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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 639 The Three Brothers Join Forces

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"Ling Han, come out and die!" a cold voice rang out. It was as if a blade had sliced through, and leaves from around them dropped, torn into pieces.

Quite a number of people threw up blood, and they were even more shocked. Who was this man that would be so terrifying—merely his voice alone could cause them to collapse.

"Third Brother, your enemy?" Mu Rong Qing asked. He looked very spirited. "Wait for me to take him down!"

Ling Han smiled, and said, "Second Brother, I fear you are no match for him."

"Oh, who is that man?" Even the Rain Emperor had become curious, and looked to be filled with battle intent.

"Small Saber King!"

Weng, a figure appeared. He had a tall, slender build, and saber intent wound all over his body, transforming into uncountable sabers of various shapes and sizes. There were long and short sabers, gold and silver sabers, and there were closely woven patterns on every blade, exuding a powerful aura.

Everyone felt terror. There were some who were forced to their knees, which overwhelmed them with shock.

One had to know that all those who could come to this place were geniuses, and no matter what, had at least formed one flash of Qi, having the potential to become a ruler within martial arts. But even so, they could not defy this man's aura, which showed how utterly terrifying this person was.

A ruler amongst rulers!

In this place, many geniuses had gathered, and as close to a month had passed, there were naturally even more present, but due to the oppressive aura of Small Saber King, a dozen thousand people could not even release even the slightest sound, as they were all subdued by a single person.

This was the bearing that a ruler amongst rulers should have; merely standing there would force innumerable geniuses to bow their heads in submission.

Ling Han stepped out, and the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing stood on either side of him, showing clearly their attitude that the would advance or retreat with him.

Small Saber King, someone at the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier. Even if the three of them joined forces, no one would say anything. The difference in cultivation level was there, after all. Putting aside the idea of three people attacking together, even if ten people attacked together, they would not be blamed, either.

"No way, this brat is enemies with Small Saber King too?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, just some time ago, he did that to Fairy Yi Yun, and offended the Blue Thunder Sect. And now, he's being hunted down by Small Saber King of the Absolute Saber Sect. Out of the five ancient great sects, he's actually offended two of them!"

"Yi, why does Small Saber King want to kill this brat? Could it be that Small Saber King likes Fairy Yi Yun?"

"No way, I heard that Fairy Yi Yun is in love with Lang Ya Tian."

"Tsk, a love triangle, what a mess!"

"No, no, no, now that this brat is added into the bunch, it's obviously a love rectangle."

The spectators mumbled amongst themselves. Not only women, but in fact men also tended to be quite gossipy—especially someone like Li Feng Yu, who would want nothing more than to yell out such spicy gossip.

Small Saber King stood proudly in mid-air. He had been on the hunt for Ling Han all this time, yet lost his tail, and it was only when he heard that Ling Han caused a great commotion at Wang Yi Yun's banquet some time ago that he rushed all the way here.

As his eyes swept over Ling Han and his two sworn brothers, condescension curled the corners of his lips up as he said, "With the power of just the three of you, you intend to stop me?"

"How would we know if we don't try?" Ling Han said heroically. These two sworn brothers of his were similarly rulers in martial arts—especially the Rain Emperor. As the saying went, a great talent matured slowly, but on the other hand, good preparation was the key to success, so he had terrifying battle prowess.

"Snort, foolish!" Small Saber King was no longer interested in speaking, and directly drew out his saber in a slash. A terrifying Saber Qi rolled past, as if it was a blade that would startle even the sky, and slid down from the skies.


Ling Han gave a loud shout, and directly drew out the Demon Birth Sword to parry. Against a powerful foe like Small Saber King, it was impossible for him to hold back in the slightest. If he did, that would be joking around with his own life.

With a ding, the treasured sword clashed with Saber Ray, but Ling Han was forced into a sliding retreat. His feet were like two spades that dug out deep grooves in the incredibly hard mountain rocks.

"Break!" Ling Han shouted loudly, and as his long sword waved down in a slash, pu, the Saber Ray was cut in half, and slashed past either side of him. In the meantime, the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing had already charged out. Both of them used Fist Techniques, and with martial intent and Origin Power wrapping around their fists, they possessed very terrifying destructive power behind their blows, which enabled them to take on a sharp blade with their bare fists.

