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After momentary shock, Guo Liang Cai was extremely pleased. Now, with yet another prodigy, he was determined to pull him into the Absolute Saber Sect.

Although the Restore Heaven Academy was co-established by the five great sects, since they were distinguished into five different great sects, there was naturally no shortage of fights and schemes among them. Everyone wanted to obtain higher quality fresh blood for their own parties; this was inevitable.

"Very good, very good!" Guo Liang Cai nodded in quick succession. "Young man, I shall remember you!"

Ling Han smiled faintly. Guo Liang Cai was only in the fifth layer of the Deity Transformation Tier; his battle prowess was at most nine Stars, and Ling Han could suppress him even now—at least, he could battle the former to a tie—so there was really no need for him to take Guo Liang Cai seriously.

Take him to heart.

Furthermore, he really did not have any fondness for anyone from the five great sects.

Ling Han and his companions successfully passed the test. The big white rabbit, because of apparently having lived for a few hundred years, would naturally not deign to take part in this test, and had gone off to who knew where to steal "carrots"—it would refer to any kind of valuable herb as carrot.

The reason why Ling Han had not taken Rabbit into the Black Tower was precisely out of consideration for the fact that it was a kleptomaniac, and worried that it would ransack the entire Black Tower.

He had to guard against villains, after all!

After they were done testing bone age, they had to wait before proceeding to the first test. That was because there was a time limit, and all examinee would advance together.

Ling Han and his two companions arrived at a public square. It was huge, and now there were about over 30,000 people gathered here, yet only over half a day had passed from the moment the Bone Age Test had begun. By the time it was over, there would definitely be even more people.

What a shock; that there were actually so many people that fulfilled the requirements!

Ling Han felt internally rueful. All the fortune of this realm had exploded in the recent two centuries, and this explosion really had tremendous effects on the world of martial arts. If it had been his last life, with the same conditions in place, it would be impressive enough if merely a thousand had gathered here.

What a great disparity.

Ling Han did not deliberately seek out the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing, but someone found him.

"Ling Han?" Qin Lian Yue appeared, wearing a hesitant expression as she stared at him. After all, at that time, Ling Han had disguised his appearance.

Yet Ling Han's distinguishing trait was very obvious—it was Hu Niu. Aside from that monstrous little girl, who else would be able to pass the test today?

"It's been a long time." Ling Han nodded with a smile.

"It really is you!" It was only now that Qin Lian Yue could confirm his identity. Then, she gazed at him doubtfully. "Is this your true face this time?"

"As real as it can be!" Ling Han replied, smiling.

Qin Lian Yue was stunned, and said, "I've never thought that you were so young!"

"Thank you for your compliment," Ling Han said with a grin.

"Brother Ling!" The two siblings, Li Feng Yu and Li Zi Xian, walked over and greeted Ling Han.

"Hello." Ling Han nodded to them as well.

"This is…" When Li Feng Yu spotted Qin Lian Yue, his eyes could not help but light up. He immediately took steps forward, and said, "Beautiful miss, I am a promising young man, Li Feng Yu, shockingly good-looking and with handsomeness off the charts."

"I don't see how handsome you are, but you are really good at bragging," Qin Lian Yue smiled.

"Oh, him? They call him Big Mouth Li, and boasting is his strength," Ling Han revealed.

"What!?" Li Feng Yu feigned displeasure. "I am not only skilled at bragging, but am skilled in all types of music—wind instruments, bowed string ones, and I can play plucked string ones while singing!"

"Brother, don't talk so much!" Li Zi Xian, meanwhile, was flushing. With such a clown as her elder brother, she always felt as if she was trapped in hell due to the embarrassment.

"Little Sister, this hair clip of yours is really pretty." Qin Lian Yue approached Li Zi Xian. Women had their ways of communication, and soon, Zhu Xuan Er was also pulled into the group. The three girls chattered endlessly, and seemed to be having a very congenial chat.

When Ling Han spotted Can Ye, He Lan Jun was naturally beside him. However, Ling Han shook his head at Can Ye, and did not allow him to come over and greet him.

