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Rabbit rolled its eyes at Ling Han, and said, "You think your Lord Rabbit is an immortal? How would I know when I've never been to the realm of immortals?"

"Then how do you know that Hu Niu's ancestor is a supreme elite from the realm of immortals?" Ling Han interrogated.

"Che, how could she possibly be such a monster if her ancestor was not a supreme elite?" Rabbit humphed.

Ling Han shook his head, and thought that it was not Hu Niu's ancestor that was awesome, but she. The Spirit Base in her Dantian was too terrifying. At least until now, Ling Han had not felt a stronger pressure than that from anyone else.

Not in his last life, nor in this one!

Not even those at the apex of humanity like Feng Po Yun and that giant silver spider that were in Shattering Void Tier could compare to a mere glance form that maiden.

The more time passed, and the higher his cultivation level advanced, Ling Han grew increasingly wary towards that human-shaped Spirit Base, and felt that it was increasingly inconceivable to him.

Ling Han looked at how happy Hu Niu was, and there was only one wish inside his heart—that Hu Niu could always be so unfettered and carefree.

As they advanced towards the mid-mountain area, the power of lightning became stronger and stronger, and Rabbit was forced to circulate Origin Power as defense. Though it was a Demonic Beast that had a strong physique, it would not be able to withstand the continued barrage of lightning.

Without considering anything else, even if it was merely his snow-white rabbit's hide being charred, it'd rather it did not happen.

Ling Han and Hu Niu, on the other hand, advanced smoothly. Though the power of lightning here was powerful, it was not berserk, so they could absorb it as easily as if it was Thunder-aligned Spiritual Qi. The only difference was that it was denser as it could take actual form and appear.

Naturally, they were not the first group of people to come here. There was a great number of people already in the process of ascending the mountain. They had all stretched out their Origin Power to shield themselves, and every step they took was difficult.

No one dared to soar in the skies. The lightning in the skies was too chaotic, appearing as if it was the Heavens' wrath. Perhaps only Deity Transformation Tier cultivators would dare force their way through. Otherwise, everyone else would simply have to obediently walk on the ground.

Those walking ahead moved slower and slower. After all, there were not many that had a Thunder-aligned Spirit Base, so they had to use their own Origin Power to shield themselves. Thus, they expended considerable amounts of Origin Power, and it was also a harsh burden on their stamina. For those that did not cultivate Body Techniques, they could only take a rest every few steps.

Ling Han very soon stopped walking. That was because a narrow and winding road actually appeared in front of them, but there was a person that had actually sat himself down in the middle of the path to rest. If one wanted to continue the journey by passing over his head, it would be inevitable that he would be attacked by the lightning, which was an extremely dangerous thing.

"Hey, please either take a few steps ahead, or take a few steps back. Don't block this path that everybody has to pass through," Ling Han said.

That was a man in his thirties. He was a high level Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator, and could even possibly have reached the peak. Though his blood and vitality was strong, he was not as young as he looked. After all, once a cultivator broke through to the Flower Blossom Tier, his aging would be slowed.

Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators possessed a five-hundred-year-long lifespan. Only those whose real age was below two hundred years old would appear no different than someone in their thirties.

That man swept a sideways look at Ling Han and Hu Niu, and could not help but throw a look of despise at them. He said in disdain, "A mere junior in the Flower Blossom Tier dares to ask me to make way?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, you're going to be in big trouble. Lord Rabbit guarantees it with my integrity!" Rabbit immediately took delight in the man's upcoming misfortune.

"Demonic, Demonic Beast!" That man gasped in shock. This rabbit actually could speak a human language!

"Make way!" Ling Han's expression had also turned cold.

That man no longer bothered about a rabbit knowing how to speak in a human language, and turned back to Ling Han. He said with a sneer, "You actually dare to speak to me in this way; are you tired of living?"

"Lord Rabbit thinks that you're the one who's tired of living." Rabbit always had to interrupt.

