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All of a sudden, another month had flown by.

The main reason was because the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder was really too difficult to refine. Altogether, Ling Han had spent a total of three months' time to completely refine it. He'd used most of it to cultivate a body of lightning, and the remaining one-third was used to further improve Ling Han's physique towards the level of Body of Diamond.

But when the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder was completely refined, Ling Han was still a step away from the Body of Diamond.

He took out the Spiritual Fluid and gulped it down like mad while also summoning the Heaven Transformation Bowl, harvesting the various Spirit Herbs inside the Black Tower and purifying them.

This Spiritual Fluid originated from the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms, and could be considered a Divine Fluid. It had to be diluted first before it could be absorbed, but to form the Body of Diamond, Ling Han merely diluted it to one-tenth of its original concentration now and began to gulp it down.

Immediately, violent energy scrambled around within his body as if it had become a tsunami that wanted to crush it entirely.

Ling Han hurriedly began circulating the Indestructible Heaven Scroll to absorb this energy, and proceeded to do the final charge.

Invigorating, and agonizing!

He felt it was invigorating was because his body had gained the support of an ocean's worth of energy, and was another step closer to becoming the Body of Diamond. This kind of upgrade of one's life source was naturally very invigorating, but what was agonizing was the fact that this energy was really too violent. Its rampage caused the skin all over his body to shatter, and even the bones inside his body were making qiang, qiang sounds as if they were about to break.

At this time, Ling Han could not circulate the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven and turn into a body of lightning to avoid harm. Also , he could not cultivate the Body of Diamond; he could only grit his teeth and bear it.

He was pained and overjoyed at the same time, experiencing both ice and fire.

Ling Han can't help but suck on his teeth, moaning. Previously, his whole body had been numbed by the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder, and now it was nearly torn by this raging energy. The road of martial arts was really difficult; it was no wonder few people could walk this road to its end.

There were some things that merely declaring your determination was enough. It was easy to think, but to stick to your decision was a difficult thing!

But the Body of Diamond was in the process of being cultivated.

If it could be completed by walking a full hundred steps, then Ling Han was in the situation in which he had already taken 97 steps, and was only a breath away from the finish line.

By this time, even if Ling Han's arms, legs, and all the other bones in his body broke, he would still grit his teeth and bear the agony.

98 steps!

99 steps!

100 steps!

Hum, Ling Han's body exuded an infinite expanse of golden light; he looked to have completely transformed into a golden war god, glowing with impressive divine might, standing up high.

The Body of Diamond!

At the same time, there was a flash of Sword Ray at his fingertips, which twined around 30 flashes of Sword Qi. It was currently in the process of changing from tightly entwined to merging together, becoming a genuine single existence.

A real Sword Ray!

Ling Han persisted, and began to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier.

In comparison, it was much easier to reach the Spiritual Infant Tier because he had already taken this step in his last life, but whether it was the Body of Diamond or Sword Ray, neither was something that he had come into contact with in his last life.

Then that would be easy. After merely about half a day's time, the ten Divine Flowers began growing like mad, and on the Earth Spiritual Pedestals, the five Divine Flowers had pierced through the skies, whereas on the Sky Spiritual Pedestal, the five Divine Flowers poured down like a waterfall from the sky.

The ten Divine Flowers actually entwined around one another, and bore a massive Divine Fruit.

And the Spiritual Infant was nurtured within the fruit.

Ling Han beckoned, and Spiritual Fluid, Spiritual Fruits, as well as alchemical pills were all swallowed into his mouth and transformed into the most primary energy, helping him to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier. Most importantly, he had now formed the Body of Diamond, and with the rise of his cultivation level, his Body of Diamond would also be improved to another level. The amount of energy needed for that would be incredibly terrifying.

Thankfully, he had already formed the Body of Diamond. This was a mere improvement, and in comparison, was much easier to do.

The Divine Fruit trembled slightly, and one could clearly see that there was wave-like movement inside. At first, the skin of the fruit was gold, but now it was gradually becoming more and more translucent. One could clearly see that there was actually a tiny human figure nurtured inside, and this human figure looked exactly the same like Ling Han.

This was the Spiritual Infant, and could be considered as a second divine sense of cultivators.

In legends, after cultivators became immortals, the Spiritual Infant could even leave their bodies and travel all around the world. And if the divine sense of the cultivator was destroyed, the Spiritual Infant was also capable of replacing their divine sense, giving the cultivator a second life.

