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Ling Han was also in a thundering rage, and a vein throbbed dangerously on his forehead, while killing intent that seemed capable of turning the heavens into flames churned inside him.

How despicable; they actually treated all the living things of an entire realm as if they were ingredients to be refined… how deranged was that? Could it be that the five immortal sects were really Demonic Beasts in disguise? But even if they were Demonic Beasts, human beings were not the only ones in the lower realm.

On this land, there were his friends and family, but a great catastrophe could possibly befall them in the near future. This caused his killing intent to spike sky-high.

'If the heavens are unjust, then I shall destroy the heavens!'

This thought came to being in Ling Han's heart. Weng, his whole body trembled, and he entered into a strange state. There was sword intent surging around his whole body as if he himself had become a sword, showing off his ability.

"F***, this brat is too excited, he's about to understand Dao!" Rabbit exclaimed in shock. It was also filled with envy as well. People always said that it was easy to understand Dao in an extremely emotional state, but that was only true for geniuses. Otherwise, if your aptitude was not high enough, it would be a waste no matter how excited you became.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. Ling Han's fingers moved unconsciously, and multiple flashes of Sword Qi danced.

This was a sealed room, and it was not a big one, either. As the flashes of Sword Qi danced, they instantly filled the whole stone chamber.

"Aiyoyo, do you want to shoot your Lord Rabbit to death?!" Rabbit hurriedly scrambled away. However, there was Sword Qi everywhere in here, so it could only circulate Origin Power and form a shield to take these flashes of Sword Qi head on. Still, Ling Han's battle prowess was really too terrifying; even if these flashes of Sword Qi had merely been flicked out by his fingers, their destructive power was shocking, causing it to yowl loudly as a result.

Thankfully, it was a monster in its own right, and that hide of his was something that not even Hu Niu could bite through, so taking a few flashes of Sword Qi from Ling Han was still all right, though the resulting pain was still inevitable.

Hu Niu, meanwhile, giggled daintily, and danced easily around the Sword Qi. Her body flipped and twisted, and could even change shape in an inconceivable way. She would instantly flash to a different spot, which looked very bizarre.

Rabbit could not help but stare with wide eyes, and mumbled, "Major accomplishment in body of lightning? How shocking; she can actually transform into lightning and freely change her body, and even flash like lightning and shrink space to form a kind of short-distance teleportation!

"If this girl really has an ancestor in the realm of immortals, what kind of level would he be? The king of immortals?"

Ling Han entered into an unconscious state. In the depths of anger, it actually allowed him to obtain a breakthrough.

The great door to thirty flashes of Sword Qi was slowly opening in front of him.

He had stayed on the level of twenty-nine flashes of Sword Qi for a very long time. This was a genuine barrier, and since long ago, it has been thought to be the maximum number of flashes of Qi. Naturally, it was incredibly difficult to breach this barrier. Even if he was an especially gifted genius, he had still been jammed in by this barrier.

But after so many days, he had already obtained a vague comprehension, and it seemed as if there was only a paper window blocking his way forwards. Yet he always seemed to be just that bit away from success.

It wasn't until this moment that, in the throes of rage, he managed to burst through that paper window.

Weng, weng, weng. Ling Han's whole body instead of merely his fingers was exuding Sword Qi.

Thirty flashes of Sword Qi really was the limit; this was a transformation.

"He's succeeded!" Rabbit exclaimed in shock. This brat was a freak too. Comprehending Qi actually seemed to be as easy as drinking water to him. Although comprehension of Qi was not that amazing, and merely a very small hill on the path of martial arts, and there were more and higher mountains that had to be overcome, it was enough to see how much of a monster Ling Han was.

Ling Han suddenly opened his eyes, and looked faintly pleased. He had never thought that he would be able to reach thirty flashes of Qi under such conditions. Now, he could finally form Ray, and no longer needed to battle with pseudo-Ray. His battle prowess would naturally experience another upgrade yet again.

However, the pleasant surprise could not erase his fury. The five great sects were really demented. They obviously treated the whole world as farm animals to raise for slaughter, yet through these ten thousand years, they put out an image that said, 'I am your savior', and had everyone in the world revere their presence.

No wonder the Thunder Empress said that they had all been living in a colossal lie.

