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Everyone was dumbstruck; that was Wang Yi Yun, a publicly acknowledged fairy! Moreover, she was also the treasured daughter of the Wang Clan, as well as an outstanding disciple of the Blue Thunder Sect; and now, she actually had her behind spanked by a man?


So envious; they very much wanted to spank her once too, but they wouldn't be using a sword, but rather their bare hand to truly feel the plumpness and bounciness of that ****.

A considerable number even began cursing Ling Han secretly. He did not take more advantage even when gifted with such a great opportunity… was he stupid? Since he had already formed an enmity with the Wang Clan, what was the point of acting reserved? Who knew, if it was too late to change anything, Fairy Wang would fall wholeheartedly for him.

But even more people bristled with fury; this brat actually dared to commit a blasphemy against the goddess of their hearts—he truly deserved to die a hundred times!

Wang Yi Yun could not help but exclaim in shock as well. To have her behind spanked publicly like this was an experience she had never had before. She felt ashamed and enraged to death. But what made her feel helpless was that she was completely no match for Ling Han, and could only allow the latter to torment her backside.

"Ah…" she released an embarrassed cry, but finally made no further attempts to continue fighting back. With a flash of her figure, she had returned to the ground. Her expression had regained its previous serenity, and she had once again become the otherworldly fairy that she had been before.

"You admit your defeat?" Ling Han asked, smiling.

Wang Yi Yun's eyes spat fire, wanting nothing more than to tear Ling Han into a million pieces, but what could she do since she was no match for him? Though there were a few Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators present, their prowess was more or less on the same level as hers. Since she was no match for Ling Han, she believed that no one else would be able to suppress this young man.

She forced down her fury as she still had to maintain her calm, fairy-like demeanor, and said, "Yi Yun is not skilled enough. Thus, I admit my loss."

Ling Han grabbed her gambling stake, smiling calmly, and asked, "Now, is there anyone else who would like to stop me from leaving?"

No one spoke. Ling Han was really too strong. He should be an existence on the level of monsters, and only the likes of Yao Hui Yue and the Little Saber King, the strongest prodigies of their generation, would be able to subdue him. Even if anyone else wanted to step up to the challenge, they would only be seeking a thrashing.

"Let's go. We'll change locations, and drink to our hearts' content!" Ling Han said to the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing.

"All right!" Both of them nodded.

They left in a grand display, making many eyes spit fire at them. They ate, thrashed, played, and now decided to leave just like that, leaving behind shambles and a mess in their wake.

Wang Yi Yun, too, wanted to slam the door and leave, but she was the host here, and still had to take charge of the overall situation, so how could she do as she liked? She could only open her mouth and say, "Everyone, let us discuss the details of the Striking Heaven Alliance…"


Ling Han, the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing arrived at the mountain peak. They found a clean rock, then brought out good wine and food, and began to eat heartily. Additionally, they also plucked over a dozen bowl-sized peaches from that branch of Spiritual Peach. Their fragrance wafted all over, making them all salivate at the aroma.

"This is what good food is!" As Hu Niu ate, she gave her judgment. She was wolfing down so much that her little face and hands were all oily.

Zhu Xuan Er, meanwhile, was very reserved, taking small bites and swallowing slowly, displaying fully the demeanor of a refined lady.

The three men all had grand ambitions and forthright character. Due to their drunken stupor, they decided to simply recognize each other as brothers. The Rain Emperor was naturally ranked the eldest, Mu Rong Qing was second eldest, and Ling Han could only settle for being the youngest, which made him feel very dejected once he had come out of his drunkenness.

With his two lifetimes added together, he was over two hundred years old, and now, he actually had to call two "young men" First Brother and Second Brother! Feng Po Yun was another story as he indeed was older than him, so it was no loss to him to call the former Big Brother.

Still, he only felt momentary depression. Even if they had recognized each other as brothers while they were drunk, that was still because the temperament and character of the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing were to his taste.

Actually, Uncle Rabbit, too, wanted to join in on the fun. It said it had lived for several hundred years, so it wanted to become the First Brother. As a result, Ling Han and the other two looked at it in disdain, and said they would be ashamed to be grouped together with an animal, and so pushed it out of consideration, making it cry out in fury.

