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This reservoir of lightning was at least a hundred feet wide. On the other side of it, there was a cave. One side of the cave's entrance had collapsed, giving off a rather shabby feeling.

Waves in the pool of lightning rolled tumultuously. There was terrifying divine lightning flashing within, making for a shocking sight.

Many had gathered around it to observe. There were some that even wanted to force their way in, but when they reached the cave entrance and made an attempt, they immediately gave up. There were many signs of scorching and charring on them from being electrocuted, and they looked terrible.

Ling Han looked at it, and said, "I fear that the power of this pool of lightning has already reached the level of the Deity Transformation Tier."

Though the current young generation was catching up really fiercely, but even such geniuses that could be considered as belonging to the adult generation like the Small Saber King and Lang Ya Tian had not managed to break through to the Deity Transformation Tier, what more anyone else.

However, it was all right even if their cultivation level had not advanced so far, as they could use treasures to compensate for their shortcomings. Ling Han saw someone take out an umbrella, open it, and enter the pool of lightning. As the flashes of lightning barraged it, this umbrella actually glowed with flickering light, and became a shield that blocked all the incoming flashes of lightning.

It was a girl. She was exceedingly beautiful, and had a shapely figure. As she stepped on the waves of lightning, she was as graceful as a fairy that could enchant anyone.

"Wenren Qian Qian from the Wide Sun Sect!"

"What? I've never heard of her!"

"Hehe, Fairy Wenren is very low-profile, but has astonishing talent. She is extremely strong, and even she herself is as beautiful as a fairy from the heavens; she is not the slightest bit inferior to the Pearl of the Wang Clan or the Beautiful Pearl of the Hu Clan."

"Whether she is strong or otherwise, I don't know, but she is indeed really beautiful."

"Hehe, if you think she's pretty, you can go ahead! Fairy Wenren has said before: any man that can defeat her in a battle of equal cultivation level or at the same age range would be qualified to become her future husband!"


"Of course it's real. However, she did not say that you would definitely be able to marry her after winning, but merely that you would gain the qualification to."

Even so, this still made many young men feel eager to give it a try. This Wenren Qian Qian was so beautiful she would make any man's heart tremble. The moment they closed their eyes, all they could see was her graceful demeanor, and the extremely beautiful and elegant way she stepped on the pool of lightning. There was no way to erase that image at all.

"I advise you all to give up the thought. Jia Ming already has his eye on Fairy Wenren, and unless you all think you can compete with Jia Ming, it would be better for you to not waste your breath."

"Jia Ming!"

When they heard this name, a great many people looked astonished. This was a top genius that had obtained a direct ticket into the Restore Heaven Academy. Only in these two years had his reputation grown tremendously. Previously, he had been working hard on his cultivation in the savage, deep mountains, where he wrestled with various Demonic Beasts. Before then, he had never appeared in public.

Precisely because of that, Jia Ming's bloodthirstiness was extremely high. He never knew when to hold his punches as he made his merciless moves. Who knew how many geniuses had died by his hand after his return two years ago. Some of them were even members of powerful parties and clans, yet he had still remained safe and unharmed all this time.

There was but one reason: Jia Ming was a disciple of the Earth Dragon Sect!

It was one of the five ancient great sects, and who would dare touch one of the disciples that had walked out? Furthermore, Jia Ming had killed them in one-on-one battles, which could be claimed to be extremely fair. What party would dare to suppress him?

This was the benefit of having a powerful background. Otherwise, someone like Jia Ming, who did not have any scruples about murder, would have long since been killed off in secret.

Everyone dared not speak careless words. Without any forewarning, Jia Ming would wound or even kill; he did not have reservations of any sort. If he found out that they bore romantic desires for Wenren Qian Qian behind his back, he might hunt them down.

This god of misfortune was really not someone to be trifled with.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "Looks like some people have already gone in."

