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Azure Pheonix Divine Empress was filled with fear. No one knew that the Thousand Corpse Sect actually had their eyes on this place several thousand years ago and deliberately laid out special formations to transform the countless corpses underground, fusing them into a super Corpse King.

One had to know that there weren't just living beings buried from the great battle ten millennia ago. There were powerful elites from twenty millennia, thirty millennia, and even a hundred millennia ago here too. The five great sects were just repeating the experience every ten millennia. The Restore Heaven Academy, for example, existed ten millennia ago, and a hundred millennia ago, constructed here as well. But, at the time, Nine Dragons Mountain wasn't called Nine Dragons Mountain.

This had always been one of the three great battlefields where the five great divine sects fought the final battle against the martial artists of the vast lands. Over several hundred millennia, how many elites were buried?

The majority obviously were wasted into ash, but the skeletal remains of the elites in the recent hundred millennia were mostly preserved. Although some were heavily damaged, there was still no match for the amount of corpses here.

Tens of thousands of corpses of elites fused together, combined with Thousand Corpse Sect's most valuable treasure, the water from the Pond of the Underworld, which could even resuscitate the martial intent in some of the corpses, so how strong would the Corpse King become?

"You guys have taken over this world for too many years, it's time to yield it to us," the Ninth Underworld King said dully.

"Nonsense!" Azure Phoenix Divine Empress snorted. She knew the Thousand Corpse Sect created such a Corpse King in order to resist the elites that would descend from the divine plane. True gods could unleash divine power at key moments, firing out attacks that couldn't even be blocked by the Shattering Void Tier opponents.

However, if this Corpse King continued to grow, it would truly reach the level of gods, and stand off against them!

… It didn't really need to fight off gods. As long as it could block one of a god's attack, then the god would be ejected by the rules of this world. An extremely great price had to be paid to come here from the god realm, and not many people could be sent here.

The reasons to choose to refine all living things every ten millennia were: firstly, it was necessary to give the vast lands time to recover, allowing martial arts and the environment to reach the pinnacle again. Secondly, the price was too great to send gods down often, and it could only be done once every ten millennia, or else even the five great divine sects would be pained.

"Hehe, then Divine Empress, it wouldn't hurt to watch idly," the Ninth Underworld King said indifferently.

Azure Phoenix Divine Empress sneered, and said, "Don't you forget, the Restore Heaven Academy isn't established by my sect alone. Did you really think that this empress was the only Shattering Void Tier that keeps watch here?"

"Ninth Underworld King, seems like your cultivation has progressed again." Right as Azure Phoenix Divine Empress finished her words, a man in white clothing also appeared in the sky, a sword map spread open behind him, glowing resplendently.

"Sword King!" The Ninth Underworld King's eyes contracted; he seemingly felt more fearful of him.

Ling Han saw everything, and couldn't help but feel it strange. According to Feng Po Yun's information, Azure Phoenix Divine Empress was already a consummate Shattering Void Tier elite, but the Sword King obviously hadn't reached the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier.

Azure Phoenix Divine Empress even possessed True Phoenix Bloodline, so no matter how he thought about it, she should be the more powerful one. However, by the look of Ninth Underworld King's expression, he seemed to be more fearful of Sword King, which was something quite surprising.

Sword King placed his hands behind his back, his expression calm as he said to Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, "Divine Empress, should I first help you kill this fiend, or kill that Corpse King first?"

"Corpse King!" Azure Divine Phoenix Empress said unhesitatingly, and with a phoenix cry, the Heavenly Phoenix flew back into the Heavenly Phoenix Sword.

The tool spirit returned, and this tenth-tier Spirit Tool was also restored to its strongest state.

"Alright!" Sword King said insipidly, appearing extremely calm and unrushed.

He closed his fingers, shaping them like a sword, and struck towards the Corpse King.

A terrifying scene appeared. He actually fired out a Sword Ray over 600 meters long, slashing towards the Corpse King.

A Sword Ray's length decided the Sword Ray's power!

He only used his fingers to unleash Sword Qi, yet it was more frightening than Azure Phoenix Divine Empress using a tenth-tier Spirit Tool. No wonder it was he who was the Sword King.

The Corpse King placed its arms before its body, forcibly taking this Sword Ray on. Pu, its arms were instantly left with a deep sword mark, and its entire body was pressured into sliding backwards, shoveling out two deep ditches.

The Corpse King roared angrily, yet didn't dare to charge over to fight, which came to many people as a surprise.

The Sword King actually terrified the Corpse King!

Who could believe it?

The Ninth Underworld King coughed lightly, and said, "Since the two of you have appeared, this lord might need to be more serious." He sucked in with his mouth and let out a strange call, and instantly, seven ancient caskets slid over from afar. Peng, peng, peng, the casket lids flew off, and seven Corpse Soldiers jumped out from within.

Nine eyes, nine eyes, nine eyes… all of them were Nine-eyed Corpse Kings!

"You guys play with Divine Empress. As for the Sword King, let this lord handle it." The Ninth Underworld King shook the Demonic Noise Saber lightly. "Sword King, this lord has long heard your attainments in the sword path have already reached the level of Sword Heart Illumination. Actually, this lord's mastery in the saber path isn't low, either, and this lord has long wanted to spar with you a little."

Sword Heart Illumination!

Ling Han suddenly realized something—no wonder Sword King was taken more seriously despite clearly falling short of matching Azure Phoenix Divine Empress in tier. It was because the Sword King already reached the extreme on the sword path, not only achieving Sword Heart, but also its highest tier.

Sword Heart Illumination—nothing couldn't be cut; even soul spirits were no exception!

… Your was flesh tough and invulnerable? No problem, I'd just strike your soul, turning you into a zombie.

Ling Han also felt greatly fearful. His body was comparable to rare metals one tier higher in toughness, but even if he reached the Shattering Void Tier, Sword King could still annihilate his soul spirit with a sword strike.

This was definitely an opponent that no one would dare underestimate.

The Ninth Underworld King immediately carried out an attack, not giving the Sword King any chances to attack the Corpse King again. The seven Nine-eyed Corpse Kings also charged towards Azure Phoenix Divine Empress.

The Thousand Corpse Sect was truly formidable!

There was clearly only Ninth Underworld King alone, yet he could simultaneously fight Azure Phoenix Divine Empress and the Sword King, giving the Corpse King time and space to evolve.

"Ang…" The Corpse King's viciousness erupted. The water of the Pond of the Underworld circulated within its body, causing it to undergo a super fast transformation, but this process was also extremely painful—even Corpse Soldiers' bodies which were without sense of pain could feel it.

It already gradually entered several thousand years, and not long ago, it received the injection of the Pond's water, causing this process to leap suddenly. After it awakened, this process was still accelerating.

Pa, pa, pa, the bones all over its body crackled violently, and countless bone fragments fell down. Its body was shrinking rapidly, yet its presence was growing explosively.

In a short while, another eye grew out from its forehead!

Twelve eyes, even stronger.

Its transformation hadn't ended, as its body continued to shrink, and its strength continued to increase.

Ninth Underworld King laughed loudly. The scheme that the sect had spent several thousand years laying out finally was about to bear fruit.

Once the Pond of the Underworld's water was completely absorbed by the Corpse King, it could completely merge with over ten thousand corpses, reaching at least the level of fifteen eyes. At that time, its defense alone would be without match in the world.

At this time, martial intent came alive, and against Sword Heart Illumination, it also possessed extremely great defensive power; even Sword King would find it hard to hurt it.

The Thousand Corpse Sect was bound to rise up in this lifetime!
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