In short, in the subsequent cultivation process, the Spiritual Infant was to be the priority, and everything would have to be planned with the Spiritual Infant as the center.

Ling Han opened his mouth and sucked in great amounts of Spiritual medicine like a great whale to birth the Spiritual Infant as soon as possible.

One day, two days, three days. Ling Han had originally thought that as he had already passed this point once before, it should have been very fast for him to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier. But, he had not expected that his Spiritual Infant would be born from ten Divine Flowers altogether this time. If he wanted to transform them into a womb, there was a need for horrifyingly great amounts of energy.

But, at the same time, the Spiritual Infant born from this would naturally be stronger than before.

Ling Han began to throw the Sword Ray, the Body of Diamond, and body of lightning onto the Spiritual Infant. Although it was mere legend, but what if the Spiritual Infant was really capable of leaving his body in future? In that case, he wanted to have his Spiritual Infant possess the strongest power possible.

He imprinted his martial intent on the Divine Fruit. This was something of his own. It was completely like a piece of blank paper, on which he could freely write whatever he wanted. Very quickly, innumerable patterns appeared on the "surface" of the Divine Fruit.

Ling Han emblazoned all that he had learnt on it. From a certain aspect, this was a second him. Anyways, if there was one day he lost his memory, he would be able to regain his own martial Dao from his own Spiritual Infant.

Of course, that was only the Dao of martial arts. It was impossible to brand his personality and experiences on it, or at least it was impossible now.

Another seven days later, the Divine Fruit was covered completely in patterns, and exuded an ancient, primordial air. The Indestructible Heaven Scroll, especially, occupied 99% of the space, as if it was a monarch that had arrived. Whether it was the three great Mystical Powers, or the Three Styles of Black Origin, they were all suppressed completely.

From this, one could clearly see how high the Indestructible Heaven Scroll was. Even the combined force of the three great Mystical Powers was not on the same level as a single percent of it.

Ka, ka, ka, ka. Cracks appeared on the Divine Fruit, and the Spiritual Infant was about to come into being!


Ling Han merely felt a tremble pass over his entire body, and the aura of his body instantly soared.

The Spiritual Infant Tier!

In his Dantian, the Spiritual Infant had burst out of the Divine Fruit, and transformed into a tiny human figure that floated between the two Spiritual Oceans. Its eyes were in the process of opening, and a brilliant golden light shone from it as if it was a god of war.

Ling Han flicked lighty with his finger, and his Spiritual Infant too flicked its finger. Hong, a flash of Sword Ray shot out, and the Spiritual Qi around them instantly compounded this attack, increasing the power of this strike by a hundredfold.

After entering the Spiritual Infant Tier, it was no longer the Divine Flowers that would be stimulating the Spiritual Qi in the surroundings to compound one's battle prowess, but the Spiritual Infant. And Ling Han's Spiritual Infant was one that had been merged from ten Divine Flowers, so its might was definitely not calculated by a simple addition.

"The first layer of the Spiritual Infant Tier, but it is definitely no problem to battle a cultivator with seven Stars of the Deity Transformation Tier." Ling Han smiled.

This was extremely inconceivable.

One had to know that the higher the cultivation level, the more difficult it would be to fight an opponent stronger than oneself. In his last life, the Sword Emperor and the others were also capable of fighting an opponent about ten Stars superior to themselves in Heaven Tier. And though Ling Han had yet to return to the Heaven Tier, and was merely in the Spiritual Infant Tier now, his battle prowess could allow him to fight an opponent about thirty Stars superior to himself. The mere thought of this would cause anyone's hair to stand on ends.

… Of course, this was in the situation wherein he fully maximized his battle prowess, such as using the three great Mystical Powers, or using two Mystical Powers along with the Three Styles of Black Origin. But even if he did not use his Mystical Powers or the Three Styles of Black Origin, but merely Sword Ray along with his basic battle prowess, it would be no issue to battle an opponent at twenty Stars of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Ling Han's opponents were no longer those prodigies of the same level; only those superior to him by a whole cultivation Tier would be qualified to compete with him.

Hong, the Black Tower suddenly shook as well, and multiple great lakes suddenly appeared. In the sky, there were also waterfalls pouring down, which made for an inconceivable sight.

"You've broken through to the Spiritual Infant Tier, and the second floor of the Black Tower is now open." Small Tower appeared.
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