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"There will be more and more people; we have to finish quickly." Ling Han sheathed his sword, and turned back to look at the wall that was blocking their way forwards.

They could no longer advance.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine stone squares, and a human portrait was carved on every square. There were young and old, men and women.

"Is this some kind of mechanism? Press the wrong button and a terrifying restriction will be activated to kill the trespasser?" Ling Han mumbled to himself. After his eyes had swept once over the portraits, he stopped at one of them, and smiled. "That should be the case. Isn't this the face of Zi Xue Xian?"

"If I had not obtained the Memory Crystal inside the Thunder Battle Armor, and only came here by coincidence, then I would have only had a thousandth chance to have picked this square. Going by Zi Xue Xian's personality, she would definitely not give anyone a second chance. There must be a restriction here that would kill off any trespassers.

"The walls of this cave have been completely refined by her, probably for the purpose of killing trespassers so that the secret is not leaked."

With a flick of his finger, he shot out a stream of energy that knocked onto that portrait of Zi Xue Xian. Instantly, a ka, ka, ka sound was heard from the stone wall, and it began to move, slowly splitting into two.

It moved slowly at first, gradually gaining speed, and it was very quickly completely open, revealing a stone chamber. It was not very big. Its width was only about ten feet, and only about twenty feet deep. The contents were even more simple. There was only a table, and a book lay on it.

Ling Han walked inside; Hu Niu naturally followed closely behind. Rabbit, on the other hand, followed in as well after some hesitation.

The stone wall quickly fused together again, and closed them inside the stone chamber.

However, though it was completely sealed inside, it was not dark. The walls all around them shone with a soft light as if they were made of beautiful jade.

Ling Han walked to the long table, then sat down, and flipped open the book.

This was what Zi Xue Xian had left behind. There was no ultimate treasure, and for a grand and mighty Shattering Void Tier cultivator, this was extremely unpresentable.

Ling Han began reading. Suddenly, his brow wrinkled into a frown before an enraged expression appeared on his face and his killing intent spiked. After he had finished reading the book, he slammed his hand heavily onto the table, almost flipping it over.

"Let Lord Rabbit see." Rabbit snatched the book, and immediately began to read. Soon, it, too, looked astonished.

There was no way it could not be astonished. If what Zi Xue Xian had written was true, then everyone in this whole world was living in a gigantic lie.

Ling Han sorted out his emotions. What she had said was:

About a few millenia ago, there were certain parties in the realm of immortals that suddenly became interested in the lower realm. Not only were they interested in the various resources available in the lower realm, but their interest also extended to the living beings of this lower realm.

This was an extremely horrifying thing. These few parties of the realm of immortals had obtained an ancient formula that could refine all the living creatures of an entire realm to concoct an Immortal Grade pill. It would possess all the resources of the realm, as well as the restrictions of the entire realm. Even in the realm of immortals, this would be considered an extremely valuable, treasured medicine.

However, it was a taboo in the realm of immortals, and was definitely not allowed to be concocted.

Nonetheless, it was a different case for the lower realm. These few parties of the realm of immortals easily took control of this whole plane, and their representatives were the five ancient great sects!

Why was it that every time that a massive catastrophe happened, the five great sects would somehow manage to solve the crisis at the end? That was because they were part of the whole scheme themselves! Furthermore, it was nothing like solving any crisis, but rather dealing with the aftermath.

These parties of the realm of immortal realm laid out their plans for the duration of ten thousand years, and like they were raising beasts for slaughter, they used these ten thousand years' time for the lower realm to recover and regain vitality. This time also allowed a prosperous era to dawn in the greater environment as various geniuses and elites appeared in quick succession. Great numbers of natural treasures appeared as well. This was the accumulation of ten thousand years that would lead to a great explosion, and all this was the purpose of helping the relam of immortals to concoct the "Realm Pill".

A pill concocted from the living creatures of an entire realm; its effects were naturally outstanding.

