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"Yuan Cheng He!" Li Feng Yu and Li Zi Xian both cried out in alarm simultaneously.

"Haha, since you know who I am, why don't you scramble?" the young man in tight attire said with a sneer.

Looking at the somewhat perplexed expression on Ling Han's face, Qing Lian Yue explained, "Yuan Cheng He, a disciple of the Magnificent Cloud Sect, just like Wenren Qian Qian, had been in secluded cultivation while rigorously cultivating. None have heard about him before, however, in recent times, he had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and defeated quite a number of veterans from the Spiritual Infant Tier; his strength is really formidable."

"Some have even compared him to be the equal of the likes of Yao Hui Yue and the Small Saber King."

Ling Han shook his head, and remarked, "The Small Saber King and Lang Ya Tian are both already nearing their forties, how old is Yao Hui Yue? They are clearly of two different generations, how could they be placed on the same level to compare. However, I doubt that this guy could be stronger than Yao Hui Yue."

"What are you still whispering and muttering about?" Yuan Cheng He snapped, his voice laced with annoyance. Aware of his mighty reputation though they were, why did they not get lost?

Li Feng Yu said in a low voice, "I shall catch his attention and distract him while all of you leave first." He immediately transformed his face into a smiling expression and scampered over towards Yuan Cheng He. "Big Brother Yuan, I am Li Feng Yu. I have long heard of Big Brother Yuan's mighty reputation. It is my good fortune and honor to finally meet you today. As expected, Brother Yuan has an awe-inspiring presence, and could exude a golden brilliance just by merely standing there. The shine cast upon the innermost being of a little brother like me makes me feel as if there is another red sun in my life, guiding me on the direction of my path…"

His unending torrent of praises made Ling Han and the others stare at him in embarrassment upon hearing it. There was actually someone who could utter nauseating words in such a smooth manner without getting flushed at all—unlike them, who already felt almost like throwing up.

The fact was, Yuan Cheng He was enjoying the compliments very much.

His natural talent was alarmingly superior, yet he had previously been in secluded cultivation rigorously cultivating, and as such was isolated from the rest of the world, being akin to an ascetic monk. Still, his innermost being was actually of unparalleled arrogance, and yearned for the acknowledgement, worship, and adoration of others.

Recently, at long last he became resplendent, and the vanity of his innermost being also naturally swelled all of a sudden. At this moment, being boot-licked by Li Feng Yu immediately made every single compliment shoot straight into his bones, which left him feeling smug, and of course he would not consider the words to be nauseating in the least.

After the incessant chatter, Li Feng Yu felt his mouth had run dry. He then turned his head around, and saw that everyone's line of sight was centered on him while their mouths were gaping open. He couldn't help but voice out impatiently, "I am already running out of words to say here, and had intended to repeat it once again from the beginning. Why haven't the lot of you flee?"

Ling Han bellowed out a hearty laugh, and responded, "Isn't this to see to what extent you could sing the praises?"

He now had the confidence to even defeat the Small Saber King under his sword; was there any need to bolt just because of some rumors of Yuan Cheng He? What a joke.

Yuan Cheng He reacted abruptly. He couldn't help but reveal his indignation as he exclaimed with rage, "You're good, you actually dare to hoodwink me!"

Li Feng Yu was scared out of his wits, and promptly took to his heels. Although he was also a genius, he was nowhere near the level of Yuan Cheng He. Furthermore, he was even falling short by a whole cultivation tier. How would he dare to fight?

"Brother Ling, show your strength!" he shouted.

"You hateful guy, I want to kill— I want to thrash you!" Yuan Cheng He roared. He originally intended to say that he wanted to slaughter the other party, but this test strictly prohibited any killing. He would not want to be disqualified from entering the Restore Heaven Academy just because of this.

"Brother Ling, take care of this fellow, and I will gift you my sister as wife," Li Feng Yu shouted again.

"Brother!" Li Zi Xian rebuked with a red face. How could he say such things, wasn't it like betraying her already?

"Ling Han would not want this ugly woman!" Hu Niu charged forward in Ling Han's stead, not allowing Ling Han the opportunity to make a move.