"Look, Wenren Qian Qian is here!"

Everyone focused their attention. This was a prodigy of the Wide Sun Sect. She did not have any resounding reputation before, but rose up all of a sudden just recently. She had the ability to threaten the positions of such veteran geniuses like Yao Hui Yue and the Small Saber King.

"She really is gorgeous. She is definitely comparable to a fairy."

"In my opinion, only Fairy Yi Yun could compare to her."

"Could it be that you've forgotten Dong Ling'er?"

"Hehe, Dong Ling'er is obviously on a whole other level. In this world, there is no other woman able to compare with her, so there is absolutely no grounds for comparison in her case."

The spectators were all saying such things as they wore entranced expressions.

Even Ling Han was slightly curious. How beautiful could Dong Ling'er be that she would make so many prodigies entranced by her beauty?

Wenren Qian Qian was alone, extremely beautiful. Added with her astonishing power, no one actually dared to intrude in the fifteen-meter space around her. They all admired this fairy-like beauty from afar. Of course, there were also some recklessly bold men that dared to strike up a conversation with her. Those with good attitudes were merely coldly rejected. There were some who intended to use their clan or sect to coerce her, but they were forced into a retreat directly by her drawing her sword, and cut very sorry figures.

Ling Han spotted Lu Yuan Ji. This man still wielded a wooden sword, and wore a wooden expression. His whole person seemed like a sword itself, but it was a sword that had yet to be drawn, and gave off a feeling of being sealed.

Out of those who could form Sword Heart in future, this man was definitely one of the most possible candidates.

His full focus was on his sword, and he was absolutely mad about it. In his heart, only the sword existed. He was a prodigy, and with his diligence—if not madness—the achievements he could attain were naturally shocking.

This day passed very quickly. At dawn, the Restore Heaven Academy announced that the first round of tests would begin.

They had a total of three days to traverse over three mountains and head to a ravine. The ravine's name was Ghost Lock Ravine. Those that managed to reach the destination within three days would be qualified to enter into the next round of tests. Furthermore, they would be able to enter the next round in advance, and those who arrived after the three days were up… sorry, but just go home.

In the first round, it was forbidden to fight. Whoever breached this rule would be immediately chased out. In the second round, it was allowed to fight, but there was to be no killing. After all, everyone would be a disciple of the Restore Heaven Academy by that time.

In this place, ultimate cultivators would continuously scan with their divine sense, and monitor for any shock waves produced by battle.

With a single signal, everyone set off.

Ling Han nodded at Qin Lian Yue, Li Feng Yu and the others before bringing Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu with him as they set off into the forest.


He was slightly surprised. There were actually invisible air streams that originated from the side in this place. They almost managed to blow his whole body off the ground. Thankfully, his physique was strong enough, and as he sunk his center, it was as if he was a mountain, and whether it were a wind from the east, south, west, or north, what could it do to him?

Zhu Xuan Er, though, was lifted with a single breeze. Thankfully, Ling Han moved quickly enough, and managed to grab her. Zhu Xuan Er took advantage of the opportunity to fall into his arms, and wore an embarrassed expression, but was filled with joy.

Hu Niu giggled, and danced with the winds. And just when it seemed as if she would be blown far away, she transformed into a bolt of lightning that appeared by Ling Han's side.

"Ugly girl, let go of Niu's Ling Han quickly!" the little girl shouted loudly, her jealous nature on fire.

Ling Han picked Hu Niu up as well, and it was only then that the little girl finally quieted down with a pout.

Heng, the direction of the wind changed again. This time, it blew them forwards, but soon after, the direction changed again to blow them back, then blew them forward again, and blew them to the left. The direction changed very rapidly.

No wonder they were given three days' time to traverse three mountains. Apparently, the winds in this place blew randomly, and Ling Han was sure that the majority could not possibly make it to the end even if they were given 30 days, what more when they were given only three days.

They would be able to become disciples of the Restore Heaven Academy just by walking out of this place in three days' time, so how could this kind of test be simple?
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