Ling Han said calmly, "As the saying goes, a good dog does not block the way. So, I had best kick away a naughty dog like you!"

"How dare you!" That man erupted into a towering rage, and actually made the first move. He stretched open his hand, and a black-colored whip flew out, twining towards Ling Han's head. An expression of cruelty appeared on his face. As long as it was entwined in his whip, with the terrifying attack of his Origin Power, he would be able to instantly pluck Ling Han's head from his shoulders.

A cold light flashed in Ling Han's eyes too. Putting aside the fact that this man blocked the way, not allowing others to pass, he was really vicious with how he aimed to kill from his first move alone.

There was naturally no need to be merciful towards such a man.

Ling Han moved as well. Lightning encircled his hand, popping and crackling, and he took hold of the whip firmly.

Zi, the power of lightning instantly passed through the whip to its wielder.

"Ah!" that man exclaimed. When the power of lightning was transmitted over, his whole right arm was numbed by the electricity. Furthermore, he had lost all feeling in his fingers, so he could not help but loosen his hand, and the whip dropped from it.

He hurriedly stretched out his left hand to once again take hold of his whip. It was created from entwining Flying Cloud Gold Silk around Black Wood Cane, and was extremely valuable.

But, xiu, the whip twisted around like it was a snake, and shot towards Ling Han quickly. Soon, it had fallen into his hand.

"Give it back!" the man called out.

Ling Han rolled his eyes, and asked, "Is there something wrong with your head?"

"Brat, are you planning to seek your own death?" that man asked darkly.

"You speak as if you had not meant to kill me just now, and was merely playing around with me." Ling Han shook his hand, and waved the whip so that it flicked towards the man. Because the whip's body was entwined with metal, it became the best conductor for lightning. The whole whip had turned white, lightning twined densely around it, and ancient patterns flickered on it.

"F***!" tha man cursed. There was lightning all over this place, which doubled the power of any Thunder-aligned cultivator. They would be able to guide the surrounding lightning to complement their own attacks.

Flower Blossom Tier cultivators could guide the surrounding Spiritual Qi to complement their own attacks, but this place had become an ocean of lightning. Cultivators aligned with any of the other five Elements would not be able to borrow any kind of Spiritual Qi corresponding to their own Elemental alignment, and would only be able to fight with their own power. This naturally was a great restriction on their battle prowess.

But for Thunder-aligned cutlivators, this place was equivalent to a paradise.

That man could only scramble backwards so as to dodge this attack.

Ling Han pursued him, and struck out again with his whip.

His battle prowess had reached the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and added with the fact that there was lightning here to empower his own attacks, he was naturally capable of oppressing any Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator—unless the latter, too, possessed a Thunder-aligned Spirit Base.

How would that man be able to defend against him?

Ling Han pursued closely, and the man retreated successively. The whip shot out with pops and cracks, and as lightning wrapped around it, it was a very terrifying thing to behold.

The man's head was entirely covered with cold sweat.

The lightning here was extremely terrifying, and like wading through a muddy swamp, every step was a difficult one to take as one had to defend against the surging ocean of lightning. This would consume greatly both one's Origin Power and stamina, which was why there was need to take a rest every few steps.

But now, a whip was striking above his head like crazy, without giving him any time to breathe. Thus, he could only scramble forwards like a crazed dog.

He could be no more battered than this.

"Damn it! Damn it!" that man felt incredibly angered and humiliated, "Brat, don't go too far! I am a member of the Li Clan of the Iron Tree Silver Flower. Our patriarch is an ultimate elite of Heaven Tier that the whole world reveres!"

"Oh, I'm so scared. As long as I kill you, I would remove any possible future threat." Ling Han said, smiling, striking out with the whip even faster.

The man released a growl of humiliation. As people passed, many had witnessed his miserable appearance, and those looks of peculiarity were enough to make him feel incredibly furious and ashamed.
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