After the destruction of the world, someone would definitely have left behind the truth of the matter, but the five great sects had ten thousand years to brainwash the people and destroy all evidence of their crimes. As a result, they still remained seated high on the pedestal.

No wonder the five great sects guarded ancient maps so closely. They were afraid that some clues might have been left behind on the ancient maps that would reveal the secrets of ten thousand years ago, or even twenty, fifty, a hundred thousand years ago—the shady business that they had been doing all this while.

Ling Han's emotions stabilized. Emotions could not solve the problem. Instead, letting his emotions affect his decisions could bring him ruin. For example, if he now loudly announced the real faces of the five great sects, how many would actually believe his words?

'Aren't you just simply smearing the good names of the five ancient great sects? Slandering the great people who have done such outstanding service ten thousand years ago? Such a thing should be punishable by death!'

No wonder the Small Saber King was so indifferent to life. That was because, in his eyes, all living things were merely the dregs of conconction later, so what would the deaths of a few harm?

"I swear that I not only will flatten the five great sects here, but I will also charge up into the realm of immortals in the future, and those so-called five great immortal sects will not be able to escape the fate of being eliminated, either!" Ling Han exclaimed, gripping his fists.

"Brat, Lord Rabbit will support you in spirit!" Rabbit said very undependably.

"Ling Han, Niu supports you. Beat everyone down, and you become Emperor, and Niu becomes Empress!" Hu Niu, on the other hand, was very loyal, and had no idea what the word 'embarassed' actually meant.

Ling Han laughed loudly, but when Hu Niu mentioned Emperor and Empress, his heart moved.

Zi Xue Xian not only left behind the truth, but also mentioned how to solve the current dilemma.

That was simple; split open the skies!

Bring the whole lower realm and soar into the realm of immortals so that the whole lower realm would become a part of the realm of immortals. The realm of immortals had its own regulations, and the five great immortal sects would definitely not harm the citizens of the realm of immortals. Otherwise, they would really be overthrown and suppressed by the whole realm of immortals.

Even if the five great immortal sects were very powerful, they would definitely not be able to stand against that.

Splitting open the skies… easier said than done.

Feng Po Yun said that shattering the empty void and becoming immortal was a very dangerous thing to do now—that was because the five great immortal sects had sealed the path to become immortal for this lower realm, and have laid out a deadly array that could kill any Shattering Void Tier cultivator.

In this realm, Shattering Void Tier was the strongest. Even when immortals descended into the lower realm, they would be suppressed and restricted by the Dao of the world, but the moment one left here, then Shattering Void Tier cultivators would still be Shattering Void Tier cultivators, whereas immortals would have recovered their status as immortals.

It was as easy as turning over one's hand for immortals to kill Shattering Void Tier cultivators.

Thus, only the members of the five great sects could shatter the empty void and enter into the realm of immortals, but if any other person made the attempt, they would only be seeking their own death.

However, now was also the best time.

Because the development of the lower realm had been changed by the five great immortal sects, practically all the accumulation that had gone on for these ten thousand years would be released in this short period of a few hundred years. This would allow them to maximize the effects of the Realm Pill that they would concoct, and for the cultivators in this realm, that was also a fated opportunity that would allow them to grow extremely fast.

If not, how would there have been so many geniuses?

Ling Han could not help but think: what about those four disciples of his?

If they, too, had become immortals, had they then sold off their pride as well?

Ling Han's expression darkened. In future, if he could manage to meet Jiang Yue Feng and the others, he would definitely ask them clearly. Otherwise, he would definitely act on the rules of their school, and root out any disciples with bad moral character.

Now, the problem had come back to the matter of splitting open the skies.

Splitting open the skies definitely had to be done through the form of a country. That was because an individual had limited power, but it one wanted to bring the whole lower realm into the realm of immortals, the power needed would exceed even a few hundred or a few thousand Shattering Void Tier cultivators.

As a result, one could only borrow the power of the nation to be able to pierce through the nine skies and enter into the realm of immortals, transforming the whole lower realm into a part of the realm of immortals, wherein everyone had the hope of becoming an immortal.

"Yi, Ma Duo Bao!" Ling Han suddenly remembered, Ma Duo Bao had mentioned to him a few times the notion of splitting open the skies, and pointed directly at the realm of immortals as their greatest enemy. Could it be that he had long since known the truth of the matter?

If not, why would he have established the Purple Moon Empire?
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