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The second floor of the Black Tower is open?

Instantly, Ling Han felt greatly surprised and overwhelmed with curiosity, and said, "Quick, lead the way."

"Haven't you already seen it before?" Small Tower asked calmly.

A muscle twitched in Ling Han's jaw, and he said, "Are you playing around with me? Didn't you say that there are a total of nine floors, and every floor has a treasure? You didn't embezzle it, did you?"

"Tsk!" Small Tower felt absolutely nothing about this kind of joke, and with a mere snort, it said, "There are indeed nine floors in the Black Tower, but the power that seals off each floor is different."

"The rise of your cultivation until a certain level would mean that the power of one floor would be released. This would make the Black Tower become more powerful, and have more uses as well."

Ling Han rolled his eyes, and asked, "Why didn't you tell me that sooner?"

"I only awakened the memories regarding it after the second floor opened," Small Tower said calmly.

Ling Han gazed at it in suspicion, and asked, "And you call that amnesia?"

"You can say whatever you like," Small Tower retorted shamelessly.

"Fine, I'm scared of you!" Ling Han sighed. "Then tell me, what kind of benefits does the second floor bring me?"

Small Tower replied, "According to what I know now, the first eight layers of the Black Tower have respectively sealed off the powers of the five elements, lightning, space, and time, and with the opening of every floor, the Black Tower would possess the corresponding power sealed within that floor."

"Why don't I feel anything?" Ling Han was a little displeased. He had long felt great anticipation about the second floor of the Black Tower.

"The first floor would be the essence of Earth," Small Tower said calmly. "Why do you think that the Spirit Herbs in this place could grow so rapidly that one year's time would be comparable to a thousand years outside?"

It was only at this point that Ling Han was moved. The first floor had unsealed the power of Earth, which was also the essence of Earth, allowing him to endlessly retrieve and harvest Spiritual Medicine. This effect was extremely powerful. He asked, "Then the second floor has unsealed… the power of Water?"

He looked at the waterfall in the skies, as well as the multiple great lakes that had appeared out of nowhere.

"That's right, the second floor is the essence of Water." Small Tower nodded.

"What's the benefit?" Ling Han asked.

"You're really such a profiteer, can't you ask a more noble question?" Small Tower mocked.

"I'm sorry for that!" Ling Han gritted his teeth. Aren't you a damn Spirit Tool? Can you not act so human?

Small Tower remained calm, and said plainly, "Water, the source of all life. With the instillation of the power of Water, first of all, the growth rate of all Spirit Herbs would be even faster, and they would also grow faster than before."

This effect was not bad.

Ling Han nodded, and asked, "What else?"

"Can't you ask some noble questions?" Small Tower began to mock him again.

Ling Han rolled his eyes, and said, "Would you believe me if I say that when I can summon the whole Black Tower out, I will toss it into the toilet and let it be for three whole days and nights?"

Small Tower was struck speechless as if it had gotten a scare. After a while, it said, "Additionally, the essence of Water interacting with the essence of Earth will allow the birth of some Divine Herbs, such as the Lotus Flower of Buddha."

Ling Han's heart shook, Lotus Flower of Buddha! He had seen this name in an ancient historical site before. It was a true Divine Herb, and even in the immortal realm, belonged to the top tier of Spirit Herbs.

"The Lotus Flower of Buddha should be one of the lowest quality Divine Herbs. As the essence of Water and essence of Earth interact for a longer period, the greater value the Divine Herbs that come to be will be, but the time would be very, very, very long," Small Tower said.

This guy had to deliberately keep him in suspense!

And indeed, Small Tower continued, "On the third floor, the essence of Metal will supply you with precious metals. On the fourth floor, the essence of Fire can be used to refine your immortal body. The third layer of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll that you want to cultivate must be refined through the essence of Fire."


"On the fifth floor, the essence of Wood can once again increase the rate of growth of Spirit Herbs inside the Black Tower, and only with the three essences of Water, Earth, and Wood interacting with one another would unprecedented Immortal Herbs grow."

"On the sixth floor, the essence of Lightning is meant to refine, and only with it would some unique quality Immortal Herbs grow."

"On the seventh floor, the essence of Space. Only by that time can you be considered to have real ownership of the Black Tower. You may summon it out as you like to assist you in battle, and only then would you truly know how strong the Black Tower is."

"On the eighth floor, the essence of Time. This is a taboo power of the world, and even I don't know the exact details about it."

"On the ninth floor…"

When he saw Small Tower pause, Ling Han could not help but ask, "What about the ninth floor?"

"I don't know, either," Small Tower said expressionlessly.


"Forget it. I had best avoid speaking to you too much in future as I can be driven to death by fury," Ling Han said with a sigh. However, it was good news that the second floor of the Black Tower was open, and now possessed the essence of Water. He would obtain genuine Divine Herbs.

He counted the time, and the enrolment test for the Restore Heaven Academy was soon to begin. He had to make his way there quickly.

"Ling Han! Ling Han!" He called Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu over. Hu Niu immediately glued herself into his arms, and appeared to be very unhappy. Ling Han had not played with her again for a few months.

Meanwhile, Zhu Xuan Er looked at him tenderly, her gaze incredibly moving.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "Let's go."

They exited the Black Tower, and headed towards Nine Dragons Mountain. Not long after, Rabbit found them, and naturally gave Ling Han a scolding. This brat actually disappeared for a few months without any sign or clue, causing Lord Rabbit to look for him very hard. Was he planning to renege on the two stalks of Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng?

Three days later, they returned to Nine Dragons Mountain. At this time, the basic conditions for enrolling into the Restore Heaven Academy had been announced, and those who did not satisfy these conditions needed not participate in the upcoming test as they would not be qualified to enroll at all.

If one wanted to obtain the qualification to take the test, they had to fulfil one of the following two conditions: reaching the Flower Blossom Tier before being forty years old, or breaking through to the Spiritual Infant Tier before being seventy years old. As for those in the Deity Transformation Tier, there was not much in terms of requirements, because even in the adult generation, there did not seem to have been any rumors of a genius in the Deity Transformation Tier appearing.

Another two days later, the test would officially begin.

The test was divided into two parts. The first part appeared to be very simple, and that was to walk out of the zone that had been set up by the Restore Heaven Academy in a specific time limit. As long as one could walk out, then they would be qualified to become a disciple of the Restore Heaven Academy.

The second part, meanwhile, was a Stone Snatching Battle. In another area, the Restore Heaven Academy would bury a great number of strange stones. They could not be stored into Spatial Rings, and could only be kept on one's person. These stones would shine, and this light was not something that could be hidden with mere clothing upon close distance.

In a specific time frame, the few that could snatch the most stones would become those disciples that the Academy would nurture with priority. They would be on the same level as those prodigies who had obtained the invitation to directly enroll into the Academy, such as the Small Saber King and Yao Hui Yue.

Ling Han found the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing, and after considering for a long time, drew the both of them into the Black Tower before telling them of the message that Zi Xue Xian had left behind.

He had not spoken of it outside, because he feared that "the sky" had ears.

This was something that Ma Duo Bao had said, and they had to be very careful.

Ling Han did not know what kind of powers immortals possessed. Nor did he know what moves the five Immortal sects had laid in place in this realm. Perhaps they were capable of eavesdropping on a certain area, and incite a reaction when such sensitive phrases like "split open the skies" were heard.

Thus, safety first.
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