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Ling Han thought for a moment, then said with a smile, "With our current ability, we would only be able to think about this kind of thing. No matter who wins or loses, it is not something we can interfere with."

The Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing exuded a strong battle intent as they both looked impassioned.

The Rain Emperor was a formidable character, whose dominating aura was the strongest, whereas Mu Rong Qing had a sloppy temperament, being only interested in becoming the world's strongest. The three of them had varying characters and personalities, but they shared a common characteristic, and that was all three had a furious passion for martial arts. All three had steadfast determination and fearless resolution.

If that had not been the case, they wouldn't have recognized one another as brothers in the first place.

"After another thirty years, it will be our turn to make big waves!" they declared ruefully and passionately.

They wanted to compete with great Shattering Void Tier elite cultivators after merely thirty years?

If these words spread out, others would definitely laugh at them with such a ridiculous notion, but the three of them were filled with self-confidence. With their natural talent, as well as Ling Han's alchemical pills, they definitely had the chance to reach Shattering Void Tier and pass judgment ont the world.

Ling Han calmed his emotions, and asked, "There was another piece of news?"

"Hehe, this piece of news is a little interesting." The Rain Emperor paused. "Not too long ago, a small city in the middle state suddenly announced its establishment as the Purple Moon Empire, establishing their nation's leader, and created a system of officials for all its citizens to pay respect."

Ling Han was dumbfounded. Someoen actually established their own nation… What were they playing at?

Aside from the Desolate North, the four regions and the middle state did not have any concept of a nation. There were only the various ancient clans and sects dividing the territory amongst themselves, and each would have jurisdiction over their own territory. In comparison, there were no laws in this world, and the only fact publicly acknowledged was: strength was power. The mutually agreed upon idea was that strength was the law.

Comparing the Nine Desolate Areas with the outer world, in truth, establishing nations was not a bad idea. There would be laws that everyone had to adhere to, which would greatly decrease the amount of bloodshed. Of course, if those in charge were corrupted, then it would be the same whether it was an empire, a sect, or a clan.

A sudden thought came to Ling Han: why were there no empires in the middle state and the four regions? One had to know that power of the nation was a good thing. In the past, the Rain Emperor only had one foot into the Flower Blossom Tier, yet was capable of standing against someone who was actually in the Flower Blossom Tier. Aside from the Rain Emperor himself being strong, the power of the nation was also a vital factor.

Since power of the nation was so good, why did no other parties consider the idea?

"In this world, empire is a taboo," Mu Rong Qing said. "There is a firm law in our south region. Any party can freely fight over territory, but definitely must not establish their own empire. Otherwise, they would be destroyed by the entire south region."

The Rain Emperor nodded, and said, "I've also searched through ancient records. The founding emperor of our country only thought of establishing a country after discovering a secret scroll from ancient times in the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, and it if wasn't for the fact that the Desolate North is really too small and too remote from the mainland, we would probably have long been destroyed."

"I wouldn't have thought of it if we weren't on the subject. Power of the nation is obviously something very good, and beneficial to cultivation. Yet, why have there never appeared any empires in this world?" Ling Han wore a curious expression. In his last life, there similarly had not been any empires. However, at that time, his full focus was on alchemy, so he had taken no notice of this fact at all.

"However, in the ancient times, the real ancient era, there were indeed empires in the world, and furthermore, they were incredibly powerful," he said. The Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, for example, had been obtained from the treasure trove of an ancient empire. Moreover, this was not the strongest Mystical Power there was, either.

That was something from dozens of millenia ago. That ancient empire wanted to bring the whole world and ascend to the realm of immortals, but, obviously, they failed their mission. At the time, this ancient empire could be considered to have united the whole world, and was extremely powerful.

"Could it be that this Purple Moon Empire intends to follow the example?" the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing exclaimed in surprise.

"Who is the nation's leader?" Ling Han asked.

