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Yao Hui Yue felt unbearably pained.

His Zhu Xuan Er actually looked like this?

In the north region, merely her figure and the personality she revealed were sufficient to entrance him. He would willingly fall to his knees for her, but now, after seeing her real appearance, it was as if someone had sliced a knife into his heart.

This discrepancy was really too big.

And just like that, his first love came to nothing.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and slung an arm around Yao Hui Yue's shoulders as he said, "Small Yao, even if we fight to death tomorrow, that is something that would only happen tomorrow. Thanks for today. Come, let us drink some wine! No one's going home sober."

For someone with excellent self-discipline like Yao Hui Yue, he was naturally unwilling to get himself drunk, but now, the only thing he wanted was to drink himself to forget all his troubles. Without a word, he sat down, and did not refuse any who offered him a drink. He gulped down one cup after another, and very quickly, with a pa, he collapsed and began snoring away.

"What poor capacity for liquor!" the Rain Emperor commented with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Ling Han said in a meaningful tone, "When one drinks wine with a troubled mind, it is easier to get drunk."

When Yao Hui Yue awoke the next day, he discovered that he was lying alone on a rock. The moment he got to his feet, he felt a throbbing headache. The effects of a hangover were kicking in. He gripped his head, and swore that he definitely would not get himself drunk in future.

He looked up at the skies, and could not help but show a self-mocking smile.

Previously, he kept himself at Zhu Xuan Er's beck and call, and tried his best to gain her favor, but had he really fallen in love with her? She was a woman whose face he had never even seen before, so how could it be possible that he would develop true feelings for her?

It was simply that he had deceived himself with his own feelings, and imagined her to be an extreme beauty, which was why he admired her so completely, and now, his dream had shattered.

From now onwards, he could place his full focus and attention on martial arts!

Yao Hui Yue's thoughts cleared, and instantly, an expression of great happiness appeared on his face because he had touched the barrier to the thirtieth flash of Sword Qi! Indeed, a great emotional upheaval had a great influence on grasping Qi; previously, no matter how hard he cultivated, he could not get the gist of it.

"I want to become the number one person in the young generation!" he declared passionately, completely forgetting his disappointment in romance. The greatest genius naturally had unsurpassed self-discipline.


Ling Han waited another five days. Can Ye was still awaiting the arrival of that disciple of Heaven's Sword Sect when another piece of news reached them—an earthquake had happened at the Great Brilliant Mountains, and it seemed like a great treasure had appeared. Flashes of lightning shot skywards and illuminated the skies.

For this reason, a great many people had already departed to make their way towards Great Brilliant Mountains. It was located in the Flying Blossom County anyways, and it would only be a matter of one to two days to get there.

Waiting for Can Ye, Ling Han could only stay behind calmly. Furthermore, flashes of lightning did not mean that an ultimate treasure had really appeared. Previously, when he had guided lightning into his body to cultivate the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, hadn't he also caused lightning to flash for a whole night and day?

Who knew, this might be caused by a person who cultivated a Thunder-type technique and was currently taking a very important step in his cultivation.

Ling Han waited patiently, but the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing had already set out. They said that if there really was some treasure with lightning traits, they would definitely bring it back for Ling Han so that he could truly form a body of lightning.

This was his two brothers' sincerity; it would not be appropriate for Ling Han to refuse, so he could only watch as they left.

However, Ling Han did indeed very much want to form a body of lightning. Currently, he could only speed up his movement with the aid of lightning, but if he could actually become lightning, his speed could still increase another level, and be on par with Hu Niu's.

"Great Brilliant Mountains, aren't they one of the mountain ranges suspected to be Boundless Mountains?" Zhu Xuan'er asked Ling Han after she found out.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "It can't be such a coincidence that the Clear Harmony Palace Hall really is there!"

It was not impossible, because Zi Xue Xian cultivated power of lightning, and there were flashes of lightning soaring skywards at the Great Brilliant Mountains, which was really too much of a coincidence.

