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But for Ling Han, this was a piece of cake.

His physique was too tough, and his whole body seemed like a mountain on its own, so how could he simply be blown away by some kind of strange wind? Every step he took was steady and firm. Body of Diamond showed its might, so naturally, he was as unmovable, indestructible, and eternal as diamond.

The second round is to collect stones, and the more the better.

However, as long as I can reach the goal in three days' time, I will be able to qualify for the second test, so being a little late would be all right, just enough to allow others time to pick up stones, and I would only have to snatch them away.

On the path of cultivation, contest is naturally inevitable.

In fact, I am quite intrigued by the air streams that have appeared here. There should be some kind of array here, which is the only thing that can produce such conditions.

If I were able to obtain the formation's eyes… hehe, that would be rather nice.

It's decided.

Ling Han, bringing with him two beauties, one big one and another small, went off in search of the formation's eyes.

There were no Spiritual Herbs of any kind on the three mountains, merely an area of very ordinary forest. Thus, everyone merely concentrated on their journey as there was no need to be distracted here. When they saw Ling Han carrying two girls, looking extremely relaxed, they were all naturally dumbfounded.

Since they were trapped in an array, they could naturally feel how powerful the air streams in this place were. The winds here were so strong that they felt like they were mere mortals who had walked into a frosty land with terrible conditions; every step they took seemed to be incomparably difficult.

But just take a look at Ling Han. He had two people in his arms, yet could still walk so easily. Under such a comparison, they really felt like breaking out into tears.

You shouldn't strike such a blow on their fragile hearts like that…

Wenren Qian Qian, Zhao Zi Yuan, and other such super prodigies also saw this, and they all could not help but look surprised.

They were all very conceited. Although they had not obtained the invitation to enroll directly in the Restore Heaven Academy, they were all confident in their own abilities. The reason why they had not gotten an invitation was merely because they had kept too much of a low profile in the past.

This time, they had all decided to become famous with a single feat.

But they had yet to shock anyone with their outstanding prowess when they themselves were shocked first.

This person should have cultivated some cultivation technique that is Earth-aligned and focuses on strength, which must be why his center is so firm, Wenren Qian Qian and the other prodigies all thought, sweeping aside the stray thoughts in their heads.

This test seemed to have been fitted precisely for Ling Han. Therefore, it was all right even if they could not compare with him in this round; who in this world was absolutely perfect and without flaws?

Ling Han could not care less about the others. He journeyed all over the mountainous terrain, and finally, in the extreme outer areas of the mountain forest, discovered the first formation's eye.

It was a flag which was only about three meters tall. Its flagpole was made from a completely black metal, and there were multiple patterns etched on it. The flag that fluttered in the wind was nothing ordinary, either, but there were no array patterns on it. Instead, there was only a winged lion that was baring its claws and teeth.

"Yi?" Ling Han was surprised. The array patterns were naturally etched on the flagpole, but the flag was not mere decoration, either. On the other hand, it was a key feature of the array. Unfortunately, Ling Han had yet to comprehend the amazing mysteries behind it.

"This lion looks like it's alive!" Hu Niu exclaimed, pointing at the flag. "And it's actually breathing in and out, so fun!"

Realization dawned on Ling Han. The array patterns were used to collect power from nature, and this flag was to turn this power into real winds that blew towards the mountain forest, which could be the only way the haphazard strange winds were formed.

"What a good item, it's mine!"

Ling Han stretched out a hand to pull out the flag, but immediately, a lion's roar echoed. The lion on the flag actually took form, and became a fierce lion that was a hundred fifty metres in size. As its wings flapped, a powerful wind was produced.

"Little lion, be good and come into my bowl!" Hu Niu, meanwhile, had brought out various pots and pans, and was currently salivating.

"Though it is not a real living creature, it has nurtured a sliver of bloodline and divine strength of a Winged Lion!" After Ling Han studied it for a few moments, he looked surprised. This lion was formed by the Spiritual Qi that the array flag had gathered from the surrounding environment, but there was actually a sliver of the bloodline that had been left behind by the Winged Lion when it had been alive. This allowed it to be filled with life, just as if it was a real living creature.