Zi Xue Xian was an outstanding disciple of the Blue Thunder Sect, as well as the descendant of some powerful race of the realm of imoortals. After she found out the truth, she was greatly angered. On one side, she left behind all the truth that she had uncovered, and on the other, she began to fight back against those reapers from the realm of immortals.

Ling Han had witnessed the results. There were too many elites from the realm of immortals, and three of them joining forces were enough to suppress her.

And the establishment of the Restore Heaven Academy was a conspiracy too. Its purpose was indeed to pick out the greatest prodigies of the generation, but it was not to leave behind any sparks for the future. Instead, they would be brought into the realm of immortals, and after they had been brainwashed, they would become the vassals of those parties. In simpler words, they would become lackeys.

They were geniuses, after all, so they would be able to become very useful lackeys.

Furthermore, high-level alchemists, or alchemists that were outstandingly skilled would also be brought into the realm of immortals, where they would be taught the alchemy skills for Immortal Grade pill concoction, but it was naturally not for the purpose of nurturing them. Instead, they were merely thought of as pure tools for the concoction of alchemical pills.

By that time, aside from those that had a certain background in the realm of immortals like Rabbit, all other human beings and living creatures would be exterminated—whether they were human or Demonic Beast, plants or even Stone Spirits, Fire Spirits or Water Spirits.

After the Realm Pill had been concocted, the whole lower realm would become lifeless as practically all living creatures had died off completely.

These parties from the realm of immortals were the real headquarters of the Heaven's Sword Sect and the Absolute Saber Sect, and they were called the Heaven's Sword Palace and Ultimate Saber Palace Hall. They were very powerful parties of the realm of immortals, and it wasn't that their actions were unknown to everyone in the realm of immortals, but that those that knew were wary of their power. Furthermore, their actions only harmed the ants of the lower relam, so everyone merely turned a blind eye to it.

Moreover, those creatures that had backgrounds like Rabbit would be spared, so those elders that had long since ascended to the realm of immortals would not make a big fuss about it, either.

In conclusion, the Heaven's Sword Palace and the other powerful parties proceeded very successfully in this matter. In total, they had concocted the Realm Pill a few dozen times, and had used it to nurture a great number of elites, so they were already at the level of outstanding power in the realm of immortals.

If Ling Han had not had his physical body shattered by the Black Tower in his last life, he would have had only two choices. The first was that he would be brought to the realm of imortals, and with his talent in alchemy, he would definitely be nurtured, and perhaps might even marry a woman from the realm of immortals as his wife.

But in the end, he would not be able to escape the fate of being a servant.

Otherwise, if he fought with his life, with his limited power against their superior might, his fate would ultimately be death.

It was precisely because of this that the five great sects hated the Thousand Corpse Sect so much. That was because the Thousand Corpse Sect wanted to turn all living beings into their Corpse Soldiers, and if they did, how would they be able to concoct the Realm Pill? There would not be enough main ingredients left.

Previously, Ling Han had wondered if the realm of immortals really wanted to invade the mortal realm, how had the five great sects been able to fight back, and actually managed to force the invaders from the realm of immortals to return whence they came… However, the truth was that they were all in it together. After the Realm Pill had been concocted, the Heaven's Sword Palace would leave behind some seeds, and allow ten thousand years' time for the lower realm to slowly recover its vitality as they waited for the next harvest.

The Heaven's Sword Sect and the other great sects were responsible for standing by and leading the world of martial arts. Otherwise, ten thousand years could have passed, and the overall level of martial arts in the lower realm might only have recovered to the level of the Spiritual Ocean and the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. In that case, the Realm Pill concocted would not be as effective.

And the current ten thousand years' time was almost up. The reapers from the realm of immortals would enter into lower realm, join forces with the Heaven's Sword Sect and the other great sects, and concoct the new Realm Pill with the whole mortal realm as their furnace, and all living creatures in this world would be their ingredients.

"Damn them, they are all bastards!" Rabbit flew into a thundering rage.
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