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Though the hole that Hu Niu chewed out was small, it was not a problem for a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator. After transcending mortality, wouldn't it be a piece of cake if one wanted to temporarily change his physical frame?

Ling Han turned around, and saw a man stride towards them. Though it was a dark space, he was exuding divine light. He was tall and slender. His brows, eyes, and nose looked like swords. Even his lips looked like two swords stuck together.

Such a man should give off an incomparably bizarre feeling!

Wasn't that so? His whole body looked like it was about to become a sword. But when all these features were on him, it gave off an incomrapable feeling of harmony. There was absolutely nothing strange. On the other hand, he seemed to have an indescribable charm to him.

Moreover, others would usually store their weapon in their Spatial Spirit Tools, and simply summon it out if they needed to use it. He, meanwhile, held it in his hand as if he could not leave it even for one second.

He was practically a sword maniac!

That man naturally saw Ling Han, Hu Niu, and Rabbit as well. However, his eyes merely swept over them once. They turned to focus on that Thunder Lotus, and he calmly said, "You all may leave."

"F***, who do you think you are to dare to shoo away your Lord Rabbit?" Rabbit was instantly pissed off.

The man actually did not get angry, nor did he become astonished from seeing a Demonic Beast speak. Instead, he said in deadpan voice, "I am Lu Yuan Shen, nicknamed Sword Maniac. I am currently designing a Thunder-aligned Sword Technique, called Exploding Thunder Sword Technique. I need this Thunder Fruit to refine my sword intent."

He really was called Sword Maniac; could it not be so lacking in creativity?

Ling Han mocked him internally, but said out loud, "You want to refine your Sword Spirit, but I, too, need to refine my body of lightning, so I cannot let you have it."

"Then, there's nothing to be done. I can only kill you; you naturally would not need the Thunder Fruit by then!" Lu Yuan Shen said calmly without the slightest bit of anger in his tone. In his eyes, Ling Han could not see any killing intent. It was as if this was something very ordinary to him.

He was indeed a Sword Maniac—his whole heart was focused on the sword!

In his eyes, killing was not killing. It was simply sweeping away any obstructions on his path. Naturally, there was no killing intent circulating inside him, because there would definitely be no one out on a jog who discovered a stone blocking their path, yet would exude killing intent whilst planning to move the stone away.

And Ling Han currently was such a stone.

Ling Han summoned the Demon Birth Sword, and sighed internally. It looked like he would not be able to avoid this fight.

"What a fine sword!" Lu Yuan Shen stared at the Demon Birth Sword, his eyes lighting up instantly. He could not help but say, "Can you let me study this sword for a while?"

Ling Han's face twitched. 'We are about to fight, and you have obviously declared your intention to kill me, yet you actually want me to lend you my sword to study. Is there something wrong with your brain?' He shook his head, and said, "No!"

"Why not?" Lu Yuan Shen looked confused. In his eyes, treasured swords should be appreciated, and should gain the admiration of all swordsmen in the world.

Ling Han was rendered speechless. In the face of someone with such spine-chillingly low intellect, what should he say? A thought streaked in his mind, and he said, "If you defeat me, I'll let you admire it. Otherwise, how would you be qualified?"

Lu Yuan Shen stared blankly, then nodded in quick succession, and said, "True, true. Such a treasured sword should not be admired by the common men. I must first prove my own ability!"

He, too, drew his sword, and what surprised Ling Han was that this guy's sword was actually made of wood.

"Hahahaha!" Rabbit directly held its stomach in uproarious laughter. It flopped down on its behind on the ground, and kicked its back paws in laughter. "Lord Rabbit is about to die from laughing. There is actually someone that would use a wooden sword; are you planning to kill or chase off ghosts?"

Yet there was not the slightest change in expression on Lu Yuan Shen's face. He held the sword in hand, and the woodenness on his face completely disappeared. His brows and lips stretched out and heroic spirit flourished. The sword intent all over his body became stronger.

