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Ling Han's arm collided with the treasured sword. Origin Power ripples clearly couldn't be seen, yet a chain of sparks burst as if two metal weapons were clashing.

Yuan Cheng He was immediately dumbfounded. You dang weirdo, you're actually able to resist seventh-tier Spirit Tool head on?

"How can your body be so hard," he cried out.

"If I'm not a bit kickass, how can I be your boss?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"You really got full of it." Yuan Cheng He snorted. "I admit that your physical body is extremely hard, but that's all it is. To defeat me, that alone won't' be enough!"

"Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "You've got so much superfluous talk, got to change it in the future. I like people that prefer action over words."

"Dream on!" Yuan Cheng He shouted, and raised his long sword. "Seven Swords Descend Mountain Yin, the second style, Unleashing a Horde of Ghosts!"

Xiu, xiu, xiu, with fierce sword shadows, evil ghosts appeared from thin air and charged towards Ling Han

"Oh, so it also has the effect of confusing the divine sense?" Ling Han snorted lightly, and used his arm like a longsword to strike, causing sword lights to fly, all-conquering.

He cultivated Diamond Body, and his physique was comparable to rare metal one tier higher in toughness. This meant that his arm was no different from a treasured sword forged from eighth-tier rare metal, and the hand was part of him. The vein-like lines naturally interwove in every inch of his blood and flesh, more like a Spirit Tool than a Spirit Tool.

Weng, with the "sword" strike, the power of it was heaven-shaking.


Yuan Cheng He was instantly struck flying, and his entire body trembled violently. That was because Ling Han used the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, which made him numb all over.

"How about it, convinced yet?" Ling Han said with a smile.

Yuan Cheng He was already half convinced. The opponent was definitely an expert in sword techniques. This Sword Ray could already prove it, but Ling Han used his arm as a sword, and was still able to fend off his ultimate move. This strength was obviously above his.

However, he was still unwilling to admit defeat like this. His immersing diligently in cultivation for so many years was not so that he'd accept some boss.

"I'm not convinced!" Yuan Cheng He said with a straightened neck, and raised his long sword again. "Seven Swords Descend Mountain Yin, the third style, A Yin Mountain Locks Ghosts!"

Ling Hang laughed loudly, and with a flash, he turned into lightning, weaving in between the opponent's Sword Qi. Arriving right before the opponent, he thrusted the sword at Yuan Cheng He's face.

Yuan Cheng He's face turned green; not only did Hu Niu know this move, but so did Ling Han!


Ling Han formed a fist with his right hand, and fired it at Yuan Cheng He's face. The powerful energy surged by and instantly sent Yuan Cheng He flying.

Pa, Yuan Cheng He fell on the ground, landing firmly on his back. He didn't have a strong physique, and he couldn't activate an Origin Power body shield just now, instantly making him groan in pain.

"Convinced yet?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"No, not convinced!" Yuan Cheng He said, bracing himself.

"That's good, I was afraid you'd admit defeat too early. I hadn't fought to my heart's content!" Ling Han laughed loudly, and charged up to launch a series of aggressive attacks.

Peng, peng, peng, Yuan Cheng He couldn't even move his sword now, being beaten by Ling Han.

Everyone exclaimed inwardly for his misfortune. This guy's luck was truly terrible, first being trampled on by Hu Niu, then trampled on by Ling Han, completely without any strength to fight back.

Not that Yuan Cheng He wasn't strong, it was quite the contrary—he was really very, very strong. Amongst the younger generation, he could probably try for top ten, but Ling Han and Hu Niu were too strong, strong to the point of surpassing the limit of the younger generation.

To suppress Ling Han and Hu Niu, one had to be half to one generation older than them. For example, the geniuses above thirty years old, like Small Saber King and Lang Ya Tian; otherwise, in the same age segment, there was probably no one that could rival Ling Han.

… Much less Hu Niu. The majority of people hadn't even awoken their spirit bases at the age of seven to eight, so how could they fight her?

"I, I admit defeat!" After being beaten so terribly, Yuan Cheng He finally couldn't bear it, and admitted defeat.

This was also because of the agreement earlier, or else he'd rather die and not give in.

Ling Han smiled slightly, tossed out a few bottles of medicinal pills casually, and said, "The red bottle is for healing, the blue bottle can instantly recover Origin Power, the purple bottle can aid in cultivation, increasing your conversion of Spirit Qi by a fold."

Not to mention Yuan Cheng He's surprise, even the other people also jumped out of their own skin.

Healing and recovering Origin Power were no big deal, but "increasing conversion of Spirit Qi by a fold" was truly shocking. For normal people, no matter whether it was the accumulation of Origin Power or comprehension of martial arts, either was slow, but both needed to be worked on simultaneously.

As for geniuses, the comprehension of martial arts was relatively easier, so the accumulation of Origin Power was the greater restriction to them.

Long story short, this was equivalent to increasing cultivation speed by a fold—so precious!

Yuan Cheng He was stirred up. He was forced to acknowledge Ling Han outwardly as a boss, rejecting it at heart, but now, this feeling of rejection began to dissolve.

Having such a boss wasn't so bad—rich and generous!

Ling Han smiled. Subduing someone was nothing more than applying kindness and might. After applying might earlier, now it was kindness's turn, and he wouldn't believe it wouldn't subdue this guy.

"Thank you, Boss," Yuan Cheng He said in a low voice, his face somewhat red. He'd never called anyone boss before.

"Call me Young Master Han in the future," Ling Han said. "Forget about boss and whatnot. We're not gangsters; that'd make us appear cheap."

"Yes, Young Master Han." Yuan Cheng He corrected smoothly… because Hu Niu was staring at him with baleful eyes. Apparently, if he dared to respond wrongly, the little girl would give him hell.

"Alright, you can go. I'll call you if there's anything." Ling Han waved his hand.

Yuan Cheng He was overjoyed. He'd thought Ling Han would send him here and there, like making him plunder rare stones or the like. Acknowledging this boss wasn't a loss; look, although he took a beating, he also received replenishment of lots of medicinal pills, the preciousness of which definitely surpassed the beating he took.

He was afraid that Ling Han would change his mind, so he hurriedly turned to leave.

Young Master Han, Young Master Han, I'll also take you for a boss. You can also bestow me some medicinal pills," Li Feng Yu said, puffing up his face. "How 'bout, you become my sister's husband?"

"Brother…" Li Zi Xian said, gritting her teeth. Why did this brother of hers always want to sell her?

Ling Han pondered, and said, "Alright, I'll take you as an underling." Although Big Mouth Li's strength wasn't anything great, the special trait of having a big mouth actually had favorable uses. In the future, if Ling Han were to rope in geniuses from all sides, a propagandist like this was needed.

"All right, Brother-in-law!" Li Feng Yu fawned on him.

Even Ling Han was speechless, and said, "You're not afraid that someone will really seal your mouth one day?"

"Hehe, Young Master Han! Young Master Han!" Li Feng Yu didn't dare to talk foolishly anymore, because not only Ling Han revealed a displeased look, Hu Niu and Zhu Xuan Er both revealed furious expressions as well. If he were to offend three people at once, then he would get more than he'd bargained for.

"Continue— what?!" Ling Han was just about to let everyone continue to move on, but it suddenly shook underneath his feet. The ground let out a groan, and an extremely terrifying crack was extending from afar at an extremely fast pace.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, everyone hurriedly flew up. The mist was dispersing quickly, and spiderweb-like fissures appeared over the entire mountain valley.

"Earthquake?" everyone cried out.

Ling Han looked into the distance, revealing a shocked look, and said, "It's not an earthquake. A big guy's coming out!"
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