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That was truly a large one!

Everyone revealed shocked looks. It was a colossal monster, three hundred meters in height, and its entire body was made up of corpses. At least ten thousand corpses formed its current body, instilling fear into people as they beheld it.

Each corpse seemed to come alive, extending its white boney arms and opening its mouth as if screaming.

The land cracked open, and this colossal skeleton stood on the mountains, emitting a demonic-god-like presence.

Ling Han couldn't see through this monster's strength, because this guy wasn't a normal martial artist; it was assembled by over ten thousand corpses, somehow seeming to have obtained a second life.

He only felt one thing—this monster was very strong and extremely powerful!

"This… this can't also be part of the examination that the academy is giving us, can it?" Li Feng Yu swallowed his saliva, his eyes popping out.

"I'm afraid even the Restore Heaven Academy can't create such a monster." Ling Han shook his head. The objective of the five great ancient sects was for obtaining a Realm Pill once every ten thousand years, so they couldn't possibly research such a thing.

To say it was the Thousand Corpse Sect was more likely.

Wait, why were there so many skeletal corpses? Moreover, each skeletal corpse was so powerful, at least with the Heaven Tier cultivation, so could it be… this place was once a battlefield in the ancient times—the place of the final battle between the martial artists of the vast lands and the divine five great sects?

Otherwise, how could there possibly be so many powerful ancient corpses?

However, after these ancient corpses were buried for too many years, they evidently underwent an incredible change, turning into a Corpse King. Over ten thousand Heaven Tier elites, even possibly with a few Shattering Void Tier beings… though having gone through countless years, the vein-like patterns on the bones remained, no longer having the divine brilliance at that time, the amount was there after all, so how terrifying would it be when combined?

"Go, go, go, go, go!" Ling Han said no more. He picked up Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu, and dashed for it.

After Qin Lian Yue, Li Feng Yu, and Li Zi Xian were startled momentarily, they also ran in a hurry… even the most formidable Ling Han chose to run, so they sure as hell weren't fighting.

However, some people didn't know fear, and even thought that this was part of the Restore Heaven Academy's examination, charging over enthusiastically.

The colossal corpse waved its giant hand, and instantly stirred up a storm. The entire ground was lifted like a carpet, and the few that charged up were instantly smashed into minced meat, while the terrifying power continued to sweep towards the others.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, Ling Han and the others were instantly sent flying several kilometers away, each one of them hacking out blood repeatedly.

It was also because Ling Han reacted quickly, immediately taking to his heels, or else, if they'd remained any closer, they'd have also been crushed into dust. Not only them, for there were also many people that were sent flying, but they were much worse off as some had their arms broken, some their legs, and some their sternum. Except for a few people who'd just entered the mountain valley, simply hacking out blood, the other people were all severely injured.

Even if the people here were all geniuses, they weren't even cannon fodder in front of this giant corpse monster—the gap was indescribably vast.

With this one attack, at least one-tenth of those who'd passed the first stage's test met an untimely end.

After this giant corpse monster let out an attack, it seemed to awaken from a daze. Crimson-colored rays came out from its two oculi, sweeping pass the living creatures below as it revealed a frightening smile.

This corpse monster… actually possessed its own consciousness?

Everyone felt a chill within. Corpse Soldiers were equivalent to puppets no matter how strong they were, and could always be dealt with, but once its intelligence was unlocked, that would be terrifying.

What could they do? It was apparent that this corpse monster targeted them and wanted their blood and flesh as food!

But being targeted by such a vicious monster, could they escape?

Ling Han thought whether he should use the Black Tower. This corpse monster probably reached the Shattering Void Tier level, and even surpassed normal Shattering Void Tiers, being simply unstoppable.

"Hmph, dare to run rampant here?" At this moment, a figure appeared in the sky. It was a woman wielding a long sword. She looked only thirty years old and wore palace clothing, graceful and gorgeous, looking extremely charming.

Ling Han's pupils involuntarily constricted—he couldn't see through this woman's cultivation at all.

"Azure Phoenix Divine Empress!" Qin Lian Yue and Li Feng Yu cried out simultaneously, looks of extreme admiration on their faces.

Azure Divine Phoenix Divine Empress, Cloud Phoenix Sect's current sect master, a Shattering Void Tier elite!

No, based on Feng Po Yun's statement, not only was she in the Shattering Void Tier, but also in its peak stage, the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier. In terms of tier, she was number one in the present age!

Being able to become the leader of one of the five great sects, how could Azure Divine Phoenix Empress not be a martial arts genius? It wasn't known how many hundreds of years old she was, yet she looked only in the thirties, her skin beautiful like jade, filled with elegant qualities.

The corpse monster seemed to be somewhat fearful of Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, and didn't attack immediately. Instead, it roared angrily towards the sky, and an eerie phenomenon occurred. A row of eye balls grew on its face—exactly nine of them.

Each eye emerged in a different color, but all were inclining towards blood-red without exception, emitting a threatening and frantic presence.

"Nine-eyed Corpse King!" Ling Han finally recalled a monster that appeared in legends.

"What Nine-eyed Corpse King?" There was no lack of curious people here, still having the mood to inquire at this time.

Ling Han brought everyone to retreat as he said, "Based on the Thousand Corpse Sect's classification of Corpse Soldiers' strength, altogether there's Bronze-Armored Corpse, Silver-Armored Corpse, Gold-Armored Corpse, the three large levels, with each including three small levels. So, we have a total of nine levels, conforming with the nine tiers of martial arts from Body Refining to Heaven Tier.

"And reaching Shattering Void Tier… the Corpse Soldier would be called a Corpse King!

"The Corpse King's strength is gauged based on how many spare eyes it grew, and one more eye is equivalent to one layer of tier."

Everyone was shocked, and said, "So that Corpse King possesses cultivation at the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier?"

Ling Han nodded, but the anxiousness on his face lessened significantly because Azure Divine Phoenix Maiden was consummate Shattering Void Tier elite. Even if she wasn't a super genius, as long as she possessed battle prowess that corresponded to her tier, she wouldn't be weaker than the Nine-eyed Corpse King.

This Corpse King had just evolved as expected, but once it formed, it possessed the strength of nine eyes, truly shocking.

"Nine-eyed Corpse King?" Azure Phoenix Divine Empress also snorted, and held out her long sword. Weng, vein-like patterns flashed, extremely resplendent.

"Heavenly Phoenix Sword!" Ling Han cried out, the look in his eyes extremely complicated.

This sword was the one used by Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden in previous years, but this sword had been only a ninth-tier Spirit Tool, and now it crossed into the tenth Tier. Apparently, after Heavenly Divine Phoenix Maiden charged into the Shattering Void Tier, she also nourished this treasured sword into a tenth-tier Spirit Tool.

Seeing something that reminded him of her, Ling Han was obviously extremely moved.

"Say, Boss, you've fixed your eyes on Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, leering, could you be moved?" Li Feng Yu went off with his big mouth again.
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