"Heng, two minor characters that had just broken through to the Spiritual Infant Tier actually want to stand against me?" Small Saber King sneered, and pulled out his saber in a slash, his aura majestic.

The Rain Emperor roared in rage, and as he brandished his fists, Fist Ray rushed forth, extremely ferocious.

"Yi?" Small Saber King finally exclaimed in surprise. Ray—even if it was the condensation of ten flashes of Qi, it surpassed thirty separate flashes of Qi; this was a natural suppression.

Mu Rong Qing showed his might as well. Although he had not condensed a Ray, in terms of Qi, he had formed a total of twenty-nine flashes, so his battle prowess was similarly not to be underestimated.

On the ground, Ling Han charged up with his sword as well.

"Hahaha, three minor characters, not worth mentioning." Small Saber King immediately regained his cool. Though the Rain Emperor had condensed a Ray, he had broken through when he had merely formed ten flashes of Qi, so his power was limited. Meanwhile, he was at an absolute advantage in cultivation level as he had half a foot into the Deity Transformation Tier, whereas his battle prowess had long since spiked up to this level. He had at least five Stars of the Deity Transformation Tier, so he was spine-chillingly powerful!

With a slash of his saber, Ling Han and his brothers, who dared not take it head on, could only retreat.

"Hahahaha!" Small Saber King laughed loudly, and slashed wildly at Ling Han. This man had killed his father, which filled him with deep-seated hatred. Furthermore, there was also a little girl that had obtained his Thunderclap Ninth Heaven Mystical Power, whom he definitely had to kill as well; he would directly pluck out her soul from her body.

Ling Han gave a humph, and lightning flickered over his body. In an instant, he had apparead by the side of the Small Saber King, and swiped his sword forth in a slash.

"What!?" Small Saber King exclaimed in shock. It was not because Ling Han moved too fast, but rather because there was a flicker of lightning with his movement; that obviously was the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven!

How could that be!

A Mystical Power could only be learnt by one person, so why would Hu Niu be followed by Ling Han? Two people who had both learnt Thunderclap Ninth Heaven?

… If he knew that not only Ling Han and Hu Niu, but also Helian Xun Xue had learnt the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, who knew what kind of expression he would have. He would probably be so overcome with shock that he would not be able to accept such a fact.

"How could you have possibly learnt the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven?!" Small Saber King exclaimed in a severe tone. It was obvious that Hu Niu was still on the ground, and it was impossible that she was capable of astral projection, so where had Ling Han learnt this Mystical Power?

"None of your business!" Ling Han brandished his sword in a quick slash. Twenty-nine flashes of Qi condensed into pseudo-Ray, which whizzed towards Small Saber King.

This was a pseudo-Ray that had been shot out by a Level Ten Spirit Tool, so its power was almost no weaker than a real Ray's. Even Small Saber King dared not be too careless, and had to wield his saber to parry. Otherwise, if he was hit by the Sword Ray, even he would be deeply injured.

The eyes of the Small Saber King iced over, and he said with a sneer, "All right, then I only have to kill you alone!" Though he did not take Hu Niu seriously, the speed of the little girl's movements shocked even him, and he absolutely could not guarantee that he would be able to take her down successfully.

He pushed out with his left hand, and swept it towards the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing, whereas his right hand wielded his saber to slash towards Ling Han. Every single strike was merciless; he only wanted to take Ling Han's life.

Ling Han and his brothers joined forces to attack, but Small Saber King was really too strong. His battle prowess that was on the level of the Deity Transformation Tier allowed him to be at an absolute advantage, and every blow he struck caused Ling Han and his brothers to be battered and exhausted.

Unless Ling Han used the Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow to impede him, at this moment, the three of them were already heading for a crushing defeat.

Ling Han swallowed a pill. It was the Five Revolutions Black Jade Pill. He had concocted a total of three pills. In the previous battle against Xuanyuan Zi Guang, he had already taken one, and the pill he was taking now was the second one. As the alchemical pill entered his stomach, its effects were immediately seen, and he gained an upgrade of a total nine Stars to his battle prowess.

Initially, his battle prowess had reached fifteen Stars of the Spiritual Infant Tier, or perhaps even more than that, and now, with a power upgrade of nine Stars of battle prowess, he had immediately soared up to the level of the Deity Transformation Tier.
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