She transformed into lightning, and with a flash, appeared in front of Yuan Cheng He. Her small fist struck out towards him in an attack.

"Hm?" Yuan Cheng He was startled. It never occurred to him that a wisp of a girl could actually have such speed, and even more so he would not have thought that she was of the same cultivation level as him. This was a hard blow to his confidence.

He had always been very proud of his cultivation level. 27 years old and already in the Spiritual Infant Tier—it was an unprecedented feat. Yet now, a little girl of seven to eight years of age was impressively also at the Spiritual Infant Tier. So what was there to take pride in?


He drew out a treasured sword, but did not unsheathe it, and only used the scabbard to block Hu Niu's oncoming fist. But the lightning surged through the scabbard and spread towards his arm.

"Heng!" He gave a light humph. There were flames roving on his body which intensely collided with the onslaught of lightning. The martial intent transformed into dazzling rays of light as it mingled in the air and took different forms and shapes.

Hu Niu agilely leapt into the air and somersaulted before retreating.

Ling Han nodded his head. No wonder this person could be compared in strength with Yao Hui Yue. He was indeed very strong given that he could firmly withstand a blow from Hu Niu and not fall into a disadvantage. Not many at the Spiritual Infant Tier could achieve such a feat.

Little did they know, Yuan Cheng He was actually even more taken aback.

He was immensely conceited, thinking that even those in Yao Hui Yue and the Small Saber King's class were no match against him. He had come to Restore Heaven Academy to begin his legendary journey. Who would have guessed that had yet to enter the Academy, and here randomly emerged a little girl who was already capable to fight him and be his equal in power.

Although he did not use any ultimate techniques, but an expert could tell whether another had real ability once he made his move, and this little girl was not to be underestimated.

"Ugly, come and chase after Niu!" Hu Niu provoked while clapping her hands.

Yuan Cheng He grunted, and unsheathed his sword. He then called out, "The lot of you intend to let a little girl to fight for you. Humph, you have the nerve."

Ling Han laughed as he countered, "You could not even defeat the youngest in our midst, yet you still want to challenge the others? You should thank us that we did not bully you, and just casually sent a little girl to play with you."

These words were really fitting—a little girl of seven to eight years old could definitely be deemed as casually playing. Even if he were to tell others, who would believe that this little girl was a skilful master of the Spiritual Infant Tier?

Yuan Cheng He could not refute Ling Han's words; as such, he had no other choice but to hide his gloom inwardly. Who told him to encounter such a monster…

"Hu Niu, strike him down, I want to take him in as lackey," Ling Han said as he snickered.

"Okay!" Hu Niu replied in a clear and crisp voice. "Just leave it to Niu."

"Damn it!" Yuan Cheng He flew into a rage as soon as he heard it. He had the delusion of subduing him to become his lackey and treat him like any other small fry? He unsheathed his sword at once and charged in Ling Han's direction.

"Your opponent is Niu!" Hu Niu's figure nimbly fleeted in midair, and then appeared in front of Yuan Cheng He, her small fist aimed directly at his face.

Yuan Cheng He had no choice but to tilt his head to one side to dodge the blow, at the same time thrusting his sword forward towards Hu Niu.

This could possibly be a formidable adversary who was not the slightest bit inferior to himself. How would he dare to allow his opponent to unrestrainedly strike him with blows. He could probably end up being hit to the extent that even this mother would not be recognize him.

The duo engaged in combat, thereupon launching into a battle in full swing right away.

Yuan Cheng He was indeed of great strength, being able to face Hu Niu head on. At least, he did not look like he would be defeated any time soon. The onlookers clicked their tongues in wonder, and did not withhold their praise of his ability. One had to know that before this, even the skeleton monsters were toppled by Hu Niu in a frontal attack.

Yet Yuan Cheng He didn't know of it, and only heard what they said on the surface, so he felt exceedingly awkward. He had actually been reduced to such a sorry state that he could only be equal with a little girl?

"Ah!" he let out a big howl; he was finally able to execute his ultimate technique. Amid the motions of his sword style, he appeared to have become a sword top rapidly swirling, slicing towards Hu Niu.

Over twenty flashes of Sword Qi swept over; it was fearful to the extreme.
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