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"I have to go see Ma Duo Bao!" Ling Han declared.

Actually, this so-called truth was only Zi Xue Xian's side of the story, but Ling Han had seen the Memory Crystal that she had left behind. Additionally, it could logically clear up all the doubts he had had in his mind for all this while, which made him choose to believe that it was the truth without any hesitation.

'Splitting open the skies is the only way, but first, we have to establish a country,' Ling Han thought, and could not help but smile bitterly. He was a man that enjoyed being free, and to be an emperor was really too much torment for him.

'For the sake of my parents, my friend, Xuan Er, and the others, no matter what, I have to do it!'

Ling Han soon found his resolution.

'However, if I rashly establish my own country, that would only attract full suppression from the five great sects. Even if I have the Black Tower, I cannot possibly take a whole country with all citizens inside it in an instant. In that case, how could a nation's leader that keeps running away win the hearts of his people, and be strengthened by power of the nation?

'Collect resources widely, and slowly become king!

'I can go first to the Restore Heaven Academy. That is a place that has gathered at least ninety percent of the geniuses of the world, and if I could gather them all by my side, then as long as my power reaches the standard, I would become capable of moving this whole world overnight.

'That's right, that's right. Not only are those people highly talented themselves, they are also the cream of the crop from various parties. Gaining their support would be equivalent to gaining the support of the parties standing behind them, and this would be of great benefit to establishing my own nation.

'Hence, the first step is that I must once again use my identity as a Heaven Grade alchemist, and secondly, like a peacock stretching its tail feathers, I must keep a high profile on the path of martial arts to increase the odds in my favor.

'Young people, right? To gain their backing, you'd either have to give them enough benefits, or dominate them thoroughly in terms of pure power. I am capable of doing both.

'I can still make an attempt for some parties, but there are some parties that may or may not be the dogs of the five great sects… En, before I reach major accomplishment level in my individual power, I definitely must not mention the matter about establishing my own nation. Neither can I reveal the evil plans of the five great sects. I can only allow those that I trust absolutely to paticipate in this matter.

'The Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing are fine, Big Brother Feng is fine too—I hope Big Brother Feng would not be too hot-tempered. Though he is an ultimate elite of the Shattering Void Tier, he is, after all, only in the second layer of the tier. If he were really to stand alone against the might of the five great sects, the results would be unthinkable!

'The five great sects, lasting for dozens of millenia, have never experienced a lapse in their inheritance. Having hold of all the resources in this land, who knows what kind of power they possess. It may even be possible that for insurance, the five sects of the realm of immortals have secretly placed a few immortals here. If they encounter a Shattering Void Tier cultivator that is too strong, they would directly regain their cultivation as immortals and kill him off immediately, just like what they had done to Zi Xue Xian years ago.

'I have to be very cautious. Before we split open the skies, the greatest enemy would be the five great sects, and I must first overthrow them, then take advantage of the interval when the five sects of the realm of immortals have yet to invade the lower realm to split open this sky and bring this whole land to ascend into the realm of immortals.'

A clear plan took form in Ling Han's mind. He formed his hands into tight fists, his whole body filled with fighting spirit.

He now clearly knew who his enemy was, and whom he should aim his sword at, so his target was clear.

"Ling Han, it's not fun here, let's go." Hu Niu hopped over, and rubbed against Ling Han dearly.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and picked Hu Niu up. Even if it was only for the sake of this little girl, he was willing to declare war on the whole world, and the realm of immortals. He nodded, and looked towards that stone wall from which they had entered. There was a handle on it, and now there was naturally no further need to identify Zi Xue Xian's portrait to be able to open the mechanism.

He stored the notebook she had left behind into the Black Tower. Ling Han was filled with admiration for this woman.

For the sake of all the living beings of the world, she betrayed her own clan, and stood against the immortals, eventually dying.

What an amazing woman!

She should be remembered by every single person in the world. If he managed to successfully split open the skies, then the greatest credit would have to go to Zi Xue Xian.

Ka, ka, ka. The stone door slowly opened.

"The door's open!"

"Grab the treasure!"

Instantly, a group of seven people rushed in. And even while they were scrambling in, they continued to move against their companions, engaged in a fierce battle.

But they immediately spotted Ling Han, Hu Niu, and the large white rabbit inside the stone chamber. They were initially confused, stopping in their tracks. They aimed their weapons at them, obviously thinking that Ling Han had obtained the treasure inside the stone chamber.

"Hand over your Spatial Ring, and I can spare your life," a man declared coldly. He looked to be in his thirties. There was a gloom to his features, and he had a terrifying air of violence about him.

Ling Han smiled slightly, raising both his hands, and asked, "What if I don't have a Spatial Ring?"

"No matter what kind of Spatial Spirit Tool you have, you have to leave it behind!" another spoke up. He was dressed entirely in silken robes of silk, and looked very flamboyant.

"Take off all your clothes before you can leave." An old man who looked to be in his sixties, his eyes focused on Ling Han's lower body, and gaze filled with maliciousness.

This old bastard, a psycho and a pervert!

Ling Han's face instantly darkened. Xiu, with a leap, accompanied by flickering lightning, he appeared in front of that old man. Striking forth with a stab, without using any kind of martial arts technique, he pierced the heart of the old man.

Pu, blood spurted, and the old man looked at Ling Han in disbelief. He was in the Spiritual Infant Tier, and this boy was only in the Flower Blossom Tier, but the result was that he was killed with a stab that burst his heart. This was something that not even death could make him accept.

Ling Han withdrew his sword. Pa, the old man instantly flopped lifelessly onto the ground. He smiled calmly, and asked, "Anyone else wants the treasure?"

The remaining six people all shook their heads simultaneously. What a joke, all of them were inferior in power to the old man, but Ling Han was capable of dealing with him with a single strike, so wouldn't dealing with them mean something as simple as striking six more times?

Though underestimating his opponenet played a part in the old man's instant death, Ling Han had also acted very casually. He had not used any kind of martial arts technique, yet was able to kill him with a single strike. This was something that none of them could do.

They could take risks for the sake of treasure, but if it was a matter of purely delivering themselves up to be slaughtered… then forget it.

"No! No!"

"Hehe, we were just joking. Though natural treasures have no owner, but 'first come, first served' is also an unofficial rule."

"Brother, I'll just take my leave."

The six of them dared not stay any longer, fearing that Ling Han's murderous nature had been incited, and he would thus kill them too. After all, he had already killed one, so what would be the harm in killing a few more?

Ling Han did not make any move to kill them, and allowed the six of them to leave freely. His mindset was now different. He had decided to make his name and reputation known as soon as possible; his reputation should at least not be inferior to the likes of Yao Hui Yue and Small Saber King.

He, too, exited the stone chamber.

Now, he had obtained the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder, and had also found out the truth that Zi Xue Xian had left behind. There was no significance in staying here any longer.

Ling Han and Hu Niu left, and after casually tapping a finger on Rabbit, he and Hu Niu directly entered into the Black Tower. Next, he planned to merge with the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder and completely form a body of lightning; he would then form Sword Ray and cultivate Body of Diamond, and make an attempt to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier.

As for Rabbit, who cared where it wanted to go. For the moment, Ling Han had no plans to let this rabbit know the secret of the Black Tower.

After embracing Zhu Xuan Er and sharing a few intimate words with her, Ling Han began the merging process with the Heavenly Cloud Purple Thunder.
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