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Peng, peng, peng. A fierce battle ensued, and lightning flickered, forcing the others to all step back. Only Hu Niu was still standing on the same spot. As the waves of electricity passed over, there was not even the slightest effect on her.

How could Zhao Chao Heng dare to allow Ling Han the first three moves? If he did, he would be trapped in an absolutely disadvantageous situation; thus, he could no longer bother about face, and shot out a shower of punches towards that dragon image.

"Is this the War Elephant Fist of the Earth Dragon Sect?" He was surprisingly knowledgeable—he managed to recognize it from just one move.

This was not the most top-notch secret technique of the Earth Dragon Sect, and there were many disciples who knew this technique, thus it was not strange that Zhao Chao Heng managed to recognize the technique.

Ling Han did not answer. Since they were already fighting, defeating his opponent would be the most effective response.

Zhao Chao Heng humphed. Although he dared not underestimate Ling Han any longer, it was not to the extent that he would actually fear Ling Han. As he waved his fists in attack, his battle prowess was not the slightest bit weakened, and he managed to tie with Ling Han.

He was in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Infant Tier. Furthermore, he had stayed on this cultivation level for a very, very long time, and had also tempered his cultivation to an incredibly pure level. Thus, with the advantage of being on a higher cultivation tier, he was not the slightest bit weaker than Ling Han.

But this stunned him even more, because his battle prowess should definitely have been in the top levels of the Spiritual Infant Tier, yet a young man in the Flower Blossom Tier was capable of fighting him on equal footing. This gave him a tremendous shock. This was practically inconceivable.

"Junior, are you a disciple of the Earth Dragon Sect?" he shouted out a question. If that was the case, he would say a few circumstantial words, and not continue the battle. After all, the Earth Dragon Sect was an even more powerful party than a party with Heaven Tier-level power. Even if that Li Yuan Ming got whipped even worse, so what?

"No!" Ling Han said with a smile. "Guess again."

'Guess your sister!'

Zhao Chao Heng did not say any more nonsense. He only continued to deliver punches. He planned to get the absolute upper hand in this battle, and then call a ceasefire. In that way, he would not offend Ling Han, but would still retain his own face.

As for Li Yuan Ming? F***, this was none of his business in the first place, and it was already very kind of him to step out and give a hand.

The two of them were embroiled in a huge battle, and in the end, the victor was still undecided.

Zhao Chao Heng wanted to quickly end the battle, and immediately drew a long saber. There were closely interwoven patterns on the saber's blade. This was a Spirit Tool that he cultivated with his life force. It had originally been a normal Tier Seven weapon, but after he had nurtured it for dozens of years, it had now evolved into a Spirit Tool.

This was a Spirit Tool that he had nurtured himself. Even if there were two Spirit Tools that were completely the same, this "Blue Thunder Saber" would be able to release even greater power in his hands.

The answer was simple: it was most suited to himself.

Ling Han glanced at it, and could not help but smile strangely, and asked, "You really want to compete in Spirit Tools with me?"

With his saber in hand, Zhao Chao Heng's confidence soared. If it was similarly a Level Seven Spirit Tool, this Blue Thunder Saber of his could release a hundred percent, or even a hundred and twenty percent of its full power. And if he was using a Spirit Tool that did not belong to him, the maximum amount of power that could be released would be only about sixty to seventy percent.

Ling Han's right hand vibrated, and the Demon Birth Sword was drawn. Weng, weng, weng. Three patterns were lit, and instantly, a terrifying aura spread out. This was a Level Ten Spirit Tool, and even if Ling Han was unable to release its full power, the difference in level was still there. How could it be beaten by a Seventh Tier Spirit Tool?

"What Spirit Tool is that?!" Zhao Chao Heng's expression changed in shock. As a descendant of a Heaven Tier-level Clan, his eyes were naturally not too bad. He instantly recognized how extraordinary the Demon Birth Sword was.

"You still want to fight?" Ling Han gave the sword a shake with a smile, and said, "Perhaps that saber of yours will be cut in half by me!"