"The Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder should be inside the cave, and this pool of lightning is merely a little bit power that has spilled out," Rabbit agreed.

"Go, go, go!" Hu Niu tugged Ling Han's hand, and walked uncaringly into the pool of electricity.

Ling Han stepped out, but the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven was already circulating. His body exuded flashes of lightning. He could not possibly defend against lightning on the level of the Deity Transformation Tier, but this lightning was not someone's attack. He would use his own electricity to defend against the lightning here, and merely ask to be able to safely cross the distance. Thus, the difficulty level was considerably reduced.

But what was unexpected was that Hu Niu's body actually became a bottomless pit. When flashes of lightning shot at her, they would be easily absorbed by her, making Ling Han stare with wide eyes.

This was lightning on the level of the Deity Transformation Tier. Putting aside Ling Han, even if it was Small Saber King, he would have to be extremely careful. Hu Niu, on the other hand, accepted all comers, and absorbed them cleanly. When Rabbit saw this, it hurriedly hopped over.

Behind Hu Niu, a small path appeared in the pool of lightning. It was as if a supreme elite had forcefully sliced out a safe zone, but as Hu Niu walked further away, this small path was quickly drowned by lightning, and it once again became a complete pool of lightning.

Around them, the people were all in disbelief. However, their eyes were focused on Ling Han as they naturally thought that this was something that Ling Han had done. Who would suspect a little girl who looked to be only seven or eight years old or a large white rabbit?

With Hu Niu leading the way, Ling Han soon crossed the pool of electricity, and arrived at the entrance to the cave.

"I am not full yet!" Hu Niu looked dissatisfied, and turned back to look at the pool of electricity behind her.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "Then, you can go and absorb some more lightning."

"Never mind. Better to help Niu's Ling Han find the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder!" Hu Niu said very sensibly.

This little girl was really becoming more and more adorable.

"Hehe, Niu is so obedient, so Ling Han definitely will marry Niu in future!" The little girl immediately began to make her own bargain.

The two of them entered into the cave, and Rabbit, who did not have any rights, followed behind them. That was because the moment it wanted to hop alongside them, Hu Niu would bite it and say that it was in the way. Thus, Lord Rabbit could only follow behind them obediently, feeling very unhappy. Just think: at the very least, it was still a powerful Demonic Best of the Spiritual Infant Tier, so why did it have to follow behind a human brat that was only in the Flower Blossom Tier?

"Yi, look there!" Ling Han's eyes swept over, and his figure had already leaped over. He saw that there were ruins ahead. It used to be some kind of construction, but now, only the foundations were left behind. All around, there were worn down and broken walls; who knew how many years ago this had happened.

"Is this the Clear Harmony Palace Hall?" Ling Han mumbled to himself.

He walked around in the surroundings, and actually did manage to find a damaged door plaque in the ruins. However, there was only one word left behind: Harmony.

This had to be the Clear Harmony Palace Hall!

Ling Han could absolutely confirm that this was the Clear Harmony Palace Hall that Zi Xue Xian had mentioned. This lightning, these ruins, and this 'Harmony'… no such great coincidence existed in the world.

After ten thousand years, a great change had indeed occurred.

Ling Han could not help but feel rueful. If it hadn't been for the fact that an earthquake had happened, and the imminent appearance of a Thunder Spirit, would he have been able to discover this place?

This mountain was huge; the inside of the mountain had practically been excavated completely. As a result, the internal space was also extremely massive. This Clear Harmony Palace Hall had not been built at the end of the cave, and there was still a very expansive space behind it.

Ling Han hesitated. Was what Zi Xue Xian had left behind inside the Clear Harmony Palace Hall, or deeper inside the cave behind it?

The message that she had left behind only mentioned the Boundless Mountains and the Clear Harmony Palace Hall, but did not provide clear details.

After thinking for a very long time, Ling Han decided to first search around in the ruins of the Clear Harmony Palace Hall.
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