Ling Han did not dare to be the slightest bit careless. Although his personality was a bit strange, his accomplishment in the sword arts could possibly be shockingly high. That was because there was usually only a slight difference between a genius and a maniac and a weirdo.

"This is my self-invented Oaken Three Swords," Lu Yuan Shen said. He lightly shook the wooden sword, and immediately, a few dozen illusionary images appeared. Those were the afterimages he had left behind after making his sword vibrate too fast.

Ling Han was astonished. One had to know that when the speed of wielding the sword reached a certain extent, a bottleneck would appear—the so-called limit. That was because there was a maximum limit to one's Origin Power, and there were also limitations to one's body. It was not possible that one's bones and muscles could support high frequency vibration.

Body Arts were one solution as they could strengthen one's physique, and allow one to have the capability to break through these limits.

But, Lu Yuan Shen obviously did not cultivate any Body Arts, yet was capable of surpassing his limits. This was naturally inconceivable.

That was right. Why did he use a wooden sword? That was because a wooden sword was light. Otherwise, if it was a treasured sword forged from Level Six or Seven precious metal, it would at least weigh over a hundred kilograms. Meanwhile, a wooden sword would, at most, weigh one or two kilograms. With high frequency vibration, there would naturally be a world of difference in the burden caused by the two.

Ling Han breathed in deeply. Mysterious Three Thousand was already prepared and ready, and he said, "Then, let me experience it."

Lu Yuan Shen struck. Xiu, his whole body moved with his sword, and he instantly arrived in front of Ling Han. As his sword swept over, it was like a deity had descended. He waved out with his sword, and endless sparks of light showered, resplendent and bright. It could not be described with words.

Ling Han huffed lightly, and the Mysterious Three Thousand shot out.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu. Peng, peng, peng, peng!

The sparks from the swords clashed, and an astonishing light shone. In the aftermath, a shock wave swept out, and collided with this tiny little cave's walls. Thankfully, this cave had been refined by a Shattering Void Tier ultimate cultivator. If not, they would have both definitely been buried alive.

As the swords' light surged past, Ling Han and Lu Yuan Shen stood ten meters apart. Their clothes had been damaged, and there was even blood spilled from both of them, but it was nothing serious.

Ling Han felt incomparably astonished; the other was actually capable of taking on the Mysterious Three Thousand.

Though Lu Yuan Shen's cultivation level was higher, and had reached the fifth layer of the Spiritual Infant Tier, Ling Han had used the Mysterious Three Thousand. Furthermore, it was struck out with the Demon Birth Sword, so it should have been sufficient to sweep aside all contenders in the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Powerful, he was really powerful!

Furthermore, that wooden sword of his was not ordinary, either. It was definitely not made out of any common wood, but rather a very high-level material for it to be able to parry the Demon Birth Sword. More importantly, he had already condensed Sword Ray, and it was definitely nothing so simple as being condensed from merely ten flashes of Sword Qi. It possessed terrifying power.

With all these factors added together, Lu Yuan Shen was capable of parrying the Mysterious Three Thousand.

Yet there was no change in expression on Lu Yuan Shen's face, as if he was not the slightest bit confused why Ling Han could equal him when he was only in the Flower Blossom Tier cultivator. He only released more sword intent, raised his wooden sword, and another slash was sweeping over.

Ling Han circulated the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and used the Demon Fairy Steps. His body suddenly sped up and retreated, letting this slash pass him by.

He held his sword crossed over his chest, getting ready to use 10 000 Techniques Return to One.

Lu Yuan Shen also stopped, his face serious. He stared closely at Ling Han, and as he raised the wooden sword slightly, a green-colored light flickered at the point of his sword. "My third strike, Harassing Slash. No matter how fast your motion technique is, it would be useless. Being locked onto by my sword intent, even if you run to the ends of the earth, this slash will still catch up with you and strike."

Ling Han was speechless. Couldn't you f***** come up with a better name?
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