Although Wang Yi Yun meant to keep the event secret, there had been many witnesses, and added with the fact that it was about a spanking, such a captivating subject, news about what had happened the day before very quickly spread all over. When they spoke of Wang Yi Yun, everyone would give an 'oh', and share an expression of mutual understanding.

Naturally, the gossip became more overblown as it spread. At the beginning, it was a mere spanking, but as the gossip spread, it became that Wang Yi Yun had been captured by Ling Han, and the young man and woman spent a night together alone. When Wang Yi Yun came out, her clothes were dishevelled, and she couldn't even close her legs.

However, at the same time, Ling Han's battle prowess was sufficiently acknowledged. Everyone was sure that unless the greatest prodigies that had obtained a direct ticket into the Restore Heaven Academy made an appearance, no one else would be a match for Ling Han. Furthermore, they would have to be someone like Small Saber King or Lang Ya Tian; if they were not that powerful, they couldn't be too weak, either.

Still, in such a way, Ling Han was considered to have clearly established an opposition with the Blue Thunder Sect. The disciples of the other four ancient Great Sects also maintained an acceptable distance from him, so he was unable to act on the plans he had about befriending one or two disciples of an ancient Great Sect in order to get hold of an ancient map.

However, he found Can Ye, and had him act on this plan in his stead. Anyways, it was just a map, and no treasure map, either, so in his thoughts, it shouldn't be too difficult of an undertaking.

After another three days, an important moment arrived for Zhu Xuan Er.

She was about to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier.

Actually, since one or two months ago, she was ready to break through, but Ling Han had her try her utmost to perfect the foundations of her cultivation before breaking through. After all, this was the first step of transcending mortality, so it was extremely important.

However, there were really too many cultivation resources available to her when staying by Ling Han's side; thus, in just a short amount of time, she had polished her cultivation in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier to an incredibly sturdy level, and with no way to make her foundations any stronger, she began breaking through.

Because she had really accumulated a lot of energy, and also because Ling Han had prepared a large amount of alchemical pills and Spirit Fruits for her, her breakthrough was smooth as well. In less than half a day's time, she had planted the Spiritual Seeds, and three days later, the Divine Flowers bloomed, and she had officially entered into the Flower Blossom Tier.

Zhu Xuan Er was extremely happy. Advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier not only meant that she had taken a very important step on the path of martial arts and that she could fly with her own power, or that she no longer needed to depend on normal food as nutrition, but most importantly, it meant she had obtained an additional two hundred years of lifespan, which had drastically slowed down the rate of aging for her.

This meant that in the following few dozen years, not only would her beauty not decline, she would even look younger.

For women, especially one that could definitely be considered an extreme beauty, what other reward would be better than that?

"How many Divine Flowers have you managed to cultivate?" Ling Han asked. He was more concerned about Zhu Xuan Er's future potential. After all, she was one of the strongest prodigies of the north region, so she had better not neglect her martial arts and affect her advancement because of him.

"Three Flowers," Zhu Xuan Er said, pleasant surprise all over her face.

Ordinarily speaking, Flower Blossom Tier cultivators should only be able to cultivate a single Divine Flower, and only geniuses would be able to cultivate two, and those that managed to cultivate three were definitely considered the geniuses amongst geniuses.

With every additional Divine Flower, one would be able to borrow double the natural energy of the world when they attacked. Furthermore, Flower Blossom Tier cultivators managed to transcend immortality by depending on natural energy. Thus, an additional Divine Flower did not mean a slight increase to one's battle prowess, but a complete upgrade.

Ling Han nodded. Three Flowers was not too bad, and she could be considered one of the top geniuses with this feat. However, for the likes of Yao Hui Yue and Small Saber Kign, they definitely did not have merely three Flowers; they could possess four, or even five or six.

Nonetheless, he believed that six Flowers had to be the limit. In case of someone like him, who had ten Flowers, that was because he possessed two Spiritual Oceans and two Spiritual Pedestals, which was an incredibly unique condition. There should be no one else capable of achieving the same as he.
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