It should have been drawn with the blood of a Winged Lion. Only that could result upon realization in such a lifelike Winged Lion as if there was a real Demonic Beast crouching in front of them.

It was no wonder that Hu Niu would drool foolishly when she saw it.

"Right, then I'll suppress you first!" Ling Han declared with a smile, and delivered an attack in the Winged Lion's direction.

He was really too powerful as he had formed Sword Ray, and had achieved minor accomplishment level in body of lightning, as well as having an indestructible physique from Body of Diamond. Even if he did not use any Mystical Power, his battle prowess had reached the peak level of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and even Deity Transformation Tier cultivators would find it difficult to injure him.

The Winged Lion only had the battle prowess of a cultivator at the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier, so what could it do against Ling Han?

Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu. The Winged Lion kept up a barrage of wind blades. They possessed very powerful destructive power, and the dense patterns were incredible terrifying, but Ling Han couldn't even bother to dodge them. He allowed the wind blades to hit him, but they merely sliced apart the clothes on his body, and were completely incapable of piercing his skin at all. They merely left behind a few white traces on it.

"Little lion, just obediently obey my will!" Ling Han laughed loudly. He drew out a finger, and Sword Ray came into being, slicing towards the Winged Lion.


Instantly, the Sword Ray sliced the Winged Lion into two halves. It was formed out of Spiritual Qi, so there was naturally no spurting blood. The two halves of its body moved with great difficulty, trying to fuse back into one, but it was a pointless struggle as it was impossible to achieve.

This was the power of Ray; its destructive power reached bone-deep. Even if the attack had been delivered, destruction was still ongoing.

"Big Brother Han, you are becoming more and more powerful!" Zhu Xuan Er's beautiful eyes lit up. The more powerful the man that she loved was, naturally the happier she would be.

Ling Han raised a hand and gave a pat on her ****, and said, "Don't keep tempting me!" Her words were much too ambiguous, causing his thoughts to veer in an unspeakable direction, and he could not help his heart from throbbing wildly.

Zhu Xuan Er moaned, and it was if her entire person had turned into a pool of water, soft and sweet, breathtakingly beautiful.

"Heng!" Hu Niu was upset, and crossed her arms over her chest, her little mouth pouting,

Ling Han made another attempt to pull out the flag. This time, there was no Winged Lion pouncing out to stop him. He pulled out the flag, and the power of the strange winds in this mountain forest instantly weakened considerably.

There wasn't only one array flag here, but there couldn't be that many, either. Thus, merely pulling out flag would produce a great influence.

"This flag is not too bad. Xuan Er, I'm handing it over to you." Ling Han threw the flag directly to Zhu Xuan Er; it was not of much use to him.

"En!" Zhu Xuan Er was very happy. As long as if was something that Ling Han had given her, she would be happy no matter what it was.

"Niu wants too!" Hu Niu was very unhappy.

"Then, let's go and get another flag," Ling Han said, smiling.

Only then did Hu Niu's anger turn into pleasure. She was a kid, after all; she'd be happy with just a little coaxing.

Less than half a day later, they found the second array flag. After Ling Han had taken it, he tossed it over to Hu Niu, making the little girl very happy for a while. However, after playing with it for a while, she felt there was nothing fun about it, and threw it onto the ground, no longer interested.

Zhu Xuan Er picked it up off the ground. This flag was filled with suppression abilities for any ordinary Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator, and if they had been in the north region, that was practically impossible to deal with.

The three of them continued their sweep, and would take any flag they came across to make some easy money.

"Yi, why have the power of the strange winds decreased suddenly?"

"You're right. Furthermore, they are also changing directions less often."

"Haha, this time, I am sure I will be able to reach Ghost Lock Ravine in three days' time."

After Ling Han had pulled out a few array flags in a row, the most direct result was the great decline of the difficulty of the test. If the higher-ups of the Restore Heaven Academy knew of it, their faces would probably turn green.
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