appeared on the field were Shattering Void Tier beings, and it wouldn't matter if he charged up—he'd only turn into ash!

Can the skeletal corpses be picked up to curse that big monster to death? Ling Han pointed at that Twelve-eyed Corpse King. Earlier, it was hurt by Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, Heavenly Phoenix tool spirit, and the Sword King, and there were many bone fragments on the ground.

Such a large amount, he wouldn't believe that it wouldn't curse this damned thing to death.

However, the problem was, how would he pick them up? The surrounding area was filled with the fluctuation of Shattering Void Tier aura. Not to mention, his current physique was only at the Deity Transformation Tier, yet even if it were at the Heaven Tier, he still might not be able to endure up close.

Please go fight in the skies, Ling Han said inwardly. Only if these people all ran into the sky to fight fiercely would he have the chance to pick some of these white bones and curse that giant Corpse King to death.

This giant monster not dying would definitely be a super calamity.

"Beast Snake King, why don't you come out!" Azure Phoenix Divine Empress suddenly shouted.

"Gaga, seeing you guys fight so enthusiastically, this lord didn't want to bother you guys." With an uncanny laugh, an old man appeared quietly, his figure slightly stooped, but examining closely, he wasn't actually a hunchback, but rather twisted like a snake.

Behind him, there was also a silhouette of a giant snake with a pointy and flat head that emitted an ominous glint.

The Beast Snake King, Earth Dragon Sect's Shattering Void Tier elite!

"Snake King, block this old corpse for me, I'll go kill that Corpse King!" the Sword King said calmly. The focus now was on the evolving Corpse King. If it truly reached the level of fifteen eyes, then there should be no one at the scene that could kill it.

Its defense would be invincible.

The Beast Snake King laughed loudly, and said, "Sure, leave this place to this lord." Their relationship was far from good, but now that they were opposing Thousand Corpse Sect, everyone obviously stood on the same side.

The Sword King immediately charged downwards. The Ninth Underworld King wanted to stop him, but the Beast Snake King covered promptly and struck with a palm. His arm actually turned into a giant python over 3000 meters long and twisted around the Ninth Underworld King, and with its terrifying martial intent activated and vein-like patterns radiating, the Ninth Underworld King was forced to ward it off first.

Reaching their level, no one dared to the let their opponent attack as they pleased. That would truly be handing over one's life.

Sword King's figure shot downwards, and he was about to seal the fingers on his right hand and slash out, but his figure suddenly halted, his expression turning stern.

"Sword King, what the heck are you doing?" Azure Phoenix Divine Empress immediately shouted.

"This lord blocking this old corpse for you was not for you to go sightseeing," Beast Snake King also said in displeasure.

The Ninth Underworld King revealed a grim smile, just as if victory was within his grasp.

The Thousand Corpse Sect schemed for several thousand years, and even recently injected the Corpse King with the water from the Pond of the Underworld, one of the three most valued treasures of their sect. Scheming so meticulously, would they not have been prepared for any crises?

On the contrary, they were definitely well prepared, and it was rather the five great sects that were caught off-guard.

However, what formidable enemy did the Sword King encounter?

"Come out!" The Sword King looked towards a corner, his gaze like sword, piercing through the void.

"As expected of the Sword King. I only revealed a tiny bit of killing intent, and you discovered me." A figure appeared from thin air. He seemed to be able to hide within the air, appearing suddenly and seeming extremely strange.

This person wore a cloak, and was thoroughly wrapped from head to toe. No one could see how he looked, and if it weren't for his manly voice, even his sex couldn't have been determined.

However, judging from just the voice was unreliable since experts could totally change their own voices.

"Reaching our level, yet still needing to hide in the shadows, how ugly must your lordship be for you not to dare show yourself to others?" Sword King said the to the cloaked man with clear intent of prodding him.

The cloaked man didn't care at all, but rather followed Sword King's tone and said, "Correct, I certainly am ugly. It's better that others don't see me."

He had no intention to act at all, because his mission was to block anyone who attacked the large Corpse King. As long as the other party didn't attack, he was obviously glad to be relaxed.

The Sword King stared at the other person; this person's presence was inapparent, looking extremely normal, but it was precisely this that made him feel it troublesome.

Returning to a natural state and becoming unfathomable.

"Is your lordship here by request of the Ninth Underworld King?" Sword King asked.

"That's right." The cloaked man nodded. His mission was to stall for time, so he obviously didn't mind conversing with the Sword King about some insignificant things.

"What benefits did Ninth Underworld King give you, we"—he pointed at himself, Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, and Beast Snake King, revealing a faint smile—"can give you double."

"Truly a touching proposition, but I don't think you guys can give it to me," the cloaked man said.

"Say it, whether or not we can, that's for us to decide," the Sword King said with a smile.

The cloaked man laughed loudly, and said, "What a Sword King, hiding swords in each word, trying to fish out my identity?" For elites at their level, the treasures they needed were extremely rare, and it would be easy to guess the other person's identity from that point. "Unfortunately, even if I told you, you couldn't possibly guess it."

"So why not say it?" Sword King said with a smile.

The cloaked man shrugged, and said, "Attack, and you'll know."

The Sword King stared at the cloaked man, and after a while, he revealed a raging battle spirit. With the shake of his right hand, a long sword appeared, and his entire aura began to skyrocket. Although he was originally ridiculously strong, it'd seemed like an exceptional heavenly sword hidden in a sheath, and at this moment, the sharp sword was finally unsheathed.

Rays of light were shining in all directions, supremacy over all.

The cloaked man was unfazed, and simply stood with his hands behind his back, appearing extremely arrogant.

The Sword King attacked, and xiu, the long sword was brandished, Sword Qi soaring into the sky. Peng, peng, peng, the stars all over the sky were shattered into pieces again, turning into a meteor shower.

The Sword Qi collided, yet the cloaked man was strangely destroyed as he turned into a field of mist, encircling the Sword King.
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