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Ordinarily speaking, it was impossible for Ling Han to merge with this Divine Thunder.

This was a divine being that would soon develop into a Thunder Spirit, and the Heavenly Cloud Purple Thunder could definitely be considered one of the top ten strongest powers of thunder, so no matter what, one would have to at least be in the Heaven Tier to be qualified to merge with it. For someone like Ling Han, a member of the young generation, if he wanted to merge with this Purple Thunder, then he would have to gain the assistance of an ultimate elite of the Heaven Tier or the Shattering Void Tier, and have them use their great powers to disperse the aura of violence and malice of the Purple Thunder. Otherwise, the power of thunder would explode within his body, and no matter how much of a genius he was, he would only die a clean death.

But Ling Han did not need that, because he had the Black Tower.

In here, he was a god, and no matter who it was, they would have to grovel beneath his feet. Naturally, a Thunder Spirit would be no exception, what more when it had yet to become a Thunder Spirit.

However, the merging process was still not as simple as Ling Han had imagined.

The Heavenly Cloud Purple Thunder was too high in level.

Even if Ling Han managed to recover the cultivation level of his last life, it was not an easy feat to refine it, what more with his cultivation of this lifetime. With the Black Tower, Ling Han merely possessed the ability to refine the Purple Thunder, but that did not mean it could be easily done.

Ling Han did not feel rushed, either. There were still about four months before the day that the Restore Heaven Academy would enrol new disciples, so he still had plenty of time.

He decided to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat in this round of enrolment, and become the idol of this generation, the summit. This way, when he waved out an arm to beckon them in future, there naturally would be countless numbers willing to follow his lead.

The effects of an idol could not be underestimated. For example, with how Wang Yi Yun established the Striking Heaven Alliance, wasn't it because she had the support of the well-known Lang Ya Tian? Of course, Wang Yi Yun's own charm was not to be overlooked, either, but regarding this, if Ling Han was willing, he, too, could have Zhu Xuan Er play the part of ambassador.

The north region's— no, with the greatest beauty in the whole world as the face of his party, who would not impatiently come!

The power of thunder spread out within Ling Han's body, continuously remolding his body, and changing every bit of blood and flesh in his body into lightning.

This was very interesting.

He had cultivated the Body of Iron Sheet, so his physique was on par with precious metal of the same level, but if his body were to transform into lightning, he would become an untouchable existence.

An ancient legend streaked through his mind; this was something he had heard of in his last life.

Someone who was about to cultivate a body of lightning, or something along the likes of a body of flames, or a body of ice, was referred to as Spirit Body. The biggest characteristic of Spirit Body was that the possessor could ignore physical bodies. Even if someone's power was ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times stronger than that of another person, with the latter's body being capable of transforming into pure lightning, or pure flames, they had no physical body, so how would one be capable of causing them injury?

Then wouldn't that mean being invincible?

No, pure power could not injure him, but Qi was capable of it.

Sword Qi, Saber Qi, Staff Qi, as long as it was Qi, it was capable of injuring a Spirit Body, but how much damage could be caused would depend on the power gap between the two parties. It was possible that no damage would be done at all, or it was possible that a heavy injury could be inflicted, possibly even a mortal wound.

No matter when, power was might.

This was also why those who had cultivated Qi could be termed as rulers; that was because that was the only means to injure a Spirit Body—of course, since Qi could do it, there was no further need to speak of Ray.

Body of Iron Sheet, meanwhile, was completely different. This was an upgrade of one's physique, so who cared whether you had cultivated Sword Qi or not? He could simply take it head on. There was no need for empty words, as he would be using his might to speak for himself.

A physique on par with precious metal of the same level, there was no way that normal Sword Qi could inflict any injury upon it!

'From the defense angle, Body of Iron Sheet and Body of Diamond are naturally more awesome. After all, that is something that the Indestructible Heaven Scroll has brought out from the Black Tower!' Ling Han thought, but there was nothing bad about having a body of lightning. At least, it could increase his speed by a few times.

Aside from that, it could allow him to make his powerful, tough physique into the last trump card up his sleeve. Others would imagine that they would only have to get through his defenses, but who would have thought they could not do anything to him at all, and would allow him a good opportunity to deal them a killing blow in counterattack.