Zhao Chao Heng instantly looked hesitant.

If Ling Han was an ordinary Flower Blossom Tier cultivator, then even if he wielded a Level Ten Spirit Tool, Zhao Chao Heng would not be afraid, because he would not be touched by the sword at all. However, Ling Han's battle prowess was enough to equal his own, and this would be a problem.

Blue Thunder Saber was a treasured saber that he had nurtured for dozens of years. Even if there was only a slight crack on it, he would feel heartache.

"No!" He decided to prioritize safety first. After all, he did not have too close a relation with Li Yuan Ming, but after some thought, he still said, "Young man, Li Yuan Ming is a member of the Li Clan, and the patriarch of the Li Clan is a Heaven Tier elite. You had best not go too far.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I won't go too far. I merely want to kill him."

Zhao Chao Heng's expression stiffened. You call that not going too far? What would be considered going too far, then? But whatever he could do and say, he had already done and said. There was absolutely no reason for him to battle Ling Han to the death for Li Yuan Ming's sake—he wasn't his brother-in-law, after all.

Li Yuan Ming was scared into taking a few hurried steps backwards. He suddenly turned around and ran. He did not want to die in the slightest.

Ling Han did not pursue. He merely drew out the Setting Sun Bow and notched an arrow. Xiu, the sharp arrow shout out, and lightning flickered around it, instantly increasing its speed to the maximum capacity. Pu, it pierced through Li Yuan Ming's back, then through his heart, and with another pu, shot out, and stabbed into the firm mountain rock.

Li Yuan Ming stumbled for a few steps before finally dropping onto the ground. Fresh blood seeped out, and formed a pool beneath his body. His face was filled with regret. The two of them had not had any deep enmity, and he had merely blocked the way.

If he had not been so domineering, and put on airs with his identity as a member of the Li Clan and wanted to take Ling Han's life, how could he possibly end in this manner?

Yet no matter how much he regretted, it was useless. His eyes were open stubbornly, yet there was no longer any sign of life in them.

Ling Han walked over, and put away the arrow. This was forged from a Level Seven previous metal. If he would consume one arrow every time he shot out an arrow, probably only the wealth of a Shattering Void Tier ultimate elite cultivator could support such exorbitant expense.

Zhao Chao Heng looked at Ling Han's back, and suddenly asked, "Young man, how do I address you?"

Ling Han turned back to look at him, and answered, "Ling Han."

"Ling Han!" Zhao Chao Heng nodded, and said, "I will remember this name! Young man, you are indeed very strong. Even if I have cultivated a few dozen years more than you, and am on a higher cultivation Tier than you, you still battled me to a tie. However, there are really too many prodigies in this generation. My Zhao Clan also has a super genius. His name is Zi Yuan. He is only twenty-three years old this year, but is already in the second layer of the Spiritul Infant Tier. His battle prowess is stronger than even mine."

Ling Han grinned, and said, "If there is a chance, I would like to spar with him."

Zhao Chao Heng nodded. At the same time, he felt incredibly rueful. With his natural talent and ability, whichever time he was at in the last ten thousand years, he would definitely be considered one of the top-notch geniuses. But this era had received a time of great prosperity of martial arts as if everything accumulated in the last ten thousand years had to be released. Not only was there a major improvement in the overall level of martial arts and power, a hundred flowers bloomed in the younger generation with the successive appearances of various geniuses, who could easily stomp all over the previous generation with their superior strength.

He was really born at the wrong time. If he could be born another fifty years later, how good would that be?

Ling Han continued his advance. Hu Niu held onto his hand as she ate various snacks. Rabbit, meanwhile, was on his other side. It was already feeling a great amount of pressure. The power of lightning was getting more and more fearsome.

"We're about to arrive!" Ling Han looked ahead, and revealed an expression of happiness. The Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder was right ahead, and once fused, he would be able to cultivate a real body of lightning.

In front of them, masses of people appeared. There was also a gigantic reservoir of lightning.
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