"We'll wait one more day, and if there is still no news from Can Ye, we'll set out." Ling Han decided to go and take a look.

However, when Can Ye came over that night, he brought back a piece of bad news. That True Disciple of the Heaven's Sword Sect was actually unable to bring back an ancient map. He said that his sect watched over it extremely closely, and treated it like it was a top-grade cultivation or martial arts technique, so there was no way they would allow it to be seen by outsiders.

Not just outsiders were unable to see it. Even if their own disciples wanted to study the ancient map, they had to ascend to a certain level, such as the Heaven Tier, or be a prodigious, genius disciple like Yao Hui Yue.


Ling Han could not help but curse. It was just a map; was there a need to treasure it to this extent?

The Heaven's Sword Sect feared that they would find out something? Was it the secret that Zi Xue Xian had left behind? It should not be possible; how would they know that she had left behind last words? Moreover, so many years have passed, and it could be that the place was eternally buried underground, or had been destroyed completely.

These five great sects were acting abnormally!

Ling Han hesitated no longer. Together with Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu, he rushed towards the Great Brilliant Mountains. Naturally, Rabbit followed them as well. All day, it would chew on a thousand-year ginseng like it was a carrot, and boast shamelessly that this was only interest. Only when Ling Han paid him two stalks of Dragon's Blood Overlord Ginseng would he no longer have to pay it interest.

The consequence of having such a bad mouth was naturally being bitten by Hu Niu, which caused it to yowl in pain. Yet, it still made no change in its behavior, just asking to be bitten.

Talking and laughing, having fun and bickering all the way there, they soon arrived at the Great Brillian Mountains.

The Flying Blossom County was not the largest county in the middle state, but was definitely the county that had the most mountain ranges. This Great Brilliant Mountains were also a huge mountain range, extending over several hundred miles, shocking in its great size.

This place was filled with a primitive air. There were terrifying Demonic Beasts rampaging here. Common people dared not travel too deep into the mountains, as the slightest bit of carelessness could cause them to lose their lives.

Ling Han glanced over. The trees here all grew like they were precious swords, and the average height of the trees here was 300 m and above. They grew straight and upright; branches were rarely seen, and the sight of them made for an image of austerity and harshness.

And in the east of the mountain range, there was indeed a flash of lightning shooting skywards, rushing forth, prancing and sweeping over the whole mountain peaks.

"Let's go and take a look." Ling Han and the others flew towards that area. Now that Zhu Xuan Er had broken through to the Flower Blossom Tier, the power of their team could be considered quite strong.

Very soon, they arrived at the foot of the mountains. They could see occasional flashes of lightning rush out halfway up the mountains. This was the origin of the flashes of lightning. It had affected the whole mountain, so no one dared approach.

An expression of utter astonishment appeared on Ling Han's face, and in spite of himself, he exclaimed, "Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder!"

"Yi, a brat like you actually knows about the Heaven Cloud Purple Thunder?" Rabbit asked in surprise, looking very curious. "This is one of the Ten Great Ultimate Thunders of ancient times."

"What Ten Great Ultimate Thunders?" Zhu Xuan Er asked curiously.

Rabbit was the type to get hyped up in front of an audience. With a willing listener, it instantly got the urge to show off, yet had not predicted that he would be the target of a ferocious glare from Hu Niu. In the end, it rubbed the many wounds that had yet to recover on its backside, and dared not seek trouble. Thus, it said, "There are spirits in the world. Even this mountain and water, this stone and fire, could possibly grow their own consciousness and become a unique kind of life form."

"Oh, so aren't they Fire Spirits, Stone Spirits, and Water Spirits then?" Zhu Xuan Er came to a realization. Then, she clapped her hands abruptly, and exclaimed, "Could it be that there is a Thunder Spirit here?"

Ling Han nodded, and said, "That should be the case. Furthermore, it is an impressive guy too!"
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