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Since the Thunder Empress had mentioned the Clear Harmony Palace Hall, this should be a key word. Otherwise, Ling Han could turn the Boundless Mountains completely upside down. For a Flower Blossom Tier elite cultivator, it was really nothing too difficult to level a mountain.

Ling Han struck out with his palm, and devastating Sword Qi surged forth. Pu, pu, pu. The bricks on the ground were all turned into dust. Hu Niu puffed up her cheeks, and blew out a hurricane that blew all the dust away.

Ling Han destroyed again, and Hu Niu cleaned again. Soon, all the ruins of the Clear Harmony Palace Hall were non-existent, and only rugged mountain rock was left behind.

However, there was one brick that was not destroyed.

Ling Han smiled. It looked like he had guessed correctly. It was possible that the thing that Zi Xue Xian had left behind was hidden underneath this.

He gripped that brick, and lifted it. Yet, he discovered that this brick was extraordinarily heavy; no matter what he did, he couldn't move it an inch. Unconsciously, a competitive spirit grew, and with a loud shout, he said, "Rise!"

The combined use of Origin Power and pure brute force exploded with astonishing power.

But the embarrassing thing was that the brick still did not move the slightest, as if it had fused with the mountain rock.

Ling Han could not help but feel angry, and simply destroyed the surrounding rock, bypassing this brick.

Pu, pu, pu. He destroyed some rocks, but soon realized that he could only dig about half a foot into the ground, and could not dig any deeper than that. The toughness of this mountain rock was not the slightest bit inferior to that brick. At least, he could do nothing else against it.

Ling Han drew out the Demon Birth Sword, and slashed out at the brick. This time, there was finally some effect; a very light mark appeared on the brick.

However, how long would he have to chop at it in this way?

Ling Han decided to use the 10 000 Techniques Return to One to blast the brick. He had already condensed pseudo-Ray now, and with twenty-nine flashes of Sword Qi combined with 10 000 Techniques Return to One, adding the sharpness of the Demon Birth Sword, the combined destructive power should be incredibly terrifying.

"Let Niu!" Yet Hu Niu pounced over first, and shouted loudly, "Stinky rock, actually dare not to obediently break apart. Niu's very angry, Niu wants to chew you to pieces!" Kacha, kacha, she began chewing, and a terrifying thing happened. The rock shattered at the impact of her teeth.

"Yi, Hu Niu, your teeth have become more powerful again!" Ling Han exclaimed in surprise. Previously, even though Hu Niu's little white teeth were also forceful, but they definitely were not as astonishing as they were now.

"Hehe, after absorbing the electricity, Niu became more powerful!" Hu Niu said proudly, and began to take big bites again. Soon, she had bitten a hole the size of a human face on that brick, and buried her whole face in.

"No wonder her bites on Lord Rabbit's behind have become more and more painful." Rabbit could not help but rub its backside, its mouth twitching.

Ling Han swept a glance at it, and said, "You are a freak too. After being bitten by Hu Niu so many times, not one bit of flesh has fallen off. You're definitely the first."

"That's right!" Rabbit could not help but look proud of itself. "Lord Rabbit's ancestor is a prodigy, and could claim to be an emperor among Demonic Beasts, invincible in his generation. With the effects of his bloodline, Lord Rabbit is naturally a monster!"

As they spoke, Hu Niu's whole body had disappeared into the hole that she had chewed out of the brick. Then, with a putong, the tiny feet that had been protruding outside suddenly disappeared.

"Ling Han, Niu dropped down!" Hu Niu said delicately.

The little girl had only chewed out a hole about the size of her own body, but that was all right. How could anyone in the Flower Blossom Tier not be capable of twisting his bones? Ling Han used a powerful technique to squeeze his skeleton, and instantly, every bone in his body gave off a qiang, qiang, qiang sound, like a gong was being beaten.

There was nothing to be done. He had cultivated the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, and the toughness of his skeleton was comparable to precious metal of the same level, so it was still slightly difficult for him to change the shape of his body.