"Naturally, the more trump cards I have, the better."

The unexpected thing was that not only did the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven absorb the power of thunder, so did the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. It automatically began to circulate, and started to compete with the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven. More importantly, the Indestructible Heaven Scroll was much more awesome, so the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, like a little daughter-in-law that had been wronged, could only get a little bit after the Indestructible Heaven Scroll had swallowed multiple huge mouthfuls.

'F***, what I want now is to form a body of lightning; why do you have to f******* snatch stuff now? Body of Diamond can completely be formed with the use of other natural treasures; don't waste the power of thunder!'

Ling Han hurriedly took the initiative to suppress the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, not allowing it to continue circulating. Finally, the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven managed to transform from a little daughter-in-law into a mother-in-law, and began to greedily absorb the power of thunder, which abruptly increased the rate at which Ling Han transformed into lightning.

Time passed quietly. Ling Han could not tell the difference between night and day, and placed his complete focus on transforming into Purple Thunder.

He now had reached the peak of the Flower Blossom Tier, and had also polished his cultivation on this level to its maximum capacity, and there was no further space for improvement. Thus, there was naturally no further need to cultivate; no matter how much he cultivated, he would not get any further benefits.

Thankfully, the space inside the Black Tower was unusually massive, and uncountable flowers, herbs, and trees had been grown here; there were also various wild beasts and Demonic Beasts, so Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu would not be too lonely as they spent their days feasting and drinking.

Furthermore, after Zhu Xuan Er had crossed the boundary to the Flower Blossom Tier, her cultivation also began to spike sharply.

She had originally been one of the strongest geniuses of the north region, and was inferior in no way to the likes of Wen Yi Jian or Mu Rong Qing. Now, with the support of an endless supply of resources, her cultivation rate naturally sped up. Moreover, there had always been an unyielding spirit inside her. Every time they encountered danger, she would have to first duck inside the Black Tower, but Hu Niu was able to bear the risks alongside Ling Han. The main reason was because her power was not strong enough, and she could only become a burden to Ling Han.

She wanted to become stronger!

Geniuses were not scary; what was scary was someone who was obviously a genius, but was still willing to put real effort into her cultivation. That really was someone that ordinary people could only look up to.

One month, two months.

Ling Han finally cultivated the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven to minor accomplishment level, and could completely transform his whole body into lightning. With this coordinating with his Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, his speed could be displayed to its maximum capacity. At the same time, when he attacked, the power of lightning would accompany his attacks.

This was the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder, and the power of lightning it possessed could even pose a threat to the Heaven Tier elites. If it was not for the fact that this was the critical moment for its metamorphosis into a Thunder Spirit, how could it be possible that Ling Han could so easily capture it?

Luck was also a part of strength.

Ling Han did not stand up, because there was still one-third of the power of lightning left. Naturally, he could not allow it to be wasted. Thus, he did not suppress the Indestructible Heaven Scroll any longer, and allowed this cultivation technique to once again begin absorbing the power of lightning.

The Thunderclap Ninth Heaven was still circulating. Forming a body of lighting was not the end, for he could still continue to endlessly absorb the power of lightning; just like how a cultivator could accumulate Origin Power, lightning could naturally also be accumulated as well to increase its might.

The quality of the Heaven Cloud Purple Thudner was really too high. Ling Han felt that there was some shocking change taking place within his body. There would be occasional flickers of golden light all over his body, yet it was still short of the last step, and unable to cross the threshold.

Body of Diamond was really too difficult to cultivate.

It was even tougher than precious metal of the same level. It could be increased by another level at least. Like how Ling Han was in the Flower Blossom Tier, then the Body of Diamond he formed would have the toughness of Level Seven precious metal. Even if he lay down and slept, whatever Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator attacking him with full power would not possibly injure him.

What more when the Body of Diamond could allow a detached limb to regrow, and he would only need to use the Indestructible True Fluid in exchange!

Now, he possessed six drops of Indestructible True Fluid, and once he formed the Body of Diamond, he could increase the maximum limit to ten drops!


Ling Han absorbed the power of lightning like mad, and began to condense Sword Ray. In the instant that he formed Body of Diamond and condensed Sword Ray, he would break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier and truly obtain a change in quality.
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