"His surname is Ma, and is named Ma Duo Bao. He calls himself the Purple Moon Divine Emperor." the Rain Emperor answered.

Pu, Ling Han once again accidentally spat out his saliva.

F***, Ma Duo Bao?

He remembered that back in Million Treasures City, Ma Duo Bao had once earnestly invited him to join in the venture to split open the skies. He had not thought that, after a mere few months, this guy had really perfomed a "great feat".

Still, without the support of an extremely powerful party, how long would this Purple Moon Empire last?

… Hold on, that ancient empire seemed to have failed to split open the skies before their destruction, and Ma Duo Bao also mentioned he wanted to split open the skies, and even established a nation. Could it be that only a nation could split open the skies?

Ling Han felt his thoughts were slightly in a mess; in this life, whatever crazy thing could really happen.

Ma Duo Bao was definitely not an idiot. On the other hand, this man was unfathomable; Ling Han could not see through him at all. Either he had some kind of secret technique, or his ability was at least at the late stage of the Heaven Tier.

On one side, there was the Thousand Corpse Sect, which definitely would not be content with their place; they were definitely aiming for all life in this world, wanting to cause great suffering so that they could refine everyone into Corpse Soldiers. And on the other side, there was the Purple Moon Empire. Since they had established their own nation, then it would be natural to expand their territory, so it was inevitable that they would launch a worldwide expedition, and the might of that ancient empire would reappear.

"It seems like the world is about to experience a great upheaval." Ling Han sighed.

"Furthermore, the five great sects have also predicted that a great catastrophe akin to what happened ten thousand years ago would happen again. Really, all the excitement is happening at the same time," the Rain Emperor said.

"We can only work hard at our cultivation, and increase our own power so as to gain the power to protect ourselves and speak," Mu Rong Qing concluded.

Ling Han and the Rain Emperor nodded.

"That…" Uncle Rabbit had listened from the side for a long time. He raised his little paw, and said, "Lord Rabbit has some knowledge about that so-called great castastrophe."

"Oh, speak quickly!" Ling Han was instantly interested.

Rabbit put on an act, and said, "Yi, where is Lord Rabbit's tea, ah!" It had wanted to act coy for a moment longer, but the result was crying out in pain when Hu Niu bit him.

"Say it!" Hu Niu said in displeasure.

This rabbit was really a little lowly. It obviously knew that Hu Niu very much liked to bite it, yet still continued to repeatedly provoke Hu Niu into biting it. It coughed, then said, "There is a myth transmited with Lord Rabbit's bloodline. Once every ten thousand years or so, there would be a Great Reckoning in the world. At that time, all life would be in terrible straits, and only a very, very few people would manage to survive."

"Reckoning?" Ling Han was astonished. This was yet another theory.

"For someone like Lord Rabbit that has an ancestor living in the realm of immortals, we would be those who would be spared, and no one would dare touch a single hair on Lord Rabbit's head. But for those like you, hehe, it would be terrible!" Rabbit said.

Ling Han could not help but snort. "This Reckoning really bullies the weak but fears the strong."

"Brat, this is life. Get over it." Rabbit him comforted, but no matter he looked at it, it seemed to be showing off.

"Reckoning, why does there have to be Reckoning? And who would be doing the Reckoning?" Ling Han asked.

Rabbit pointed at the skies, and said, "As for why, Lord Rabbit does not know either."

The sky? The sky meant the realm of immortals; the Dao of this world should not be wanting to bring ruin to all life. And from the Memory Crystal that Zi Xue Xian had left behind, someone, who wanted to destroy all life in this world, had indeed come from the realm of immortals.

Ling Han still came back to that old problem, if the realm of immortals really wanted to do a Reckoning, with merely the power of the five ancient great sects, how could they possibly stop them?

There had to be another reason for it, and the answer was possibly hidden inside the Clear Harmony Palace Hall.

Ling Han could not help but want even more urgently to obtain an ancient map.

"Ling Han, come out to your death!"
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