He stretched out his body so that it became thin, then slipped down through the hole that Hu Niu had chewed out. Rabbit had a slim figure, and had long since hopped down.

It was unlike what Ling Han had expected. He had initially thought that there was a secret room underneath here, where the thing that Zi Xue Xian had left behind years ago was, but who would have imagined that this was actually a passage. The way ahead was completely black, and who knew where this passageway headed to.

"Really, wasn't it just leaving a letter or something like that? Does it have to be so complicated?" Ling Han mocked the situation as he advanced through the passageway.

He looked closely, and could see there were obcure patterns on all four walls of the passage and the floor. They were of a very high level; at least, they were above the level that he had been in his last life.

"This should have been set up by the Thunder Empress after she had ascended to the Shattering Void Tier. No wonder I was unable to destroy the mountain rock just now; since it had been refined by a Shattering Void Tier ultimate cultivator, how could it be destroyed with my current capability?"

'Still, Hu Niu's teeth is really getting more and more powerful!' Ling Han mused; the little girl's unique ability was endlessly displayed, and furthermore, it was getting more and more amazing.

In the past, her little stomach was a bottomless pit, but that was only eating some food, and furthermore, there was an ending point, but now, she could absorb easily even electricity on the level of the Deity Transformation Tier.

In the past, her teeth were indeed sharp, possessing destructive power on the level of twenty Stars of the Flower Blossom Tier when she herself was only in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but that was only a breach of an entire cultivation Tier. Now, though, she could even chew through the cave dwelling that a Shattering Void Tier ultimate cultivator had set up—even if more than ten thousand years had passed, and the strength was completely uncomparable to when it was newly set up, Ling Han could only slice out a crack after so much effort. With such a comparison, Hu Niu's monstrous strength could clearly be seen.

Yet Ling Han was worried. This little girl was getting increasingly stronger; was it because that human-shaped Spirit Base in her Dantian had awakened? He absolutely did not think that it was a Spirit Base, but a spiritual form that had its own consciousness and will!

When he imagined that Hu Niu could possibly become a completely different person one day, an absolute stranger, Ling Han shivered, and his heart felt pained.

Hu Niu's little nose sniffed. She clapped her hands, and exclaimed, "Ling Han! Ling Han! Something in front smells nice!"

Ling Han smiled, and forcefully dispersed his worries. He strode forwards, and said, "This nose of yours is really good!"

"That's right, Niu is the most awesome!"

The passage soon ended, and a wall appeared in front of them. It was very wide and tall. On the wall, there were innumerable small squares. There was a human face on every small square. They were both male and female, old and young, and as many as nine hundred and ninety-nine faces.

By the side of the wall, there was a small pool of electricity. A lotus flower actually bloomed inside the pool of electricity. The lotus flower had born fruit, but what it bore was not a lotus seed head, but a round fruit about the size of a human hand. It was currently flickering with purple-colored light.

The fragrance had precisely originated from the fruit.

The pool of electricity had just about dried up, so they could clearly see that the lotus flower's roots were stuck in the bottom of the electricity pool. The roots were reddish purple in color.

"Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder!" Ling Han gasped in surprise.

Indeed, the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder had evolved after so many years, and he could see that it had reached the important moment in which it would transform into a Spirit. The fruit that the lotus flower had born was the Thunder Spirit. The moment it ripened, the fruit would split open, and the Thunder Spirit would be born. From then onwards, it would freely move unfettered in the world, and become a real living thing.

But at this moment, the Thunder Spirit had born a fruit of Dao, and it was precisely the moment when its defenses were the weakest. If one were to pluck it and eat it, he would be able to obtain good fortune, and gain unimaginable benefits.

This was a life born from nature. It was unimaginably nutritious, and even Shattering Void Tier ultimate cultivators would be enticed.

Ling Han, too, felt a rush of excitement, and temporarily forgot the matter about the wall as his whole focus was concentrated on that Thunder Lotus.

Peng, peng, peng. However, the sound of footsteps were heard from behind them.
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